BrightYolk to Launch Eco-Friendly LED Module Replacement Bulbs

Taiwanese LED luminaire manufacturer BrightYolk is preparing to introduce a more environmental friendly LED bulb, where consumers can directly replace broken bulb components.
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NASA Science-backed LED Light Bulbs for Your Health

It’s a cruel daily cycle. We get drowsy when it’s time for that big meeting, but are suddenly wide awake when it’s time to hit the hay. But did you ever think that swapping your light bulbs might be the solution? The researchers at Lighting Science Group have been studying the effects of different kinds of light on our sleep and awake cycles since they developed light therapy products for NASA astronauts, and have extended their findings to create a line of LED bulbs engineered to restore our natural circadian rhythms. Inhabitat recently checked out LSG’s HealthE biological light line, which includes an Awake and Alert bulb that promotes energy and cognitive abilities, a Good Night bulb that supports the body’s natural creation of melatonin for corrected sleep patterns, and the Sleepy Baby bulb that creates the perception of darkness to help babies fall asleep. Read on to see what we learned.
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Fake Philips Lighting LED Bulbs Found in Yinshang County in China

Pirated Philips LED bulbs were found in Yinshang County, Anhui Province, China, according to a statement released by the local Market and Quality Supervision Commission.
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Bengaluru Gives out More than 5M LED Bulbs to Local Residents

Bengaluru, the capital of Kanakata State in India, has distributed more than 5 million LED bulbs to local residents since it launched the energy efficiency program three months ago, reported The New Indian Express.
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Philips Lighting Offers LED Bulb and Smart Streetlight Solutions in Ghana

Dutch lighting giant Philips Lighting has started selling energy efficient LED bulbs at Palace shopping mall in Ghana capital Accra, reported Graphic Online.
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LED Streetlight Project Installation in Indian City Varansi Long Overdue

Indian city Varansi’s ambitious project to replace old streetlights with LEDs in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary constituency has been delayed, 33,000 streetlight replacements scheduled for completion in September 2015 is long overdue, reported Times of India.
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Indian States Telangana, Jammu and Kashmir Roll out LED Lighting Replacements

Indian states Telangana, Jammu and Kashmir have become the latest to implement LED lighting replacement projects under the country’s Domestic Efficient Lighting Program (DELP), according to Indian media reports.
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Santander Rolls out 90,000 LED Lighting Retrofit Project

 A GBP17.5 million (US $25.75 million) investment by UK Green Investment Bank and Sustainable Development Capital Limited is UK’s largest ever fully-funded LED lighting retrofit project. About 90,000 new lights to be installed across Santander’s entire UK estate of 800 branches and 14 office buildings. The project will generate energy savings of more than 50% and cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 7,000 tonnes annually.
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Indian Power Minister: Government to Distribute 60M LED Bulbs Nationwide

The Indian government aims to distribute more than 60 million LED bulbs through State-owned Energy Efficiency Services (EESL) within one year, said the country’s Power Minister Piyush Goyal recently.
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Velmenni Plans to Commercialize Li-Fi LED bulbs in Four Years

An Estonian start-up Velmenni in Tallinn is planning to launch a Li-Fi LED bulbs within three to four years, reported BBC.
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Unity Opto Starts Selling Toshiba LED Bulbs in Europe

LED package manufacturer Unity Opto revenues is expected to rise in fourth quarter, spurred by the launch of a distribution and OEM deal it sealed with Toshiba in March, reported Liberty Times.
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Indian City Pilibhit Distributes 200,000 LED Bulbs at Discounted Price

The Government of Uttar Pradesh in India is distributing 200,000 LED bulbs in local city Pilibhit at a discounted price of INR 100 (US $1.54) to encourage residents to swap incandescent bulbs for LEDs, according to an India Times report.
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Rural Agri Ventures Enters LED Lighting Sector

Rural Agri Ventures, a business incubation firm based in Gurgaon, India, that specializes in assisting the agribusiness sector recently announced the launch of an affordable LED product ‘My Way’, according to a report from Indian media The Hindu.
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Osram Adds Two LED Luminaires to Its Lightify Control Range

The Lightify range has been expanded to include an economic replacement for 60 watt incandescent lamps and three new design luminaires The new design luminaires in the Surface Lights series within the Lightify range and the Classic 60W Clear LED lamp now enable a low-cost entry into the world of modern, intelligent light control. Using the Lightify Gateway and the Lightify app control, the warm white light of the lamp and luminaires can be dimmed via smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android), switched on and off either manually or by using a time switching function and also be integrated into individual light scenes.
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Indian Government Considers Selling LED Bulbs at INR 44 under DELP Scheme

The Indian government intends to slash LED bulb retail prices from the average retail price of INR 300 (US $4.52) to INR 44 (US$ 0.66) under its DELP scheme, reported Times of India.
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Indian Power Company BSES Discoms Sells 1.6 Million LED Bulbs

Reliance Energy backed Indian power company BSES discoms sold some 1.6 million LED bulbs in Indian metropolitan New Delhi over the last three months as part of its energy conservation promotion, reported The Economic Times.
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India Plans Massive Overhaul of 1B Lights to LEDs within 3 Years

India will be replacing one billion lights nationwide with energy efficient LEDs within three years, The Economic Times quoted a top ranking Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) official saying.
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Cree LED Bulbs Receives Rebates in Wisconsin State

Cree LED bulbs for residential lighting receives Focus on Energy rebates for the first time in Wisconsin State, U.S, according to a report by The Journal Times.
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Thai Government Organizations to Upgrade to LED Bulbs within 6 Years

The Thai government plans to take the lead in replacing about three million light bulbs in government agency offices within a six year time frame, reported the country’s National News Bureau.
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Egypt to Distribute 1.7M LED Bulbs in 2015

A source within Egypt’s Electricity Ministry has disclosed plans of distributing 1.7 million LED bulbs in the next four months, reported The Cairo Post.
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Indian City Varanasi Rolls Out LED Program

India’s Power Minister Piyush Goyal announced a massive LED upgrade program in the Northern holy city Varanasi, which is located in the State Uttar Pradesh, according to The Hindu and other media reports.
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Lighting Science Group Adds Lighting Health Risk Labels to LED Products

As a result of government regulations over the past several decades, an increasing number of product manufacturers have added labels alerting consumers to potential health risks. However, a new labeling initiative isn’t the result of a federal mandate but a technology leader’s decision to take action.
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U.S. Researcher Partners Up with Philips to Develop LED Bulbs that Attract Less Bugs

Travis Longcore, a professor of spatial sciences at the University of Southern California has partnered up with Philips to develop LED bulbs that are less attractive to insects, reported New York Times recently.
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Edison Opto and Epistar Join Hands to Win Large LED Bulb Order in India

Edison Opto and Epistar have jointly won a 10 million LED bulb Indian government contract valuing NT $300 million (US $9.77 million), according to an UDN report.
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TEP Discount Lighting Program Now Includes LED Bulbs

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) is expanding its successful Energy Star Lighting Program to make light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs available from local stores at discounts of up to 30 percent off regular retail prices.
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Smart Bulbs in Residential Sector to Reach 2M by 2020, says Strategy Analytics

Philips kicked off the smart bulb market nearly three years ago with its pricey Huebulb, but at this year's CES a horde of new entrants emerged.  The transition from incandescent to more energy efficient bulbs is an opening through which smart bulbs – LED bulbs with wireless radios built in, which can be controlled remotely – are gaining a foothold according to Strategy Analytics' Smart Home Strategies latest report. Belkin, GE and Philips are joined by Awox, Cree, LIFX, Sengled and a host of others are profiled in "Smart Light Bulbs: The Competitive Landscape".
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Bright Idea for Using LED Bulbs to Prevent Spread of Infectious Diseases

How many researchers does it take to change a light bulb? And how many lives could they save by changing it?
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Apple Watch Can Control Philips Hue LED Lights

The Apple Watch that Apple launched earlier this month will also act as a controller for Philips Hue LED lights, reported Trusted Reviews.
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Cree Supplies LED Bulbs for Habitat for Humanity Homes

Cree has expanded its $1.5 million commitment to provide LED lighting for new Habitat for Humanity homes built in the United States. Building on the company’s 2010 pledge to provide Cree® LED downlights, Cree is now offering Habitat for Humanity affiliates the New Cree LED Bulb, making whole-home LED lighting possible for Habitat homeowners.
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Maine Police Catch Cheap Bulb Smugglers Headed for Chicago

Police in Maine, U.S. have caught three men attempting to profit from smuggling a truck load of cheap state subsidized energy efficient bulbs to Chicago, according to an AP report.
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