XLG-DA2 Series 50W~320W DALI-2 Digital Dimming LED Driver

MEAN WELL's XLG series complied with the latest safety standards and isolated dimming design, covered both constant current and constant voltage applications. The series can be used with general constant current luminaires such as street light, floodlight, bay light or general 12V/24V/48V constant voltage LED strips for lighting applications. It not only conforms to the independent control gear design, provides IP67 waterproof and 3-in-1 dimming functions; it has also been added the DALI-2 digital dimming function to provide a more completed solution for intellig...
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MEAN WELL Released HVGC-650 Series 650W Wide Range Input Constant Power Mode LED Driver

For the LED driver product line, wide AC voltage input range (180 ~ 528VAC) HVGC family, MEAN WELL now launches HVGC-650 series to offer more choices of high power products.
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Mean Well’s LDC-55 Series Flicker Free Constant Power Output Linear Metal Case LED Driver with 3in 1 dimming (with PFC)

Since the launch of flicker free indoor LED drivers, MEAN WELL has won wide acclaim from the market. To satisfy the application needs of LED strip lights market, we have introduced constant power mode LDC-55 series, which is equipped with the design of full load current setting by adding resistance and the NTC temperature compensation function. B type takes MEAN WELL 3 in 1 dimming design (0 ~ 10V dimming, 10V PWM dimming, resistance).
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New MEAN WELL LED Drivers and Power Supply Add More Flexibility to Lighting

In order to meet the demands of economical floodlighting market, MEAN WELL launched FDLC-80 series. FDLC-80 series adopts constant power mode design with input range: 180 ~ 295VAC and the output range: 1000 ~ 2100mA. All models are potted, and with IP67 level. This series is complied with international LED safety regulations: EN55015; EN61547; EN61000 -3-2,3; GB17743.GB17625.1, and so on.
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TILS 2018: HVGC-480 Series 480W Wide Range Adjustable Constant Power LED Driver

In recent years, high-wattage outdoor LED lighting and LED plant lighting related to the bio-industry applications have been prospering. Demands for three-in-one dimming function and smart timer dimming LED driver grow through time. To cope with the market trend of LED special lamps application and to solve the problems of system manufacturers’ selection of high-wattage waterproof LED power supplies, MEAN WELL debuts the first constant power mode LED driver, HVGC-480. 
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GlacialPower Launches 12W Constant Voltage LED Driver with IP67 and Terminal Types

GlacialPower, a division of the LED technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc, announces the GP-CVP012N LED driver series. This new constant voltage LED driver rated power output of 12W and available in 12V and 24V models. The GP-CVP012N series support universal AC input from 90 to 264VAC. It has a very low no load consumption under 0.5 watt and a fast set-up time under 0.5 second at 230VAC.
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Zhaga Transforms LED Driver Specification

The Zhaga Consortium, a global association of lighting companies that is standardizing interfaces of components of LED luminaires, has published a significantly updated version of its interface specification for LED drivers.
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LG New LED Tube and Driver Fixtures Meet U.S. DOE External Power Supply Standards

New LED ballasted tube lighting fixtures with external drivers from LG Electronics are among the first to meet the U.S. Department of Energy's stringent new external power supply standards that took effect this year, LG Electronics USA announced.
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Fulham Introduces Constant Power LED Emergency Driver with Backup Battery Power Supply

Fulham, a leading supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, today expanded its LED emergency product family with the new HotSpot Constant Power LED Emergency Driver. Easily installed in the field or factory, this emergency lighting system comes with an integrated power source that can provide more than 90 minutes of emergency lighting.
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TI Releases High Efficiency Tunable White LED DC-Driver with Bluetooth Connectivity Reference Design

The TIDA-01096 TI design is a tested DC-DC LED driver sub system for tunable white LED luminaires. It is built-on a wireless SoC platform which can enable intensity adjustment (dimming) and co-related color temperature (CCT) control using any BLE smart device. Tunable white light luminaires simulate daylight conditions. With a separate warm-white and cold-white LED string, it allows CCT tuning and thereby helps achieving proper circadian stimulation. TI design TIDA-01096 provides high efficiency DC-DC conversion and allows dimming and color temperature control over more than 1:50 and 1:500 range using analog and PWM methods.
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Allegro MicroSystems Releases New Linear Current Regulator and Controllers for Automotive LED Lights

Allegro MicroSystems announces two new adjustable linear current regulators for driving automotive LED arrays. Allegro’s AEC-Q100 qualifiedA6274 and A6284 devices include many new features designed to further enhance the existing family of Linear LED drivers. These new low-EMI ICs integrate an optional pre-regulator gate drive to dynamically and linearly control an external P-channel MOSFET, which extends the output power capability of a linear LED driver by moving most of the power losses to an external power FET. 
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Toshiba Introduces High-Voltage MOSFET Drivers for LED Lighting

 Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC)*  announced a new lineup of ultra-efficient, high-speed, high-voltage MOSFETs for switching voltage regulator designs. Available with 800V and 900V ratings, the four N-channel devices (TK4A80E, TK5A80E, TK3A90E, TK5A90E) are targeted to applications including flyback converters in LED lighting, supplementary power supplies and other circuits that require current switching below 5.0A.
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Cypress New Automotive LED Driver Reduces BOM in Headlight Systems

Cypress Semiconductor introduced an automotive LED driver that enables smaller and more cost-effective headlight systems. The new S6BL112A automotive-grade LED driver is the industry’s first to feature synchronous control, which helps it provide industry-leading conversion efficiency, enabling stable performance in a lighting system. The device is able to drive LEDs at a high 2.1-MHz switching frequency, which enables a compact headlight solution that uses small, inexpensive inductors, reducing physical size and bill-of-materials costs. The LED drivers combine with Cypress’s Traveo™ microcontrollers (MCUs) and power management ICs (PMICs) to provide a best-in-class automotive front-lighting solution.
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GlacialPower Launches 59W AC LED Driver

GlacialPower, a division of LED technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc., has launched a new LED driver, the GP-LS60P-42C 1E, with a 42V, 59 Watt DC output. This rugged, highly efficient driver is ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments and applications, thanks to its IP67 rated environmental protection from water and dust, and it also offers extensive thermal and electrical safety features.
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Toshiba’s New Small Single-wire Input Illumination LED Driver to Save Space in LED Modules

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced a 9-channel output LED driver IC that will save board space and reduce the size of LED modules in a variety of lighting and illumination applications.
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GlacialPower Launches Robust 150W LED Driver

GlacialPower, a division of LED technology manufacturer GlacialTech, is today pleased to introduce the GP-LS150P-60, a 150 Watt LED driver that offers a 60V DC output and IP67 rated environmental protection from water and dust. This new member of the GlacialPower LED driver family is rugged, reliable, versatile and very efficient. Active power factor correction enhances the GP-LS150P-60’s efficient use of input power and the driver also provides high power output efficiency.
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GlacialPower Launches Highly Efficient 100W LED Driver

GlacialPower, a division of the LED technology manufacturer GlacialTech, launches the GP-LS100P-57 1E, a 100 Watt LED driver with a 60V DC output, which offers constant current and constant voltage operation modes. This latest addition to the GlacialPower LED driver range is tough, flexible, efficient and reliable. It is ideal for demanding outdoor or indoor applications and challenging environmental conditions, as it is protected by IP67 waterproofing and dust ingress prevention. This driver handles a very wide input power range of 90 to 305 VAC at 47 to 63 Hz, and safety is further enhanced by full OVP, OCP, SCP, and OTP protection. The GP-LS100P-57 1E also supports stringent new EU power efficiency directives – GlacialPower emphasizes environmental protection and power bill reduction in the design of this new LED driver.
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NEMA Publishes White Paper on Considerations of Field LED Driver Replacement

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) published NEMA LSD 74-2016 Considerations of Field LED Driver Replacement. This new white paper discusses issues related to the field replacement of drivers in LED lighting fixtures, and how several aspects must be considered to ensure that the replacement driver will function the same as the original driver.
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GlacialPower Adds IP67 Rated 60Watt LED Drivers to Product Portfolio

GlacialPower, a division of LED technology manufacturer GlacialTech Inc, announces a new series of 60 Watt LED Drivers ranging from 12V to 57V DC output. The GP-LS60P series is IP67 rated water and dustproof for rugged indoor and outdoor environments and has active power factor correction for efficient use of mains electricity. A wide input range of 90 to 305VAC provides strong tolerance of AC voltage fluctuations and the driver comes in both constant current and constant voltage modes, with dimming available on constant current mode.
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Tridonic Launches New LED Drivers with Combined Emergency Lighting Function

The combination LED Drivers provide an output of 45 W in normal operation, and the integrated battery system produces up to 4 W of emergency lighting power. In normal operation EM powerLED PRO DIM 45 W can be dimmed via DALI, switchDIM or the corridorFUNCTION and is prepared for ready2mains. Emergency light functionality is monitored centrally via DALI. One DALI address is sufficient for performing lighting control, dimming and the prescribed emergency lighting tests and for documenting them centrally – for example via connecDIM or the x/e-touchPANEL. The devices are compatible with the EXCITE series of LED Drivers from Tridonic and can be easily integrated in any installation.
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Fairchild Unveils New IC LED Driver Solution for Smart Lighting Applications

Fairchild (NASDAQ: FCS), a leading global supplier of high-performance semiconductor solutions, introduced the newFL77944, the first solution in its LED Direct AC Drive family of solid-state LED lighting solutions that manufacturers can use to easily scale power and create smart and scalable LED-based lighting products that can be smaller, have higher performance and a longer system lifetime compared to products using the switch mode power supply (SMPS) approach. 
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Diodes Releases High Power-factor Buck LED Driver

Diodes Incorporated, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic, analog and mixed-signal semiconductor markets, today announced the AL1676. This universal AC-input LED driver is designed to meet or exceed worldwide power-factor regulations for non-dimmable retrofit LED bulbs and tube lighting, providing a design that also delivers high efficiency and a low BOM cost. Options for the integrated MOSFET allow for 300V to 650V drain voltages and 1A to 4A drain currents in order to suit most 3W to 18W bulb requirements.
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IXYS Integrated Circuits Division Launches New High Voltage Dimmable LED Driver IC

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division (ICD), a wholly owned subsidiary of IXYS Corporation, announced the immediate availability of the IX9907N High Voltage Dimmable LED Driver IC. Combining a 650V, 2 Ohm power MOSFET with a quasi-resonant controller, the IX9907N is optimized for off-line dimmable LED applications requiring a high power factor correction.
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ANSI Publishes ANSI C82.16-2015 American National Standard for LED Drivers Methods or Measurement

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) announced that ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C82 published ANSI C82.16-2015 American National Standard for Light-Emitting Diode Drivers—Methods of Measurement. This standard describes the procedures to be followed and the precautions to be taken in measuring performance of LED drivers. The scope includes, but is not limited to, LED drivers with these characteristics:
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Antron Adds New LED Drivers to its Product Portfolio

Antron has established reputation and received recognition more than 25 years. In lighting industry, we designed and customized electronic fluorescent lamp ballasts, HID lamp ballasts as well as LED drivers that meet UL and CE regulations.
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Panasonic Launches Industry's Smallest Semiconductor Device 'PhotoMOS' with Low Consumption Current

Panasonic Corporation announced today that it has developed the industry’s smallest*1 semiconductor device, the “PhotoMOS”[1] CC type series, which achieves low consumption current and contributes to equipment downsizing. The relay is operated with a low consumption current, and as a result the working time of the battery operating the equipment is longer. It enables steady operation for measuring equipment, probe cards [2], wearable devices, security equipment and medical equipment.
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Tridonic Launches New Flagship LED Driver

The PREMIUM TALEXXdriver series has been designed to keep pace with rapid developments in LED technology and offers an extremely high degree of flexibility. It features the new digital “ready2mains” interface which uses the existing mains cable for data transfer. Different casing versions and output classes with application-optimised operating ranges make the LED Drivers ideal for a wide range of professional LED solutions. 
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TI to Unveil GaN Power Device for LED Applications at APEC

Texas Instruments (TI), the worldwide leader in power management integrated circuits, will demonstrate how its analog technologies and embedded processing are driving innovation in energy management for next-generation power designs at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), March 16-18, in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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Diodes Incorporated Launches Multi-Channel Load Sink Driver

Diodes Incorporated, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality application specific standard products within the broad discrete, logic and analog semiconductor markets, introduced the ULN2003V12 and ULN2003F12. The ULN2003V12 is a 7-channel relay and inductive load sink driver that consumes 12 times less power while offering a direct replacement to the industry-standard device. The ULN2003F12 is a 4-channel version, which provides a smaller footprint when fewer output channels are required, such as when driving low-voltage stepper motors. Target end-markets for these devices include domestic appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.
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Take Better Selfies with Innovative LED Flashes

John Woodward , Technical Marketing Engineer at Texas Instruments shares in this blog entry how better LED flash lights can help consumers improve picture quality of photos taken with smartphones.
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