Holi Unveils LED Bulbs For Better Slumber at CES 2015

Holi, a European start-up specializing in the new generation of lightning devices using LED technologies, today launches its 2nd product: SleepCompanion, the light to sleep better.
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Sony Unveils Prototype LED Products at 2015 International CES

Sony Corporation is unveiling its new product lineup scheduled for release in 2015 at the "2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)" held in Las Vegas, Nevada beginning on Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015.
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ION Launches Smart Home App to Control Wireless Speaker Bulbs at CES 2015

ION Audio, a leader in lifestyle consumer electronics, unveils Sound Shine, a pair of wireless LED light bulb speakers with app control, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Booth #11640.
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India’s Power Ministry Tackles Energy Crisis with LED Light Bulbs

India’s power ministry’s proposed solution to the country’s energy crisis is simple: upgrade to LED light bulbs.
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Cheap LED Bulbs Disrupt DAB Radio Signals

Cheap Chinese LED bulbs can disrupt DAB radio signals, and stop the radio from working, according to a report by the Telegraph.
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Chinese LED Industry’s Polarized Labor Market

In recent years “labor shortages” and “layoffs” have become common terms in the Chinese LED manufacturing industry. In Guangdong Province in Southern China, short term labor shortages have increased in 2014 to reach between 800,000 to 1 million workers, according to a report by Chinese-language LEDtimes. Chinese electronic manufacturing conglomerates Haier Electronics, Gree Electric and Foxconn’s layoffs also attracted market attention.
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OSRAM SYLVANIA Survey Finds 1/3 of American Households Have Lighting Issues

The Discover LED Lighting survey from North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA finds nearly one third of American households surveyed have lighting issues in key areas of the home. Brightness, color and usage time are major lighting concerns in some rooms, and these issues could be easily fixed by upgrading lighting to LEDs. In fact, 90 percent of Americans surveyed that use LED lighting in their homes report high levels of satisfaction.
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Chinese Vendor Sells LEDs at Unbelievable Low Price

China’s low LED prices have taken on a whole new definition in Zhongshan city located in Guangdong Province, where bulbs are being sold in a similar way to vegetables on the market, according to an Alighting.cn report.
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Philips’New LED Lights Bring A Brighter Future to New Zealand Homes

Philips has released a 14W LED light bulb that provides a similar light output to the most popular highest wattage Philips incandescent bulbs, in a move that’s expected to further drive LED penetration in New Zealand.
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Halco Recalls LED Bulbs Due to Risk of Injury and Burn Hazards

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a notice of recalling 14 Halco LED bulb models due to risk of injury and potential burn hazards. Consumers should stop using this product unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.
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Power-Starved North Koreans Prefer LEDs over Incandescent Bulbs

An unusual emerging LED market has appeared in North Korea as more residents turn to the power efficient light source from China, according to a Radio Free Asia report.
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New EarthBulb Plus LED Products Exceed CEC LED Standards

EarthTronics announced that its new line of EarthBulb Plus enhanced color LED light products is available for use wherever high color quality is essential. The EarthBulb Plus provides a very high color rendering index of greater than 92 and a balance of the important R9 visible red within the full lighting spectrum. The result is naturally appearing colors and skin tones. Visual acuity and eye comfort is also a benefit of the improved color quality of the EarthBulb Plus product line.
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Lutron Announces Smart, Connected Home and Lighting System

Creating a smarter and more connected home has never been easier. Today, Lutron Electronics, the leading manufacturer of energy-saving, wireless lighting and motorized shades, announced the introduction of the Lutron Smart Bridge and the Lutron app — its smart, connected home mobile solution for the do-it-yourself or do-it-for-me consumer.
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Under Some LED Bulbs Whites aren't 'Whiter than White'

For years, companies have been adding whiteners to laundry detergent, paints, plastics, paper and fabrics to make whites look "whiter than white," but now, with a switch away from incandescent and fluorescent lighting, different degrees of whites may all look the same, according to experts in lighting.
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3D Optical Illusion LED Bulbs

Bulbing, a LED bulb designed by Studio Checha based in Israel may appear 3D to the naked eye, but a side-view reveals the luminaires are actually flat.
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Li Ka-shing’s Endorsed Nanoleaf Passes Intertek Safety Tests

With the backing and endorsement by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, the Nanoleaf LED bulb has received a lot of attention from the media and consumers. Li believes that more attention should be paid to innovative technology to help cut energy consumption in order to alleviate poverty and boost the economy. 
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EcoLights Launches Incandescent Looking LED Product Range

EcoLights is an innovative Swedish green technology company that is leading the way in environmentally friendly, energy efficient and cost- and maintenance-reducing, lighting solutions.
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Li Ka-shing Heralds LEDs as Key to Future Economic Growth

“Technology is the future” was Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing’s slogan during an interview with local media Mingpao.com this week. He urged the special administrative region to focus more attention on innovative technology as it will become the driving force for the economy and alleviate poverty. For Li, the first step towards changing the world is as simple as switching to LEDs.
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Harvest Electricity through LEDs with one Stomp

With one stomp of his foot, Zhong Lin Wang illuminates a thousand LED bulbs – with no batteries or power cord. The current comes from essentially the same source as that tiny spark that jumps from a fingertip to a doorknob when you walk across carpet on a cold, dry day. Wang and his research team have learned to harvest this power and put it to work.
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Ugetlight to Introduce Liquid-Cooled LED Bulbs at Light+Building 2014

Beijing UgetLight (Ugetlight) is taking advantage of LED replacement trends under worldwide incandescent lamp bans by introducing its new generation of LED-"UGL" liquid-colored LED bulbs at Light+Building 2014 (Booth #10.1-G61), which will be held from March 30-April 4 in Frankfurt, Germany. Adopting liquid-cooling patent technology, liquid-cooled LED lights are now considered as the best replacement for traditional incandescent lamps.
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GE Launches Lumination RI Series LED Downlights for High and Low Ceiling Spaces

Maintaining the finely tuned aesthetics in retail, office and hospitality spaces while reaping energy savings has never been easier than with the Lumination RS Series LED DownLight from GE Lighting. Offering specification-grade, one-to-one replacement and standard 90 CRI, a lighting upgrade utilizing the Lumination RI Series downlights can bring increased flexibility, energy savings and reduced maintenance costs to your facility, all while enhancing the original design integrity of your space. GE’s Lumination RS Series LED Downlights offer manageable retrofit lighting solutions for high and low ceilings.
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Ace Victory Energy Releases Energy Star Certified LED Bulbs

Ace Victory Energy Co.(AVE), an LED manufacturer, uses only the best quality chips in its lamps to assure excellent optical effect. The company is good at identifying optimal balance between thermal design and exterior design, and provides its products with durable, efficient power drivers.
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Water Balloon LED Lights from Torafu Architects

Torafu Architects, a Japanese architect firm has created a bubbly LED bulb resembling a water balloon, according to a Spoon and Tamago report. The glass bulb which uses LEDs for lighting and is made from recycled fluorescent bulbs. The lights are diffused from the bubble structures within the bulb.
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Rishang LED to Launch LED Lighting Products in Northern and Central Malaysia Market

BigBright Malaysia, the sole distributor for Rishang LED lighting products in Malaysia, will be moving into a major expansion for 2014. BigBright is among the leading companies in Malaysia with a strong focus in LED lighting modules and components which are known to be very energy efficient and cost-effective.
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Larson Electronics Provides Affordable LED for Home and Office Settings

Larson Electronics is making it easier than ever for companies or families who want to begin the transition to LED lighting with their 10 watt Directional LED light bulb. When replacing burned out bulbs to LEDs, or direct replacement, the new Magnalight LED-A19-10-E26 will save you time and money.
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Xiamen-based Leedarson Lighting Presents New Product Line G-one on the 15th Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Leedarson Lighting is a manufacturer which specializes in Green Lighting Solutions through Smart Lighting technology and LED light research and manufacturing. It has become a professional provider of lighting solutions, light sources, fixtures, and intelligent lighting control systems through 13 years of development. In the Fifteenth Hong Kong International Lighting Fair, Leedarson Lighting presented its new product line named G-one, which includes retrofit lamps such as, candle, globe and A-type bulbs. The new products are omni-directional with up to 330° bea...
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Pixelstick Takes Lighting Painting to a Whole New Level with LEDs

Pixelstick takes light painting to a whole new level.
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German Vitra Design Museum Highlights Gixia Group LED Bulbs

Taiwanese design company Gixia Group was invited by German Vitra Design Museum to display its Luxifer LED bulbs at the Lightopia exhibition. According to the group, this is the first LED luminaire manufactured by a Taiwanese company displayed at the exhibition. The exhibition will also be traveling to other museums around the world.
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Philips Phases Out Trade Range of Incandescent Bulbs in NZ

Royal Philips  has announced it will phase out the supply of its trade range of incandescent Softone bulbs to its New Zealand electrical wholesalers from October 1. Philips is the first lighting company in New Zealand to make this move, reflecting its commitment to driving the uptake of energy-efficient lighting locally. “While New Zealand has not introduced regulation to phase out incandescent bulbs as many other countries around the world have, we believe it is our responsibility as a market leader to help drive the shift to energy efficient lighting, which is goo...
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Brightgreen Announces Its Improved DR700 v2 MR16

Brightgreen announces its new and improved DR700 v2 MR16 LED bulbs replacing halogen bulbs, to expand its retrofit range. With dramatically enhanced optics, a stylish sleek front and an exceptional dimming range, the new DR700 v2 MR16 LED bulb features a more compact body to fit into smaller spaces, allowing easy retrofits. The 10.5-watt DR700 v2 MR16 LED bulb provides the same brightness as a 50-watt halogen bulb while using only 20% of the energy. The payback can be received in just 14 months with 10 hours of use a day, which can be even faster for NSW and...
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NF2W585AR-P8 is a dual function LED that provides both white light and high doses of energy geared for inactivation of various prevalent bacteria. With a 405nm wavelength1 die known to be effective in sterilization, this LED can be used t... READ MORE

  The 5050 LED is replacing the 3535 LED, which has long been the leader in the outdoor lighting market. The existing ceramic-based 3535 has excellent reliability but is expensive. At present, the 5050 LED, which has achieved remarkable p... READ MORE