Volt Launches LED Bulbs with Lifetime Warranty

VOLT® Lighting (www.voltlighting.com), a manufacturer of high-performance lighting products, announced the release of the their FOREVER BULB™, a new line of energy-saving LED light bulbs that challenge the booming LED retrofit market.
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Greenlite Showcases 11W Dimmable Omni Directional A19 LED Bulb

Visitors will be able to view their market-leading products, including the 11W LED DIMMABLE OMNI DIRECTIONAL A19 light bulb. The company is using their presence at the National Hardware Show to showcase their eco-friendly, energy efficient products. GreenliteTM representatives will be available May 6th through May 8th to demonstrate and discuss their Energy Star® LED bulbs. 
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Sengled Launches Smart LED Bulb Speakers

Sengled has introduced Pulse by Sengled™, an intelligent bulb with JBL multi-channel stereo wireless speakers. Pulse streamlines light and sound into one seamless system to enrich the atmosphere in personal, family, and public environments. The bulbs are available beginning today at www.sengledplus.com and other online retail outlets.
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Philips Launches Retro Look LED Bulb

It’s finally here: Philips clear LED bulb, the world’s first LED bulb with innovative lens and the beautiful light in the shape of the traditional incandescent.
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Marvell Launches Intelligent LED Controller for Smart Wireless Light Bulbs

Marvell announced its new AC/DC LED driver Integrated Circuit (IC), the Marvell® 88EM8189 featuring I2C compatible digital interface integration to connect with a networking microcontroller that runs a lighting control protocol,  such as Zigbee, for Smart wireless bulbs, providing premium dimming performance with a full dimming range from 100 percent to 1 percent.
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Cree First to Break 300 Lumens-Per-Watt Barrier

Cree, Inc. records another significant LED milestone with the demonstration of 303 lumens per watt from a white, high-power LED. Reaching the landmark achievement much faster than previously believed possible, this result surpasses Cree’s previous R&D industry-best of 276 lumens per watt announced just over a year ago.
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Philips Horseshoe Shaped LED Bulb Priced at US$9.97

Philips, the global leader in lighting, has once again revolutionized the 60-watt LED equivalent bulb by introducing SlimStyle, a brand new shape that offers the high quality, omni-directional light of an incandescent, while eliminating the bulky heat sink commonly found on current LED offerings. The new value-priced 60-watt bulb is now available for purchase in store at The Home Depot, a partner in innovation, for just US$ 9.97.
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Philips Thailand Anticipates Sales to Soar in 2014

Rise in lighting demands are driving up global LED market sales. Philips Electronics (Thailand) anticipate substantial growth in sales for the lighting sector this year. 
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UBS: Global LED Industry Growth Under Control in 2014

Certain events beneficial to the LED industry have occurred in the past few weeks. UBS Analyst Fredric Stahl noted Philips LED lighting business 4Q13 revenue has soared 48 percent compared to the same period in 2012. Osram also reported the company’s LED lighting business had grown 28 percent in 4Q13 compared to 4Q12,
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Texas Instruments: Are You Ready for Life without the Incandescent Light Bulb?

Prasad Dhond, Marketing Manager of Lighting Power Products at Texas Instruments (TI) gives a comprehensive overview of the effects of the incandescent bulb phase out in 2014. Below is his recent blog entry:
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LED Bulbs that Stay Lit Even When Lights Go Out

The SmartCharge light bulb is the first of its kind. The bulb does not rely on grid power to light up, allow it to remain lit even during a power outage. With the use of the patent pending Grid & Switch Sensor technology, the bulb can be controlled through wall and lamp switches like a normal light bulb but can be turned on even without power.
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Cree’s New LED Bulbs Meets California Energy Standards

The bar has been raised with the latest Cree, Inc. innovation – the Cree® TW (TrueWhite®) Series LED Bulb. The revolutionary bulb emits natural LED light – setting a new standard with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 93. Cree is the first company to meet the California Energy Commission (CEC) LED bulb specification. The new TW Series bulb looks like a light bulb, lights like a light bulb and gives consumers another reason to switch to LED. The new Cree bulb is available for US$ 19.97 for the 60-watt replacement.
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IKEA Expands Sales Range of LED Light to Promote Lighting Development

In the boom of LED lighting, IKEA, the world's largest furniture retailer, will also expand the sales range of LED lighting product to support the promotion of efficient lighting products. Steve Howard, the Chief Sustainability Officer of IKEA Group, said that LED is a lighting revolution. With the rapid rise of household electricity bills, the global energy consumption continues to grow; the positive impact brought by a LED bulb is unprecedented. Compared with the traditional incandescent lamp, the LED lamp brings a lot of new possibilities for home de...
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Philips LED Rough Service Light Bulb Ideal for Work Environments

Philips Automotive North America, a division of Royal Philips, brings its new Philips LED Rough Service Bulb to automotive service applications. The Philips LED Rough Service Bulb delivers an output of 800 lumens at a temperature of 3000K, still remaining cool. The new Philips bulb only needs 10.5 watts of power, which is a fraction of the consumption required by conventional Halogen and fluorescent lamps. Due to its advanced LED technology, the LED Rough Service Bulb is very efficient and durable. And it is designed with an “instant on” fea...
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LIFX Flipping the Switch on Corporate Competitors with Its LED Smart Bulbs

When Australia-based startup LIFX hit Kickstarter with its version of an LED smart bulb, it became one of those fairytale projects that smashed through its intended goal and raised more than a million dollars in its first week. Alas, its latest batch didn’t pass quality control tests, and instead, we were given a demo of the user interface and features on LIFX’s app. After having just freshly reviewed the Philips Hue, it was easy to identify all the differences that made the LIFX unique. The most notable feature is the LIFX’s flat, angular desi...
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TrendForce:Low Consumer Awareness To Be Main Obstacle for Chinese LED Lighting Market

Global market intelligence organization TrendForce’s research division LEDinside and Consumer research division AVANTI joint research results showed that only 25% of average Chinese consumers had a clear knowledge of LED bulbs. If LED lighting wants to popularize their products, the key is through increasing consumer awareness.
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“The Future.Illuminated.” GE Lighting’s Debuts Innovative Commercial LED Products via Vertical Lighting Solutions at 2013 Guangzhou Lighting Fair

 Albeo ABHX-Series offers increased energy savings for high ceilings     Lumination EL Series creates visually striking possibilities for retail and office spaces.  GE Lighting today launched two commercial LED products - Albeo ABHX-series and Lumination EL series - in Asia at the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. The Albeo ABHX series LED High Bay lighting fixture sets a new performance benchmark for areas with high ceilings while the Lumination EL series LED Luminaire represents an unconventional design which slashes energy costs at the same time. These two new products will be available in China, Australia and South East Asia in Q4 2013. These latest additions to GE’s extensive line of innovative and energy-efficient commercial lighting solutions will help to further fulfill business owners’ unique lighting needs.  “We stand at the precipice of a sea change in the lighting industry with the LED lighting market leading an unprecedented worldwide growth. Globally, the potential is huge in the LED lighting industry and the growth in Asia has been even more dramatic,” said Ms. Jane Lo, GM of Asia Product Management, GE Lighting Asia. “Given the innovative energy saving features and high degree of adaptability ......
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Philips Hue Network Enabled Multicolour Lightbulbs

Yes, now lightbulbs can glow red when your squeeze arrives The Philips Hue lightbulbs are the Internet of Things made real: multicoloured light bulbs with network connectivity and cloud control, with only the outrageous price preventing world domination. The bulbs come beautifully packaged in a three-light starter pack, along with a controlling hub. The bulbs fit into a standard screw socket and connect wirelessly to the Ethernet-connected hub – and even each other. A smartphone app (for Android and iOS) gets you up and running within a few minutes, but it’s th...
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American Illumination Introduces Verde Series GU24 Replacement Bulb

GU24 American Illumination, Inc.®, a specialist in designing and creating one-of-a-kind LED light engines, modules and lamps has unveiled their LED GU24 direct replacement lamp at Lightfair 2013. Part of the company’s new Verde Retrofit Series, this new model is one of the few GU24 direct replacement light bulbs available, and is the only one compatible with the GU24 locking ring for simple transitions from CFL to LED. "With the Verde Retrofit lamps, we wanted to push energy savings even further," said Gina Lee, Marketing Director...
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Philips Updates Hue LED Light Bulb, Brings more Features

Philips Hue LED light bulb Philips’ intelligent LED light bulb named Hue has just been given an update. Now, Hue users can tie their bulbs to the IFTTT service which turns a user’s Internet service into an actionable equation. The new Hue update also adds geofencing support, programmable alarms and timers, turning the LED bulb into just as much a notification system as it as a source of light. This update comes a little more than two months after Philips opened up the API to allow developers to write their own apps for the colorful bulb. "P...
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Phililps’ Lumiblade OLED G350 Featured in High-End Table Lamp Designed by Stephen Blackman

Set for a fall 2013 launch, Blackman’s Aradess™ table lamp is among the first designs to demonstrate the beautiful future of OLED decorative lighting.  Aradess™ table lamp by award-winning designer Stephen Blackman, President & Chief Design Officer at Blackjack Lighting, features eight super-thin Lumiblade OLED G350 panels set into an integral metal housing.
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Gigateq Launches Innovative Smartphone Controlled Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs

Manchester, United Kingdom, - For people looking for money saving smart lighting solution, Gigateq Ltd, a leading electronic manufacturer and retailer from Manchester has come up with their innovative smartphone controlled LED light bulb that consumes lesser electricity than conventional lighting solutions. The new light bulb is called Easybulb and is guaranteed to last up till 25 years. Gigateq Ltd is the biggest independent manufacturer & online retailer of Easybulb that offers a range of products which could be controlled by smartphone & mobile devices. "O...
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LiquidLEDs Launches Unique Silver Crown LED Light Inspired by Incandescent Bulb

LiquidLEDs Lighting Corp., a manufacturer and distributor of LED lighting devices in Australia and New Zealand, now offers a unique Silver Crown LED lamp the company claims is the only LED lighting product of its kind designed to look exactly like an incandescent light bulb. Designed primarily for decorative and general-purpose lighting, the 5-Watt Silver Crown LED Light Bulb by LiquidLEDs is a replacement to 40-watt incandescent light bulbs, offering up to 90 percent in energy savings. The LiquidLEDs Silver Crown LED demonstrates a high-qualit...
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Information about LIGHTING Japan 2014

This is Machiko Aikawa of LIGHTING JAPAN Show Management. As you are aware, with diffusion of LED lightings, lighting control becomes key technology.   We, therefore, have launched "Lighting Control System Zone" inside LIGHTING JAPAN 2014. LIGHTING JAPAN gathers 1st-class exhibitors with high technologies every year.   If you produce/deal with below products/technologies/solutions, why not participate and showcase them.
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Feelux Lighting introduces Diva 2 Spot - The perfect solution for cabinets and displays

  Feelux Lighting is proud to introduce the Diva 2™ Spot -- an energy efficient, recessed spot light ideal for under cabinets, retail displays and furniture installations. Delivering an impressive 80 lumens per watt, this powerful LED spotlight features a single 4W diode that casts a single beam of light eliminating multiple shadows as seen with fixtures that are constructed with more than one diode.  The Diva 2™ Spot was designed to coordinate and link with the popular Diva 2™ linear LED Series providing a cohesive lighting solution of linear LEDs and spot lighting for retail, residential and commercial spaces. The super slim dimensions......
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LED Bulb Makers Showed off New LED Lighting Efficiencies at LFI 2013

AT THE JUST concluded Lightfair International (LFI) 2013 trade show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the operative word was "BRIGHT."   "We're in a lumens [brightness level] race," several exhibitors explained. All to prove that their new-generation fixtures - most fired up by a mess of small, energy-efficient LEDs - put out a glow that beats older products using incandescent, halogen or flourescent bulbs.   There's also a big push on by LED lightbulb makers to make their new-gen bulbs glow like warm incandes...
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Cree Reduced the Price of 40W Bulbs to $10

As the global market for LED products continues to expand, a race has developed among manufacturers to come out with cheaper versions of LED light bulbs to capture a bigger chunk of the consumer market. In early March, Cree introduced a line of low-cost LED bulbs to be sold at Home Depot . One of the bulbs, a warm white 40W replacement model, sells for less than $10 at retail. That compares with $20 for some of the other lower-priced items. Cree's announcement was followed a month later by news that German lighting manufacturer Osram will launch its own 40 watt-e...
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Marvell’s 88EM8183 LED Driver IC Selected by Samsung LED Lighting Division for New Line of Retail Bulbs

 Marvell (Nasdaq: MRVL) today announced the Marvell 88EM8183 deep dimming single-stage AC/DC LED driver integrated circuit (IC) will power Samsung Electronics’ new suite of LED retrofit bulbs. Announced in February 2012, the 88EM8183 LED driver IC delivers the highest compatibility of wall dimmers, the lowest component count in the industry and supports many of the world’s lighting standards, making it a premier solution for OEMs across the globe. Scheduled to be in retail stores next month, Samsung’s new Marvell-powered products will include A19, bulged reflector (BR) and parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) bulbs.
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TrendForce:Offseason Effect in 4Q12, Drives Taiwanese Vendors towards Bidding Market

According to LEDinside, the LED research division of TrendForce, Taiwanese listed LED manufacturers posted a total revenue of NT$6,917 million (MoM-14.8%, YoY+5.1%) as of December, 2012. As the fourth quarter is the traditional offseason, and branded TV vendors delayed the replenishment of their stocks, LED manufacturers’ fourth-quarter revenue was put to the test. Affected by the offseason effect in the LED backlight market, many Taiwanese LED manufacturers started to set eyes on the LED bidding market such as bulbs and street lights. However, in the face of keen competition in the market, most vendors have aggressively reduced their prices to win the bid, further dampening Taiwanese LED manufacturers’ profitability.
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Long-term Optimism about LED Lighting Despite Temporary Downturn

Despite the lingering market pessimism which may last through 2013 and bring even greater challenges to LED lighting companies, the anticipation of a growing market share for LED lighting gives reason for optimism.   Bridgelux The market slump may continue for years and the European Union, the world's largest LED lighting market, may still be under the shadow of the debt crisis, but technology improvements are brightening the prospects of the LED lighting industry, said Brian Fiser, marketing director of the U.S.-based Bridgelux. Fiser is an optimist who s...
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New LUXEON LED® with BIOS SkyBlue® Circadian technology eliminates barriers to better Human Centric Lighting Today, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) innovator BIOS, and global lighting solutions provider Lumileds®, have joined forces t... READ MORE

Topcon Technohouse Corporation (https://www.topcon-techno.co.jp/en/), optical measurement instrument manufacturer such as luminance meter, spectroradiometer proudly launched 2D spectroradiometer SR-5100 series (Fig.1) built in self-developed a... READ MORE