LIA Council of Management for 2016 Elaborates on Strategy and Vision

Peter Scott from Fern-Howard Lighting took up his tenure as President of the LIA Council of Management at the LIA’s Annual Luncheon in May.During the day, Dave Ribbons of Lutron EA Ltd and Mike Collett of WILA Lighting Limited, took up their position as Vice Presidents.
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LEDinside Southeast Asian Lighting Market Report 2016

Release Date: March 2016 Language: English Format: PDF   Chapter One: Report Structure and Key Factors Chapter Two: SEA Market Macroeconomics Chapter Three: Lighting Market Scale and Trend Analysis Chapter Four: Manufacturers Introduction and Strategies Analysis Chapter Five: LED Lighting Products Specifications and Prices Analysis Chapter Six: Lighting-Related Policies and Regulations Chapter Seven: ASEAN Developments and Impact on Lighting Industry Chapter Eight: Proposal on Entering into SEA Lighting Market
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LRC Program ASSIST Proposes New Method for Evaluating Flicker

The Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies (ASSIST), a program of the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has released a publication that proposes a new method of evaluating human perception of directly observed light source flicker. The publication, ASSIST recommends…Recommended Metric for Assessing the Direct Perception of Light Source Flicker, provides specific measurement procedures and calculations to objectively determine whether the amount of flicker from a light source is above or below the threshold of human perception. The metric is applicable to any waveform shape and frequency and is based on peer-reviewed laboratory and human factors experiments.
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AtomSvet's Lighting for Explosive Facilities

The current trend, due to the constant increase of energy prices and lack of capacity, is for the management of large industrial enterprises to search for energy saving technology.
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Osram LEDs illuminate the Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel in Rome is now illuminated by a novel lighting solution from Osram. After 500 years, this extraordinary piece of art history can now be experienced in unprecedented quality, bathed in the light of more than 7,000 LEDs. The installation that has been put in place over the last few months is designed to protect the artworks while enabling much stronger lighting. At the same time, it will use up to 90 percent less electricity than the previous installation. The European Union supported the project.
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Noribachi Partners with Intelligent Energy Light and Power on TSA Headquarter Lighting Upgrade Project

Noribachi, a leading U.S.-based custom LED manufacturer for high output commercial and industrial solutions along with Intelligent Energy Light and Power, an electrical engineering and installation firm, are proud to announce the completion of the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) Headquarters Energy Efficient Project.
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Nanotechnology Leads to Better, Cheaper LEDs for Phones and Lighting

Princeton University researchers have developed a new method to increase the brightness, efficiency and clarity of LEDs, which are widely used on smartphones and portable electronics as well as becoming increasingly common in lighting.
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Dangling LED Light Installations

Grid is a monumental kinetic light installation that illuminated the Hotel de Region of Rhone-Alpes for the 2013 edition of the Festival des Lumieres.
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Iconic Constructions Illuminated in Memory of Nelson Mandela

Landmarks around the world were bathed in the South African colors last week to mourn the passing of Nelson Mandela. Countries lit up major buildings to pay tribute to this inspirational figure.
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Philips’ Orbit Series wins the 2013 DFA Bronze Award

The innovative lamp series “Orbit” from Philips Co. has recently won the Bronze Award of Design for Asia Award (DFA) 2013. Designed with the oriental idea of the sky being circular, the endless round shape of the Orbit Series was created through use of new LED technology. When installed, the lamps look like luminous rings which provide pure lighting impressions by soft, bright light and dimmable luminance.
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Auto Dealer Achieves All-LED Aspirations with GE’s Collection of Lighting Solutions

Can light travel at the speed of ambition? “Instantly!” is the answer at Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, where Collection Auto Group, with help from GE, is realizing its dream of the ultimate automotive dealership—an all-LED lighting facility inside and out that drives the client experience beyond expectations.
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New Light Creates Bright Sparks

Osram’s study proves positive effects of lighting on cognitive performance of students ZNL TransferZentrum für Neurowissenschaften und Lernen (Transfer Centre for Neuroscience and Learning) have conducted an investigation with lighting manufacturer Osram on students’ performances under different lighting conditions at two schools in Ulm, Germany between November 2011 and Feburary 2012. The aim of this investigation was to figure out whether lighting that simulates daylight could increase students’ concentration and cognitive performances. This anticipation has been positively proven. Students who had taken courses and tests in biologically optimised lighting classrooms performed better than students who were in ordinary lighting classrooms.
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2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Headquarters Incorporates Energy- and Maintenance-Saving GE LED Fixtures

LED fixtures at Rio de Janeiro site will save half a million dollars in energy costs compared to fluorescent technology The modular headquarters of the Organizing Committee for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games is the first commercial building in Brazil to adopt GE Lighting’s Lumination™ ET Series Recessed LED Troffer, an ultra-thin fixture as thin as the width of a finger that brings modern styling to traditionally uninspired commercial ceiling spaces.
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Philips works with top lighting designers to present a futuristic home lighting show

On December 5th, Philips Lighting gave a futuristic home lighting show titled “Light, Creating and Witnessing Touching Residences” at 800 Show in Shanghai, China. By working with three famous interior designers, Zhang Yi, Bill Yen and Ouyang Hui, Philips expressed how innovative lighting can change residential surroundings through multiple lighting designs. At the show, these designers shared their creation concepts with attendees through three show rooms that displayed minimal, fashionable and neoclassical styles respectively.
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city.people.light Award 2013 (3) – the 10th Anniversary Review

Light is an essential element for urban environment, it also represents the culture and image of a city. In order to emphasize on the importance of urban lighting plan, LUCI started running the annualcity.people.light awards in conjunction with Philips Co. in 2003. The 2013 award is the 10th anniversary of this award so we compile all the winners in its history for you to take a quick and amusing glance.
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city.people.light Award 2013 (2) – Other Winning Cities

The First Prize Winner of city.people.light Award 2013 is Rietburg, Germany; there are some excellent cities which also did great lighting masterplans and were rewarded prizes. In the second article of the city.people.light award series, we are offering you a glance on these exceptional cities.
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city.people.light Award 2013 (1) – The Jury and the First Prize Winner

Created in 2003 by Philips and LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International), the city.people.light is an annual award that is attempting to rehumanize the urban environment through light. It also rewarding cities that are exploring ways to maximize energy efficiency, improve sustainability and livability. The 2013 Awards has been conferred to the following cities: Rietberg, Germany, Seoul, South Korea, Geneva, Switzerland, Zhengzhou, China, and Wuppertal, Germany.
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Lighting Designer’s Point of View: Color it right! Silver Cave in Guilin, China

Author: CC Hwang, Art Director of BeLight.com There is a Chinese proverb expresses: "Anyone who has been to Silver Cave would never short of money" and Silver Cave is a national AAAA scenic spot in Guilin, China. 20 years ago, I had been here once when I didn’t possess any knowledge about lighting. I remembered that I couldn’t appreciate the beautiful karst landscape at all as the over-colorful lighting kept distracting me. There were several scenic areas in the Silver Cave and each was assigned with different name and story according to its shape and people’s imagination. I was totally overwhelmed by the overly-elaborated stories and the overly-lit colorful stones.
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Less is More: Old but New Ideas for Lighting Design Expressed in a Cross Strait Conference

The 20th Cross Strait Conference on Lighting Technology and Marketing organized by Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA) and China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES) was held in Taipei, Taiwan on November 26th and 27th . On the afternoon of 26th Nov., the conference was divided into two chambers to discuss lighting technology and lighting application respectively. Most of the designers shared one common idea on lighting application and design issues: less is more.
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GE and USG Ceilings™ Provide Versatile Ceiling and Lighting Solutions for Commercial Building Designers and Architects

Designed Together to Work Together™, GE’s LED lighting complemented by USG’s ceiling and wall solutions helps free commercial architects, designers and building contractors from the constraints of traditional design. From seamless ceilings to customized wall murals, GE and USG provide advanced engineering and striking aesthetics for commercial lighting.
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Commercial Office Lighting Audit: Top Five Reasons Building Owners and Operators Should Seek a Professional Assessment

Building owners and operators are becoming increasingly aware of the impact lighting can have on energy costs and the way it can contribute to savings. But the best lighting technology for each application must first be identified before maximum savings can be achieved.
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Philips Unveils New Brand “Innovation and You”

Royal Philips shared its new brand positioning, which builds on the company’s heritage of creating innovations that matter to people. As part of its new positioning Philips introduced the new brand line “innovation and you”, which is rooted in Philips’ strong belief that innovation is only meaningful if it delivers on people’s unmet needs and desires. At the same time the company presented a new design of its well-known shield on the façade of the company’s headquarters in Amsterdam.
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LEDinside 2014 Lighting Level Package / Lighting Market Outlook

4Q13 Silver+ Member Report- Outline Lighting Market Development Trend-Outline Lighting Level Package Market Trend- Product Development and Strategy  Trend One: Rising Commercial, Industrial And Outdoor Lighting Markets Trend Two: Mid Power LED Market Value To Surpass High Power LED For The First Time in 2013
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LIGHTING JAPAN 2014 is Newly joined by Global Giants -- Philips, GE and Many Others

LIGHTING JAPAN 2014, an important exhibition and conference for LED/OLED lighting, will take place in 2 months. Newly joined by global giants such as Philips, GE and many others, LIGHTING JAPAN is further strengthened as the Asian hub of the lighting industry. Attend LIGHTING JAPAN 2014, meet all the key players from the world’s LED/OLED lighting industry and make the good start of next year.
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An LED Lighting Masterpiece for the Sistine Chapel

Osram, a lighting fixture manufacturer, is equipping the Sistine Chapel in Rome with a new type of LED solution. After 500 years, the art-historically outstanding works can now be viewed to a level of precision unique, and the especially art-conserving installation enables significantly higher illuminance values.
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Debate on LED for Lighting Design – A short Review

Author: BeLight.com The trend in lighting source is turning towards LEDs backed by a positive outlook by most consumers.. However, not every lighting designer we’ve met admits that LED is a perfect – at least, better – choice. We will compare the debates made against LEDs against previous project published on Belight.
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Luminous ceiling from Philips simulates daylight to comfort critically ill patients in Intensive Care

Royal Philips has developed a media enabled luminous ceiling to simulate energizing daylight to comfort critically ill patients. The LED based ceiling has been introduced into clinical use by the Charité Campus Virchow Clinic in Berlin as part of a unique stress-reducing concept called “Parametric Spatial Design”. Hospital staff can enter the desired parameters and the large, sky like area which creates visuals and light moods customized to the situation of individual patients, enabled by software from ART+COM. The Clinic has implemented the concept in two of its intensive care patient rooms to enhance the healing environment for patients who are severely ill.
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Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Focuses on Sophisticated LEDs

The world’s second largest lighting expo, the 15th edition Hong Kong International Lighting Fair which runs from Oct. 27-30 this year, successfully kicked off at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on Sunday. The fair broke another all time high record by attracting 2,360 manufacturers from more than 38 countries and regions to attend. This exhibition emphasized on the innovative application instead of lighting technology so visitors did have a tour of fancy lighting fixtures.
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Let’s start from Observing!

Author: CC Hwang, Art Director of BeLight.com, Lighting Designer (Taiwan) Have you ever observed the light environment around you? How the sky color changes from dust to dawn? We always experience something, but are we aware of the experience we have?
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Design Lighting Tokyo Opens a Window for Future of Lighting Design

As lighting technology improving, people begin to be aware of the importance of good lighting surroundings. In order to give stages to people who work in lighting related industries and exchange their great ideas, Reed Exhibitions organized “Lighting Japan” in Tokyo, Japan. In this internationally open exhibition, you can meet manufacturers, contractors, designers and end-users as well as the newest discovery, technology, products and lighting design concepts.
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With up to 2000lm per LED, LUXEON 7070 delivers the power, efficacy and solution cost reductions luminaire manufacturers need   San Jose, CA – August 31, 2021 – More lumens, higher efficacy, and lower system costs are the... READ MORE

 - Osconiq E 2835 CRI 90 (QD) expands ams OSRAM's portfolio of lighting solutions that provide very high quality in a new mid-power LED. - In-house Quantum Dot technology ensures outstanding efficiency values of over 200 lm/W, even at... READ MORE