Solvay's Innovative Polymers Materials Cuts Cost in Semiconductor and Optoelectronic Industry

From the exterior plastic smartphone case, wearable device wrist bands, semiconductors IC packaging, specialty material for crucial optoelectronic components to aeronautics and military applications, there are several large chemical manufacturers striving to provide better innovative products to their clients. Over the years they have significantly transformed people’s living experience. Among them, Solvay Specialty Polymers, a business of Belgian chemical company Solvay Corporate is one of the leading companies in the sector that has applied its products in all sorts of applications related to human lives. The company provides 1,500 high performance polymers, including fluoropolymers, fluoroelastomers, fluorinated fluids, semi-aromatic polyamides, sulfone polymers, aromatic ultra-high performance polymers, high‑barrier polymers and cross-linked high-performance compounds.
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[Update] Cree Co-founder on RF and Power Business New Brand Identity and Market Trends

Leading U.S. LED manufacturer Cree announced earlier this month, it will be rebranding its power and RF business as Wolfspeed. In an exclusive interview with LEDinside analyst and assistant manager Joanne Wu, Cree co-founder and CTO John Palmour spoke about the company’s rebranding strategy and current trends in the Radio Frequency (RF) and power market.
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Lumileds' Advanced Color LEDs Target Architectural and Entertainment Industry

Having ventured into the color LED market with its traffic light products in 1998, leading LED manufacturer Lumileds has come a long way with its color LED designs.
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MLS Challenges Industry Niche Market Strategy

Raging price wars in the LED industry urged many manufacturers to veer away from low entry level products, and invest their resources in more profitable niche markets. Some of these markets include IR LED, UV LED, automotive lighting, grow lights, and smart lighting to name a few. The conventional wisdom is tapping into a blue sea market at an early stage would give enterprises a competitive edge in the market. But one top Chinese manufacturer MLS Co. LTD (or also known as Forest Lighting) is challenging this concept.
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Bree Optronics: Only Two Phosphor Companies Will Remain in the Chinese Market in the Future

Dwindling profits in the LED package market has made market competitions far more ferocious, and has even affected phosphor, a key LED material. Whether it is the highly mature yellow powder or the maturing green and red phosphor, “increased volume and plunging prices” has become a LED phosphor tag. To better understand phosphor manufacturers challenging survival environment, LEDinside interviewed China’s leading phosphor manufacturer Bree Optronics Deputy General Manager Chao Liang.
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3Tech Optronics Brings Innovative Breakthrough to LED Light Source Package Technology

LED light source module has matured these years. More LED packages are suitable for lighting applications have emerged including chip-on-board (COB) and flip chip. Under this situation, there is a growing emphasis on developing omnidirectional 360 degrees and good thermal dissipation LED light sources in the market. As a result, Korean, Japanese and Chinese manufacturers have become increasingly focused on the development of the above listed products.
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Edison Opto Initiates Diverse Market Strategy and Innovative Technology to Boost Brand Recognition

The LED lighting market has gradually slowed down in recent years after a period of exponential growth, and the Chinese market is seeing intense pricing competition. These factors have driven manufacturers to advance their LED technologies and aggressively develop uncontested markets. With its focus on high-power LED components, Edison Opto establishes a leading market position by utilizing its advantages in technology expertise and R&D.
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Cree Kicks Off Sports Lighting Campaign with Aid from Soccer Captain Abby Wambach

In an intensely fought semi-final match on June 30, the U.S. women soccer team beat German team 2-0 at FIFA Women’s World Cup and secured its spot in the competition finals. Sharp-eyed viewers might recognize the team’s captain Abby Wambach had recently showed off her impressive goal shooting skills in U.S. LED manufacturer Cree’s sports lighting advertisement. The ad featuring Wambach had attracted more than 550,000 views in two weeks across all Cree and Abby Wambach social channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, said Mike Watson, Vice President of Product Strategy at Cree.
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WhichLEDLight: Lack of LED Standards Still a Big Issue in UK

The lack of LED standards is still a big issue, and users do not always understand the LED terminology jargon, which often leads to dissatisfied consumer experiences, said WhichLEDLight’s Commercial Director Rory Wilding in a recent interview with LEDinside.
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WhichLEDLight Bridges Gap between End Users and Manufacturers in UK

Founded in 2014, Which LED Light, is a website in UK that offers different brands LED bulb price comparison information to end consumers, designers, and installers. To ensure only good quality LED products are recommended on the website, only products that have been tested in International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) certified labs are offered on the UK-based company website. The company’s Commercial Director Rory Wilding recently spoke to LEDinside about the company’s business model and how interested manufacturers can submit their products for review.
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EVERLIGHT:C/P Ratio Essential for LED Package Industry in New Lighting Era

LED market trends observed at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition  2015 (GILE 2015) that took place in Guangzhou, China in mid-June  can be summed up in this short poem:
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Lumileds Stays Ahead of Competition with Advanced LED Technology Developments

San Jose-based LED chip manufacturer Lumileds has continued to thrive in the increasingly harsh cutthroat pricing LED market environment, by focusing on its LED technology development, introducing more cost effective CSP technology, and refining its mid-power and CoB market strategy, said the company CEO Pierre-Yves Lesaicherre during an exclusive interview with LEDinside at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), China from June 9-12, 2015.
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OSRAM Opto: Future Is Bright for LED Components in Wearable Application

The emerging “Quantified Self” trend involves people monitoring, managing and tracking their health and wellbeing through digitalized biomedical information. Equipped with optical sensors, wearable devices such as smart watches and smartbands help consumers collect and measure different biological indicators and stats about themselves. Unlike the fiercely contested white LED market, the newly developing wearable device market is an untapped blue ocean market that presents incredible opportunities for the LED industry.
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Osram Sheds Light on Automotive Lighting Design

German lighting manufacturer Osram has been a forerunner in automotive lighting, developing a lot of advanced automotive lighting applications including laser headlights for luxury car brands Audi and BMW, and OLED taillights for the BMW i8.
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Osram’s Future LED Chip Strategy

LEDinside recently interviewed Louis Lam CEO of Osram Opto Semiconductors Asia about the company’s future LED product outlook for niche market applications, including IR LED, laser diodes, and the automotive lighting market and German government subsidies that are supporting industry developments.
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Korean Sapphire Polishing Equipment Manufacturer NTS Focuses on Innovative Tech to Achieve Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

NTS is a machine maker that specializes in surface precision processing, grinding, polishing and so on. It mainly focuses on sapphire substrate and precision process of LED wafers, based on its comprehensive understanding in the process prior to the wafer manufacturing as well as machine production, NTS provides customized total solution for wafer production. It was an honor for LEDinside to meet NTS executive director Sophie Sun, which helped further deepen understanding of the
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Edison Opto Carves Out Its Path in the Fierce LED Market with Aggressive Automotive Lighting Strategy

As market competition intensifies, LED manufacturers are adjusting their strategies to expand into new niche markets and create new opportunities with their technological advantages. As a specialist manufacturer of high-power LED components, Edison Opto has accumulated more than a decade of R&D experience in LED technology, especially concerning spatial distribution. With this expertise, the company has recently made the strategic decision to enter the automotive LED lighting market.
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Russian Distributor Platan's Outlook of Russian LED Chip Market After Economic Sanctions

LEDinside recently had a chance to interview one of the top Russian electronic component distributor, Platan. Their spokesperson gave a very comprehensive overview of LED chip developments in Russia, and the LED market outlook in the aftermath of economic sanctions imposed on the country by Europe and U.S. during the Ukrainian Crisis last year.
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Shuji Nakamura: GaN-on-GaN Will Become the Next Generation LED Technology

The upcoming LED technology will be GaN-on-GaN LEDs, affirmed Nobel Laureate in Physics Shuji Nakamura and fellow colleague at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) Professor Steven DenBaars at an exclusive forum hosted by Taiwanese leading chip LED manufacturer Epistar on Wednesday at the company headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
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TCP Lighting CEO Optimistic About LED Industry Potential

Many LED industry experts have been worried that LEDs long lifetimes of more than two decades would result in longer replacement cycles that could become obstacles to company business models. Pessimistic manufacturers even forecast LED orders could eventually ease as time moves on. Ellis Yan, the CEO of U.S. manufacturer TCP Lighting (TCP), however, shared a very different outlook during a recent interview with LEDinside in Taipei, Taiwan.
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ProLight Opto Technology Stays Ahead of Pack with Advanced LED Technology

Over the last 10 years LED package manufacturer ProLight Opto Technology (ProLight) has weathered through tough situations, including a financial crisis that nearly brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy. The company managed to turn around its operations under the management of current Chairman FM Chen, who since joining the company in 2007, has worked closely with General Manager Michael Hsing to convert the company’s business strategy. The pair has successfully transformed a company close to insolvency, into a listed company on the Taiwan bourse with an annual revenue of more than NT $1 billion (US $30 million).
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LEDinside Exclusive Interview with Leading Russian LED Distributor Rainbow

In this interview for the Russian feature, LEDinside spoke to Vadim Smirnov, General Manager, Lighting Division, Rainbow Electronics, who spoke to LEDinside about local LED component sales, and gave an in depth market analysis of Russia’s lighting component retail.
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Lighting Designer Paul Gregory talks about Times Square Ball

As New Year’s Eve approaches we thought it would be fitting to chat with the lighting designer who created the lighting concept for the illustrious Time Square Ball. Paul Gregory, Principal of Focus Lighting in New York City, discusses the lighting inspiration behind the most famous ball in the world and the issues that were involved in lighting such a renowned landmark.
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Bridgelux: The Future of LED Color Standards

U.S. LED manufacturer Bridgelux recently spoke to LEDinside about latest developments in LED color standards, and how this influenced the company’s COB array product portfolio that incorporates Gamut Area Index (GAI), and was launched in late October 2014.
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CEA-LETI: Smartphone Support Crucial to Li-Fi Adoption

Li-Fi, a technology that transmits large quantities of data using blinking LED light signals undetectable to the human eye, was considered a substitute for the radio frequency based Wi-Fi transmission during the technology’s early development stages. Yet, the technology’s applications has gradually evolved since it was created by Harald Haas, a professor at the University of Edinburgh, in 2010.
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Crystal Applied Focuses on Expertise to Keep Position As Top Sapphire Substrate Manufacturer

Upholding a positive outlook on smartphone optical and LED application markets large demands, Taiwanese sapphire substrate manufacturer Crystal Applied has kicked off production expansion projects in Yancheng City located in Jiangsu Province in China. As more manufacturers expand production capacity in the industry, finding methods to increase profits will be key to survival, said Chang Chien-ming, Chairman of the company’s Yancheng City branch.
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Epistar CFO Talks about Decision Behind Merge with FOREPI

The merge between Taiwan’s two largest LED manufacturers Epistar and FOREPI has established the trend of forming alliances in the country’s LED industry, and the dawning of the oligopoly market. Since the two company’s merge on June 30, 2014, FOREPI has received LED lighting OEM orders from Epistar. No further restructures and adjustments have been made so far. What were the actual circumstances behind the birth of the new Epistar? What exactly happened behind the scenes? In this in-depth interview with Epistar Chief Financial Officer and Spokesman Rider Chang, LEDinside probes into the company’s mindset during the recent merge.
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GPI: Flip Chip LED Era Dawning

LED EPI wafer and chip manufacturer Genesis Photonics Inc. (GPI) Chairman David Chung upheld a positive outlook for the flip chip industry at a company shareholders meeting on June 18, 2014.
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Philips Lumileds Expands Solutions Market to Meet Changing LED Industry Needs

Philips Lumileds continues to develop new products to satisfy the ever changing needs of the LED industry. LEDinside had the opportunity to speak with Philips Lumileds Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing Emmanuel Dieppedalle, Sr. Director of Marketing and Business Development Ray Chock, and VP of APAC Sales Alvin Tse during the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2014 last week to discuss the company current situation and future outlook.
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BYD to Reap Benefits in 2014 After A Decade of LED Investments

During an interview with LEDinside, BYD Marketing Director Xiao Zhiyong explained the input and output ratio for the company’s LED investment, and discussed the company’s current situation and future developments. 
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