TCL to Launch Mini LED TVs Soon in India With Quantum Dot Technology

By Venkatesh Gorantla -Published On: Jun 10, 2021-   TCL is gearing up to launch a smart TV in India. The company has teased the launch of a new TV that claims to “redefine the game”. TCL, in its press release, has stated that it is launching a smart mini LED TV in India. It will also feature a Quantum Dot Technology and cover 100 per cent colour volume. The company further stated that it claims to offer a “high-quality, interactive home entertainment experience.” Another feature coming to the new mini LED smart TV is MagiC...
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Precision Manufacturer Brave C&H Develops New Business to Target Mini/Micro LED Industry

The revenue of Brave C&H further declined in May, with a conservative outlook overall. The company plans to optimize existing high-end products in the short run, aiming to widen the gap with its competitors. Its mid-to-long-term plan centers on increasing investment in non-solar products, utilizing the current product advantages to stimulate customers’ demand for precision printing, and expanding contract printing services. Presently, these strategies have proved to be effective. In May, Brave C&H generated a revenue of NT$95.63 million (US$3.4 million), a m...
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Foxconn’s Subsidiary GIS Expands Business in Mini LED Backlight Modules, Ready for Mass Production

Apple has recently announced its top 200 suppliers, among which Foxconn’s subsidiary GIS is on the list for the first time. Since Apple expelled OFilm from its supplier list, the top two Taiwanese touch panel manufacturers, TPK and GIS, have received increasing orders. In recent years, GIS has strived to develop its notebook panel module business including producing panel modules for MacBook, which has driven the company’s growth. This year, GIS and Sharp have together provided new Mini-LED-backlit iPads as well as MacBook SMT, backlighting, a...
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BOE Launches Mass Production of Its New Gen Glass-Based AM Mini LED

According to the WeChat account of BOE Technology on May 31, BOE officially announced the mass production of its new glass-based active matrix (AM) Mini LED product during the International Display Technology Conference 2021 (ICDT 2021). BOE’s glass-based Mini LED product features high accuracy, AM driving, flicker-free technology, great heat deflection resistance, high evenness, and an enlarged substrate, all of which are lacking in PCB-based LED displays. Photo source: BOE BOE showcased the latest P0.9 glass-based Mini LED ...
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Apple Begins Selling New iPad Pro featuring M1 Chip in Taiwan, Expected to Drive Supply Chain Growth

To grab a share in the stay-at-home market, Apple Inc. released the new iPad Pro featuring the company’s M1 chip on its official website in Taiwan today, which may benefit its suppliers including Foxconn (OEM), Catcher (phone case provider), as well as numerous upstream and downstream suppliers of Mini LEDs. By actually ordering an iPad Pro on Apple’s Taiwan website, the Central News Agency discovered that the 11-inch model and 12.9-inch model with a Mini LED display are estimated to be delivered between June 10 and June 12, meaning that buyers...
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Acer Launches New Gaming Notebooks Featuring Mini LED Displays

Acer has recently launched a new gaming notebook (NB) portfolio: the Predator Triton and Predator Helios series. Powered by the 11th Gen Intel® Core TM H45 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 series GPUs, the two series allow users to choose between a Mini LED display and a 360Hz LCD.   The Predator Triton 500SE notebook:   Photo source: Acer Inc.   With low-profile design and all-metal shell, the Predator Triton 500SE is only 19.9mm and can include up to an 11th Gen Intel® CoreTM i9 proce...
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Ennostar Sells Longtan Plant to Speed up Mini LED Development

On May 27, LED manufacturer Ennostar, on behalf of its subsidiary Epistar, announced that in order to liquidate idle assets, the company intends to sell a plant in Longtan District of Taoyuan, Taiwan to Ardentec, with a transaction amount of NT$430M (US$15M) and gain on disposal of NT$167M (US$6M). The two companies have signed a contract and are waiting for transfer approval from the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, after which the transaction can be recognized in financial statements once the property right is transferred. Ennostar indicated that the Longtan p...
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Shipment for Apple’s New iPad Pro Rumored to Have Delayed to July Due to Unresolved Mini LED Yield Rate

Apple announced the new iPad Pro in April, and the 12.9” iPad Pro is also adopted with Mini LED, though rumors are now circulating on how the yield rate of Mini LED has deferred the delivery of the 12.9” iPad Pro to the end of July, whereas the 11” iPad Pro is still scheduled for delivery between the end of May and early June as indicated on the official website. Bloomberg reports that the new iPad Pro will be officially available within a week or so, yet those who pre-ordered the 12.9” variation may have to wait until July to get their h...
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Mini LED TV Shipment for 2021 Projected to Reach Three Million Units, Says TrendForce

May 20, 2021 ---- For the past two years, brands such as Samsung, LG, TCL, and Xiaomi have successively released their own Mini LED  TVs, which are expected to reach a yearly shipment of about 2.6-3 million units in 2021 because Korean brands have successfully trailblazed the high-end market, and because Chinese brands have also been ramping up shipment via highly cost-effective models, according to TrendForce’s latest investigations. TrendForce’s analysis of the current TV market indicates that OLED models have become synonymous with high-end T...
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LED Market Revenue for 2021 Projected to Reach US$16.53 Billion Mainly Due to Automotive/Mini LED Applications, Says TrendForce

May 18, 2021 ---- Owing to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, not only did LED revenue experience a downward trajectory, but this decline also reached a magnitude rarely seen in recent years, according to TrendForce’s latest investigations. However, as vaccinations begin taking place in 1H21, the LED market’s long-stifled demand is expected to rebound from rock bottom. Hence, global LED market revenue will likely undergo a corresponding recovery this year as well, with a forecasted US$16.53 billion, an 8.1% increase YoY, in 2021. Most of this i...
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Uk Team Shows New Integration Concept For MicroLEDs

University of Sheffield researchers propose epitaxial approach to integrating microLEDs and HEMTs Tao Wang and his team at the University of Sheffield in the UK have proposed a different type of integration concept for microLEDs - an epitaxial approach aiming to monolithically integrate microLEDs and HEMTs on a single chip. A microdisplay (defined as an ultrasmall screen with <1 inch diagonal) is the key element for a wide range of next‐generation display systems such as augmented reality, virtual reality, helmet mounted displays and head‐up displays, wh...
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Automotive Market is the New Battleground for Mini and Micro LED Technologies

Automotive Market is the New Battleground for Mini and Micro LED Technologies   Huawei released a demo video on its autonomous driving technologies on April 15th. Two days later on April 17th, Chinese EV brand Arcfox held a launch event for its luxury crossover sedan Alpha S (α-S). Among the four variants of the Alpha S, the Arcfox Alpha S HBT is equipped with the HI (Huawei Inside) platform developed by Huawei for autonomous driving applications. This is the same model that was shown in the demo video.   Designed to be a mass-prod...
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TrendForce: An Analysis on the Strategic Direction of Critical Suppliers through the Development of Micro LED Displays

TrendForce has just published its latest research report titled “2021 Mini/Micro LED Self-Emissive Display Trends and Analysis on Suppliers’ Strategies”. According to the report, self-emissive Mini/Micro LED displays have become the new technology development target of the companies involved in the display and LED industries since Samsung first unveiled a modular Micro LED display called “The Wall”. The display-related applications for the Mini and Micro LED technologies are very diverse, with products encompassing HMDs, we...
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Rohinni First to Bring At-Scale Mini LED Manufacturing Technology to Market; Reaches Monumental Technical Milestone Enabling Premium Consumer Products and Next-Gen Designs

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – April 22, 2021 – Rohinni, the expert in mini LED placement technology, announces its new composite bondhead, further securing its position as the leading technology developer for mini LED-based products. The new bondhead expands already-at-scale production capabilities for display backlights at cost-competitive prices. It combines Rohinni’s proven high-speed system that is 14 times faster than competing technology with a new design that will allow multiple bondheads to run in parallel, increasing speed and accuracy exponentially compared with today’s systems. The new approach will further elevate design capabilities in the display industry. Rohinni-enabled machines are already used in mass production of mini LED products, and target display backlight manufacturing for tablet, notebook and television industries.
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Shipment of Apple's Mini LED iPad Pro Expected to Reach Five Million Units in 2021 Thanks to Improved Display Technology, Says TrendForce

During Apple’s Spring Loaded event, the Cupertino company announced the upcoming release of its latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro models featuring Mini LED display technology. According to TrendForce’s latest investigations, demand for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has already been relatively high in the niche markets. Thus, given the thorough improvement in specs as well as the very slight price hike of merely $100 over the previous generation, TrendForce is not only revising up its shipment forecast for the 2021 version of the 12-inch iPad Pro from four million units to f...
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【Exclusive Interview】Smaller yet More Powerful: Yenrich Aims to Be a Technology Leader in Next-Generation Displays with LED Miniaturization Solutions

Photo Credit: Yenrich   Advances in the development of LED products have led to gradual shrinking of chip size and the diversification of uses. Besides conventional lighting applications, next-generation display technologies have become a new opportunity for LED suppliers as well. Fine-pitch LED displays are now in growing demand not only because they offer higher resolutions and sharper details but also because the deployment of LED displays is shifting from outdoor to indoor settings.   Recognizing these new trends, Yenrich as a leading specialist in...
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【Exclusive Interview】Breaking Barriers, EPISTAR Unveils RGB Mini LED That Leads the Trend in WCG with Pure Color and Multi-Primary-Color Displays

  Photo Credit: EPISTAR   Exhibitions and conferences on the LED industry in the recent years have mainly revolved around the topics of pixel pitch and price. The reduction of pixel pitch, in particular, has been the common goal of all companies involved in the supply chain for LED displays. As a leading manufacturer for LED chips, EPISTAR continues to launch new and advanced solutions for smaller pitches every year. At this year’s edition of the display industry trade show Touch Taiwan, EPISTAR will be presenting its latest fine-...
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Live Report from CITE 2021: Mini/Micro LED Products Are a Major Focus of Exhibitions

The 9th annual China Information Technology Expo (CITE 2021) is being held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Duration of the trade show is from April 9 to 11. The main theme of the event is “Innovation-Driven High-Quality Development”. To effectively articulate this theme, the event organizers have divided the show floor into nine sections that include the main CITE exhibition, applications for new display technologies, and smart manufacturing. More than 1,500 companies are attending the event as exhi...
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Ennostar Inc. to Showcase Technology Advancement at Touch Taiwan Exhibition

Ennostar Inc. (“Ennostar” or the “Company”) (TAIEX: 3714) will head up a group of subsidiary companies to participate in the Touch Taiwan 2021 exhibition to be held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from April 21 to 23, 2021. Under the banner of “LED Next,” Ennostar will showcase the infinite possibilities of LED and compound semiconductor applications. Formally established in January this year, this will mark the Ennostar group of companies’ first joint participation in an exhibition. The company will spearhead...
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FitTech Orders Scheduled to September Under Accelerated Development of Mini LED

FitTech hosted an investor conference on the 9th of April, where Chairman Hsu Chiu-tien commented on the wave of production expansion in Mini LED during 2021, and how the successive expansion seen in the past will turn to a simultaneous implementation this year. The orders of Mini LED equipment for FitTech have been scheduled to September, and the three major businesses of the company are currently on a positive development. FitTech exceeded 40% in gross margin during the fourth quarter last year, and arrived at a historical new height in a single quarter at 43.2%. Ac...
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AU Optronics Dedicates into Mini and Micro LED Market by increasing its Shareholding in Ennostar

On March 24th, panel maker AU Optronics announced that in order to strengthen business cooperation and long-term equity investment with its affiliate, Ennostar, AU Optronics has invested an additional 302 million NT dollars in the past month and will continue to increase this year. About 604 million NT dollars has been invested so far, and the controlling stake in Ennostar has risen to 7.87%.
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TrendForce: LED Market Value in 2021 is Projected to Increase to USD 16.531 billion

According to TrendForce latest report Gold+ Member: Global LED Industry Data Base and LED Player Movement Quarterly Update, the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to be eased in 2021. Automotive LED, video wall and lighting market demand is expected to recover, and demand for Mini LEDs will take off as well. In addition, horticultural lighting and UV LED market demand will consistently grow quickly. According to TrendForce, the LED market value in 2021 is expected to increase to 16.531 billion. TrendFoce summarized seven major applications. Me...
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Ming-Chi Kuo Optimistic towards Investment in TSMT as mini LED Becomes a Key in Production and Sales of Apple Products

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Kulicke & Soffa Further Extends Mini and Micro LED Technology Through Strategic Acquisition of Uniqarta

SINGAPORE, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ:KLIC) ("Kulicke & Soffa," "K&S" or the "Company") announced today it has acquired a 100% equity stake in Uniqarta, Inc ("Uniqarta"), a technology company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. This strategic acquisition includes Uniqarta's patent portfolio and other intellectual property rights. Prior to closing the acquisition in the Company's fiscal second quarter, Kulicke & Soffa worked extensi...
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TV-used Mini LED Chip Revenue Likely to Reach US$270 Million in 2021 as Battle Over Mini LED Backlight TV Specs Takes Place, Says TrendForce

As various TV manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and TCL announced their new models equipped with Mini LED backlights at CES 2021, TrendForce’s 2021 Mini LED New Backlight Display Trend Analysis report shows that total Mini LED chip revenue from Mini LED backlight TVs to potentially reach US$270 million in 2021, as manufacturers gradually overcome technological bottlenecks and lower their overall manufacturing costs, according to TrendForce’s latest investigations. Mini LED backlight TVs possess a highly cost-effective competitive...
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Shortage Caused by Explosive Growth in Mini LED Demand to Result in 5-10% Price Hike for LED Chips, Says TrendForce

(Image Source: pixabay) While major OEMs such as Apple and Samsung prepare to release their new notebook computers, tablets, and TVs that are fully equipped with Mini LED backlights this year, various companies in the LED supply chain began procuring Mini LED chips ahead of time in 4Q20, leading to an explosive demand growth for these chips, which in turn crowded out the LED suppliers’ production capacities for other mainstream LED chips, according to TrendForce’s latest investigations. Given this structure-wide shortage of LED chips, certain...
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TrendForce:Global LED Demand Set to Rebound from Rock Bottom in 2021, with Forecasted US$15.7 Billion in Yearly Revenue, Says TrendForce

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial impact on the LED industry in 2020, resulting in a considerable drop in market demand and a projected yearly revenue of merely US$15.127 billion, a 10% decrease YoY, according to TrendForce’s latest investigations. Although the YoY decline in 2020 represents a magnitude of historic proportions, as COVID vaccines become more widely available in 2021, long-term pent-up market demand will likely rebound from rock-bottom levels, resulting in a forecasted yearly revenue of $15.7 billion for the global LED industry next ye...
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Navigating the Minefield: Patent Analysis of Key Mini LED Technologies

Staying free of patent infringement is the key to component adoption by brand manufacturers Generally speaking, patents and IPs are important to major brands including Apple, Samsung, and LG, as these companies may be forced to compensate other parties or have their products barred from certain markets if they are accused of patent infringement. In the worst case scenario, their downstream distributors may be forced to remove end-products from retail shelves. Any financial savings these companies may obtain as a result of using components with questionable IP statuses would be...
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Growth in Mini LED Opportunities Intensifies Competition for Patents

LED Manufacturers Scramble for a Place in the Mini LED Market as They Sense Rising Opportunities Mini LED backlight for displays is rapidly gaining attention in the electronics market as major brands in consumer electronics such as Apple and Samsung plan to launch products featuring this technology. TrendForce forecasts that by 2024, the total value of the Mini and Micro LED market will reach US$3.9 billion and account for 18% of the total value of the entire global LED market. Hoping to capture new growth opportunities, many actors in the LED supply c...
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Konka to Release Mini LED Backlit TV, More Mini LED Products Entering the Market

Chinese TV brands have been proactively launching Mini LED backlit TVs. After TCL and Xiaomi releasing their new products, Konka also announced that it will debut a 75-inch 8K TV featuring Mini LED backlight technology. Konka said that this 75-inch 8K TV adopts Mini LED backlight technology with more than 20,000 units of Mini LED chips to realize 5184 local dimming zones. Implementing IPS RGB display, the TV achieves 8K resolution and support 120Hz and 60Hz refresh rate. (Image: Konka) Cost of Mini LED Backlit TVs Remain High...
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With up to 2000lm per LED, LUXEON 7070 delivers the power, efficacy and solution cost reductions luminaire manufacturers need   San Jose, CA – August 31, 2021 – More lumens, higher efficacy, and lower system costs are the... READ MORE

 - Osconiq E 2835 CRI 90 (QD) expands ams OSRAM's portfolio of lighting solutions that provide very high quality in a new mid-power LED. - In-house Quantum Dot technology ensures outstanding efficiency values of over 200 lm/W, even at... READ MORE