LEDinside : Osram Product Price Drops below 10 EU as LED Bulb Market Competition Heats Up in April 2013

According to LEDinside, a research division of TrendForce, retail prices for LED bulbs worldwide continue to have a downward trend this year for April. Worldwide retail price for 40W equiv. LED bulbs dropped by 5.7%, reaching 16.1 USD. Newly added items in the markets were few. 60W equiv. LED bulb price also experienced a decline, with a worldwide average drop of 1.2%, reaching 23.8 USD. The ASPs in most areas maintained a stable decrease, except for China and Taiwan where the high prices of newly added products lead to an increase.
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Taiwan LED Lighting Demand will Growing in Second-half 2013

Driven by the mainstream power rating of LED light bulbs rising from 8W currently to 10-12W, demand for LED lighting in Taiwan is expected to take off in second-half 2013, with sales reaching 10 million bulbs for full-year 2013, according to Taiwan-based LED chip packaging house Everlight Electronics. Everlight is cooperating with Tsann Kuen, a large IT and consumer electronics retail chain in Taiwan, for marketing its own-brand LED light bulbs. Tsann Kuen sold over 1 million LED bulbs in 2012, far exceeding the originally expected 200,000-300,000 units and re...
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New LED Bulbs For Streetlights Tests in Dixon

DIXON, CALIFORNIA, - City planners want Dixon residents to share their thoughts and opinions of which LED streetlights they like best. At first glance, most people wouldn’t notice the streetlights until they saw the sign on the pole asking passersby for their opinion. It’s an open-air experiment on one of Dixon’s main thoroughfares. The city is holding an electric beauty pageant of sorts, placing a variety of brand new, energy efficient LED bulbs on these poles and asking people to vote on which one they like the best. "We’re exc...
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LED Bulbs Helps Kerala Save 24 Million kwh Electricity Every Year

Kerala, India, The Energy Management Centre (EMC) is in the process of framing a street light policy, which, if implemented in the state, can save 24 million kwh of electricity every year. The policy will stress the need to use LED bulbs, which is now being implemented in 65 municipalities and corporations in the state. EMC director Dharesan Unnithan said that the pilot project of installing LED bulbs had been completed in 40 municipalities. The project is expected to be completed in all areas identified before June. "After the policy is framed, the local b...
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LED Bulbs Prices Volatility in April 2013

April 2013 prices of 40W and 60W retrofit LED light bulbs in Japan were JPY1743/unit and JPY2357/unit, respectively, showing an on-month decrease of 4% and 12.5%. April prices of 40W retrofit LED light bulbs in South Korea showed an on-month decrease of 3.8% to KRW14749/unit. Prices for 60W retrofit LED light bulbs in South Korea were KRW23742/unit in April, up 6.6% compared to March. In China, April prices of 7W and 9W LED light bulbs from domestic brands were CNY38.3/unit and CNY53.6/unit, respectively. Both prices fell compared to Mar...
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Street Lamps in Scotland Could Switch to 100% Low-energy LED Bulbs

Street lights in front of Castlegate in Aberdeen, Scotland. Every street light in Scotland could be fitted with low-energy LED bulbs as part of ambitious plans to cut CO2 emissions, ministers said on Thursday. The Scottish government unveiled proposals for the green investment bank (GIB) to fund the Scotland-wide LED lighting programme as part of a £500m package of climate and green energy measures . LED street lights, which are being piloted by several Scottish councils and are already in use by a number of English local authorities, were floated by...
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Legends Seeks to Develop Ultra Efficient LED Light Bulbs

Legends Business Group, announced the company's new Executive Energy Consultant, Jeff Wilson, as part of Legends research and development team, which has designed a circuit that consumes about 3.7-watts and is capable of powering multiple LEDs at a 60 Watt output equivalent. The ultra-efficient circuit is in its final conceptual stage and still requires enough miniaturization so as to be small enough to fit inside a standard 60 Watt styled bulb. Legends has been actively requesting quotes from overseas manufacturers capable of tooling and creating an extremely energy ...
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EarthLED Introduces XLEDIA Diamond Series A19 LED Light Bulbs

  April 22, 2013, EarthLED has offered the world exclusive launch of XLEDIA Diamond (D) series A19 LED light bulbs, suitable for fully enclosed fixtures. The XLEDIA D series features a patented omni-directional light diffuser that spreads light more efficiently than ever before thanks to its multi faceted diamond-like design. At efficiencies up to 100 lumens per watt, the D series is the most efficient fully enclosed omni-directional A19 LED bulb on the market. The D series comes in equivalent outputs ranging from 40 to 100 Watts with 120 and 150...
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Taiwan President Chain to Market Co-branded 8-watt LED Bulbs with Delta

President Chain Store Corp, the operator of Taiwan’s largest convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, has planned to cooperate with Delta Electronics Inc to sell LED light bulbs to meet the increasing demand for energy-efficient lighting products. Previously, President Chain has partnered with Everlight to sell 8-watt LED bulbs under the Everlight brand, however, this time it would market co-branded 8-watt LED bulbs with Delta Electronics Inc. According to President Chain public relations official Irene Chuang, the new LED light bulbs would hit the sto...
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TESS Announces the 20W 2000 lumen Hi-efficiency LED Bulb

TESS (Top Energy Saving System Corp.) holds a positive energy and innovative spirits to dedicate to the saving energy lighting development ,announces the hi-efficiency 20W 2000lm LED bulb. This 20W 2000lm LED bulb is equivalent to about 125 W incandescent bulb by following the LM79, with small size and high lumen output and presents a superior luminous efficiency of 100lm/W. This 2000lm LED bulb is brightest in the world with the size which equal to the general incandescent lamp, and that is the most important product feature. The innovative technology is in ...
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Cornish Church to Use Modern Technology

A project to replace expensive spotlights with cheaper LED bulbs could help a Cornish church dramatically reduce its electricity bill. Camborne Parish Church wants to invest £10,000 in a new lighting system to save money in the long term. After reinstating the outside lighting with gas lamp replicas, Rector Mike Firbank is turning his attention to the inside of the building. The energy efficient LED lights will replace the old and expensive spotlights. The church has recently installed solar panels on the roof of the Cecil Norman building in the church gr...
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GT Solar Completes Name Change to GT Advanced Technologies

GT Advanced Technologies Inc.announced that the name change from GT Solar to its new name, GT Advanced Technologies Inc., is now complete. As part of the rebranding and new corporate identity, the company is now trading under its new GTAT stock ticker symbol on NASDAQ.
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Samsung Launches New 10W Light Bulb with 3000K and 550lm

In regard to the replacement for 40W incandescent light bulbs, consumers can choose from not only 4.4W LED light bulbs but also 10W LED light bulb manufactured by Samsung. Samsung’s 10W LED light bulb with E27 socket can adequately replace 40W incandescent light bulbs, but falls short compared to the luminosity of 60W incandescent light bulbs. This new product, named Samsung LED A19, can achieve a 75% energy conversion rate with a lifespan of 30 thousand hours, a beam angle of 180 degree, a 550lm luminous flux and a 3000K color temperature (warm white light...
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TILS 2011: Grand launch of OPCOM’s 1600Lm - A19 LED bulbs – the industry's brightest

OPCOM Group announced the first successful launch of a new generation of high brightness product - OPCOM LED L1500M.  Recently, the product will be presented at Lighting Japan 2011 exhibition on January 19th in Tokyo, Japan. OPCOM Lighting Japan 2011 exhibition location is: Tokyo Big Sight, West 8-78.
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Neng Tyi will emphasize LED bulbs development in future

Neng Tyi Precision Industries planed to pay more attention to LED bulbs development, and expected LEDs revenues accounted for from 20% in 2010 to 50% in 2011. In the LEDs market, the company has own brand Kaipis and packaged other brand production meanwhile. In the end of 2010, outsourcing shipments would start and be expected to grow up largely.
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LED Lamps Made of Blown Glass designed by Samuel Wilkinson

London's Samuel Wilkinson has designed blown glass LED lamps, the Vessel Series 01-03 collection to accommodate the artistic LED bulb creations from Hulger. This Vessel Series 01-03 includes two lamps that can be used either as a pendant or hanging lamp plus a table light.
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Noribachi now provides low-cost LED bulbs for commercial use

The Noribachi Group LLC now provides a line of LED bulbs for commercial and industrial businesses. LED bulbs are already common for home lamps and lights. But the much-higher wattage needed for commercial and industrial lighting — ranging from 250 to 1,000 watts — has made drop-in replacements difficult.
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LEDtronics LED Bulbs Help Art Museum toward Environmental Sustainability

A critical letter about the use of chemical pesticides on its lawns in 2008 led to a series of steps and decisions at Farnsworth Art Museum that culminated with a resolution to become a leader in environmentally sustainable practices. Converting the entire museum from halogen to LED light bulbs was a major part of that decision.
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Boutique DUE replaces 50 watt Halogen with CRS LED MR16

Boutique Due in Aalst (Belgium) is happy with the replacement of +50 heat generating Halogen bulbs. Company PAS-NGL replaced all Halogen 50 watt bulbs with PAS-NGL-CRS MR16. Customers and visitors didn't notice the change. Owner Kristine is very happy with the 88% reduction in energy cost. The boutique uses 4 aircos to dissipate all heat, which costed a lot of extra money. In a second phase 27 (300 watt)halogen floods will be replaced with 70 watt PAS-NGL-FL70A WW Compact floodlights.
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LEDtronics Debuts DécorLED Series 40W Incandescent Replacement Using Less than 7 Watts

LEDtronics, Inc., entering its 27th year of leadership in innovative LED lighting solutions, announces the newest members in its series of high-brightness, energy-efficient LED replacements for A19-style light bulbs for home and commercial use. The DEC-A19-5X1W DécorLED Series comes with softly diffused, precision domed lensing that directs light at a 95-degree beam, and is available in Warm White (3000 Kelvin) and Pure White (6000K).
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Lightfair International 2009 Features LED Bulbs for the Home

On Lightfair International 2009, the lighting industry’s annual trade show at the Javits Center in New York last week, LED bulbs and fixtures dominated nearly every booth on the show floor. Though most people think of LEDs as the lights blinking from inside electronic devices, they are being used increasingly to light rooms.
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