NEC Lighting to Introduce 60W-equivalent LED Bulbs

After Toshiba Lighting and Sharp Corp, NEC Lighting Ltd will also introduce two new LED light bulbs Sept 24, 2009 in Japan. The new 6W LED bulbs will provide illuminance equivalent to that of a 60W incandescent light bulb.
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Marktech LED Lighting Introduces Improved PAR20 LED Bulb for Indoor Lighting Applications

Marktech LED Lighting has released its new EnergyLED PAR20 LED bulb. The bulb uses just 4.6 watts to generate up to 300 lumens of light, a 50% improvement in lumen output compared to the previous generation. With a 50º beam angle and E26 base, this UL approved family of LED bulbs is currently available in two white color temperatures, 2800k and 6000k cool white.
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Feit Electric Introduces Performance LED Light Bulbs

FEIT ELECTRIC, a U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient light bulbs, announced its general purpose line of new Performance LED light bulbs available in several popular reflector sizes, plus a household "A19" shape.
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Schenectady Museum Goes Green with Marktech PAR30 LED Bulbs

It’s reported that The Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium has added new LED bulbs from Marktech LED Lighting of Lathem, New York in the Museum's Broughton Gallery. In order to improve its energy consumption and to enhance the appearance of exhibits in the gallery the Museum has installed fifty new 12W LED Bulbs. The new solid-state PAR30 LED Bulbs were used to replace outdated incandescent track lighting that had been previously used to light the section of the Museum.
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GlacialLight Releases Green LED-MR16 Light Bulbs

LED light manufacturer GlacialLight, a sub-division of the experienced technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc., is launching a brand new LED-MR16 light bulb. GlacialTech states that their management leverages all their expertise, coupling together all the necessary experience to manufacture the best LED lights in the business. The new green energy saving LED light is a much more enhanced version of current LED MR16 models available in markets today.
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EarthLED EvoLux and ZetaLux LED Bulbs earn UL Listing and FCC Approval

Advanced Lumonics, LLC, an early leader in the direct replacement LED lighting market through its consumer oriented EarthLED brand has announced its EvoLux and ZetaLux LED light bulbs have achieved UL Listing and FCC Certification. The company says that the UL Listing will allow the use of EvoLux and ZetaLux in a variety of projects that require this certification prior to installation and open up many previously untapped markets for LED technology.
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LED Skull Table Lamp Is Beyond Creepy

The following is the most terrifying table lamp named Frankie. It's shaped like a skull with some sort of horrifying modification over where the mouth should be. The eyes are interchangeable LED or halogen bulbs, allowing you to choose just how intense the stare from this thing is gonna be. The whole thing weighs 11 pounds, and is probably expensive due to the fact that you need to contact the artist for pricing.
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CRW Tech develops new LED landscape lighting fixtures

CRW Tech has developed new architectural lighting fixtures utilizing its innovative LED Projection Lighting System. The LED projection lighting engine produces nearly double the amount of surface light intensity achievable utilizing standard low power LED bulbs.
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More businesses see energy savings from LEDs

More homeowners and businesses than ever are replacing their old incandescent holiday lights for efficient LED bulbs, according to Pacific Gas & Electric Co. officials and businesses that sell lighting. Joe Molica, spokesman for PG&E, said as the public becomes more aware of them, they are becoming more popular. They are trying to raise the awareness that energy efficiency is one of the most important tools we have in the fight against global warming.
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Houston gives green light for LED traffic bulbs

It’s reported that Houston plans to replace the light bulbs at all 2,381 of its traffic stops with LED bulbs that could save more than $4 million a year in electricity costs. The LED traffic signals will cost 16 times more than incandescent bulbs and last six years longer. City Council approve a $16.4 million contract for pricier signals with Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
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LEDtronics celebrates 25 year in LED business and looks forward to the next 25 years

LEDtronics, a world-leading supplier of lamps using up-to-date LED technology with a global network of sales representatives, is celebrating 25 years in business. The company first started in 1983 producing lighting for aviation companies from the owner's suburban garage. Since then it has expanded enormously.
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Shining future of LED lighting

A more efficient, safer and longer-lasting light bulb technology is emerging and starting to appear on store shelves, it is called LED.
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LEDs:Coming soon to a household lighting near you

Some consumers are starting to switch their regular household halogen or incandescent light bulbs to LED technology. Up until now, LEDs have typically been used more in professional applications, but they are beginning to increase in popularity as a household lighting solution.
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King of the green lighting choice – LED Light Bulb

LEDs have been used widely for decades in other applications—forming the numbers on digital clocks, lighting up watches and cell phones and, when used in clusters, illuminating traffic lights and forming the images on large outdoor television screens. Until recently LED lighting has been impractical to use for most other everyday applications because it is built around costly semiconductor technology. But the price of semiconductor materials has dropped in recent years, opening the door for some exciting changes in energy-efficient, green friendly lighting options.
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GlacialTech launches LED BR30 lights

Recently, GlacialTech Inc announces the availability of BR30 LED lights - the LED BR30 Globes come in two models which range in brightness. The LED BR30 bulbs are designed to replace the equivalent BR30 globes and lamps available in markets today. Using lower wattage compared with the original product, with the high brightness 720 Lumen illumination. The innovative product incorporates the same structure and style of traditional BR30 bulbs but delivers a brighter performance per watt, with less heat radiation.
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GlacialLight releases LED-MR16 light

Recently, GlacialTech Inc, announced the availability of the LED–MR16 bulb, designed to replace the Halogen MR16 globe currently available in markets worldwide.
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The LED BR40 bulb

Recently, GlacialTech Inc announced the availability of BR40 LED light – the LED-BR40 Globes come in three models which range in brightness from low, to medium to high. The LED BR40 bulbs are designed to replace the equivalent 80W BR40 globes and lamps available in markets today. The innovative product incorporates the same structure and style of traditional BR40 bulbs but delivers a brighter performance per watt, with less heat radiation.
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The next big thing in energy-efficient lighting - the LED bulb

As far as we know, LEDs are brighter and less expensive than ever, and way more efficient than even compact fluorescents (CFLs) and, certainly, ordinary light bulbs.
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