Samsung Display eyes OLED production without the use of FMM

FMM use reaching limit in increasing OLED panel size Image: Samsung Display There was increasing interest within Samsung Display in technologies that can be applied to manufacture OLED panels without the use of fine metal masks (FMM), TheElec has learned. This interest was sparked after the Society of Information Display conference held in May this year where new production technologies of OLED panels were showcased, sources said. FMM are commodities used to deposit the red, green, and blue OLED subpixels closely together during OLED pane...
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Samsung Display starts development of LEDoS microdisplay for AR

LED chips to be under 10 micrometers in size, VP says 'OLEDoS technology had limits in brightness for AR devices' Image: Samsung Display Samsung Display has started the development of LED on silicon (LEDoS) microdisplay technology for applications in augmented reality (AR) devices. Samsung Display Vice President and Head of Technology Strategy Team Gong Min Kim believed that in the coming future, LEDoS will replace OLED on silicon (OLEDoS) as the dominant display when it comes to AR devices. OLEDoS had limitatio...
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Samsung Display to Unveil Paradigm-Shifting OLED Technologies at SID Display Week 2023

Revolutionary 'Rollable Flex' and World’s First 'Sensor OLED Display' among the innovations on display in LA Samsung Display today announced it will exhibit a variety of paradigm-shifting, next-generation OLED technologies at the SID Display Week 2023, May 23-25, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California. ▲ Samsung Display's exhibition booth at SID Display Week 2023 At the event, Samsung Display is unveiling Rollable Flex, which aims to revolutionize the portability of tablet PCs or laptops, and Sensor O...
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Samsung Display and Universal Display Corporation Enter into Long-Term OLED Agreements

EWING, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Universal Display Corporation (Nasdaq: OLED), enabling energy-efficient displays and lighting with its UniversalPHOLED® technology and materials, today announced the signing of long-term OLED material supply and license agreements with Samsung Display Co., Ltd. (SDC), a global display manufacturing leader. These agreements affirm that Universal Display Corporation will continue to supply its proprietary UniversalPHOLED phosphorescent OLED materials and technology to Samsung Display for use in its ...
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Samsung Display says MicroLED will be used in AR over OLED

Image: TheElec A Samsung Display executive said on Friday that MicroLED displays will likely be used over OLED display panels in augmented reality (AR) devices. Samsung Display group leader Kim Min-woo said at MicroLED Display Workshop industry event in Seoul that this was because high luminance, or brightness, was needed to realize AR. This will require the development of new light-emitting diodes and won’t be possible with OLED. Display panel makers like Samsung Display are developing On Silicon panels that use silicon instead of gl...
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Samsung Display Setting a New Standard of Excellence for Gaming with its OLED and QD-OLED Displays at Gamescom 2022

Samsung Display to showcase 240Hz OLED displays for laptops, and QD-OLEDs for TVs and monitors, aiming to lead the next-generation of gaming devices with its state-of-the-art self-luminous displays.   The exhibition hall of Samsung Display at Gamescom 2022   SEOUL, Aug. 23, 2022 – Samsung Display will showcase its game-changing 240Hz OLED and QD-OLED display technologies at Gamescom 2022, one of the largest video-game trade events in the world, on August 24-28 in Cologne, Germany. The company will become the first i...
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Samsung Display to supply 4 million OLEDs for vehicles to BMW

Samsung Display will supply organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays for vehicles to BMW, a European automaker. This is seen as a major move, as a latecomer, to laying the foundations to be a major player in the automotive display industry. Samsung Display won a contract to supply OLED displays for BMW's new high-end sedans, which will be mass-produced starting from 2024. It will supply OLED displays for 4 million BMW vehicles for 6-7 years after mass production. It plans on providing displays to BMW through a global electronic device company (T...
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Samsung QD-Display Globally Certified by SGS for Outstanding Picture Quality

New standard for TV picture quality recognized in three SGS sectors for authentic color and crystal-clear picture from any viewing angle   As an industry leader in the premium display market, Samsung Display today announced that its QD (Quantum Dot)-Display, the new standard for next-generation TV picture quality, was certified by SGS, a world-leading certification company. The QD-Display, which Samsung Display began mass producing in November, received three certifications for its True Color Tones, Pure RGB Luminance and Ultrawide V...
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Samsung Display to begin foldable OLED panel production for Google in October

For Vivo and Xiaomi as well Oppo’s pushed backed to later date Image: Samsung Display Samsung Display will begin production of foldable OLED panels for customers Google, Vivo and Xiaomi in October, TheElec has learned. The three companies are planning to unveil their respective foldable phones in the fourth quarter this year. Google is preparing a foldable phone with a 7.6-inch in-folding display panel. The phone has been dubbed “Pixel Fold” by the media. Vivo’s model will have an 8-inch main screen and a 6.5-inch outer scre...
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Samsung Display unveils its OLED innovations in SID Display Week

Samsung Display showcases its forward-looking and consumer-centric solutions including S-Foldable, Slidable, and Under Panel Cameras Samsung Display unveils its next-generation OLED technologies in the world’s biggest display exhibition, cementing its leadership across the industry.   The company opened a virtual exhibition at the 2021 SID Display Week under the tagline “Better life thru Samsung OLED,” showcasing its next-generation OLED products including:   S-Foldable: A mu...
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Samsung Display to lead national project to develop oxide TFT for 1,000ppi OLED

Image: Samsung Samsung Display said on Wednesday that it has chosen to lead a national project to develop oxide thin-film transistor (TFT) technology for 1,000ppi OLED panels. The South Korean display panel maker will aim to develop the oxide TFT which will support electron movements ten times faster than it is currently available now by 2024. Samsung Display will aim to lower power consumption and production costs for the oxide TFT. Displays on mobile devices have more densely packed pixels and TFT circuits, higher the resolution they support. Curr...
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How Samsung’s Neo QLED is Bringing About Next-Level Watching Experiences

The user’s enjoyment of their viewing experience is one of the key drivers in the advancement of display technologies. While many developers work simply for the ‘ideal’ picture quality, Samsung’s Neo QLED TV developers have also put in the utmost efforts to develop optimized displays for users that go above and beyond ideas of what a display can be.   In order to understand more about how those innovative features of the Neo QLED transcend technological hurdles to meet user’s growing demands for next-level quality displays, Samsung Glo...
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Samsung Display and LGD Are Reportedly OLED Panel Suppliers for 2021 iPhone Lineup; BOE Appears to Be Left Out

The release of a new generation of iPhone models in the second half of every year has always been a hot topic in the consumer electronics market. This year, the market is especially interested to see if the launch of the new iPhone models will trigger a large wave of device replacement demand. Regarding the rumors about the specs of the upcoming iPhone models that are to be launched this fall, South Korea media outlet Etnews recently reported that Samsung Display and LGD have been confirmed to be the OLED panel suppliers for the new iPhone devices. On the other hand, Chi...
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Samsung Display Adjusts Personnel and Expedites Transition to QD Process

Samsung Display, Samsung Memory, and Samsung Foundry have recently conducted director-level personnel adjustments. Samsung Display disclosed on the 2nd that the company will be appointing EVP Choi Joo-sun as the new CEO, who will also continue serving as the director of the large display business. Former CEO Lee Dong-hoon will serve as the consultant of Samsung Display. Choi Joo-sun, the newly appointed CEO, was graduated from the KAIST, and is an expert in semiconductor design who has been guiding Samsung Display in the development of QD panels....
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Samsung Display Sends 100 Engineers to India to Speed Up the Construction of OLED Module Factories

According to Korean media, in order to speed up the construction process of the OLED module factories in India, Samsung Display sent about 100 engineers to India for support, and these engineers were on a chartered flight to the Indian factories on November 6. According to the report, Samsung Display is building factories in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and North India for the production of medium-sized OLED panels, and the engineers sent to the Indian factories include officials from the partner companies, who will be tested for COVID-19 nucleic acid and self-iso...
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Samsung’s Study on QLEDs Commercialization Published in ‘Nature’

Samsung reported that two of the company’s research fellows have proved the potential of QLEDs for commercial purposes in a new study, which was published in ‘Nature’ on November 27, 2019. The research team managed to hugely improve quantum efficiency, as well as extend the lifetime of the QLED element by improving the structure of quantum dots. With the thick shell structure proposed by the research team, oxidation of the core and energy leak could be prevented. The study concluded that the method had improved quantum efficiency by 21.4% and increased the ...
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South Korea Indicts Suppliers for Selling Samsung’s Display Technology to China

South Korean prosecutors have charged nine people of selling Samsung’s technology of flexible OLED display to a Chinese company, reported Reuters. Toptec, a Samsung supplier which produce automated equipment for smartphone display production, has received 15.5 billion won (US$ 13.85 million) for transferring Samsung’s OLED panel technology to China. According to the report, the CEO and eight employees of the company has formed a shell company to receive information about panel production from Samsung Display and then sell the high-profiled documents...
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Universal Display to Supply OLED Materials to Samsung and Govisionox Based on New Agreements

Universal Display Corporation this month has confirmed two partnerships for OLED production.
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Samsung Display Signs Long-term Contracts with Air Products for OLED Production

Samsung Display and Air Products has signed new long-term contracts to supply gaseous nitrogen and oxygen, and liquid argon to Samsung's Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) manufacturing complex in Tangjeong, South Korea.
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TrendForce Says Capacity Expansions from Chinese and Korean Panel Suppliers Will Raise AMOLED Penetration in Smartphone Market to Nearly 50% by 2020

The confirmation of Samsung Display (SDC) being Apple’s AMOLED panel supplier for the upcoming iPhone devices has spurred other smartphone brands and panel makers to aggressively invest in this display technology. The latest display market forecast by WitsView, a division of TrendForce, finds that AMOLED is set to become mainstream in the global smartphone market in the near future with the penetration rate reaching to almost 50% by 2020.
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Chinese OLED Makers Challenge South Korean Ones by Announcing A Consolidated Production with 300% Growth

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display lately has been receiving market attention. Not only have Korean companies been working on the development, but recently, according to BusinessKorea, even Chinese firms have jumped into the competition.
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Corning Lotus NXT Glass Chosen for Samsung Display’s Flexible LTPS-OLED Line

Corning Incorporated announces Samsung Display’s selection of Corning Lotus™ NXT Glass as the carrier glass for its line of polyimide (PI) low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels, which today power the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.
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Samsung Display to Ramp up OLED Mobile Manufacturing Capacity to 550M by 2017

Samsung Display plans to raise small to mid-sized OLED panels production by 35% in 2017 to meet surging OLED panel demands from Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Korean media Pulse cited a Samsung Display official saying.
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Chinese Client Demands Squeezes Samsung Display OLED Supply

Samsung Display is running low on OLED supply, due to soaring OLED display demands from Chinese smartphone makers, reported The Korea Herald.
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Samsung Display Spins-off OLED Business

Samsung Display has split its OLED business from its less profitable LCD arm, reported Korean Times.
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Samsung Display Renovates LCD Plant into OLED Production Plant

Samsung Display has replaced one of its LCD plants into an OLED production line as it works towards focusing on the latter technology, reported The Korea Herald.
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Samsung Display Files Patent for 3-in-1 Bendable OLED Device

Samsung Display published a patent application that demonstrates an OLED-based flexible 3-in-1 device that can function as a watch, a phone, and even a tablet, reported SAMMobile.
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Samsung Display to Double OLED Shipments in 1Q16

Samsung Display’s shipments of OLED panels has more than doubled during the past year, since more -global smartphone manufacturers were adopting OLED displays, reported The Korea Herald.
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Apple and Samsung Display Close to Inking OLED Contract

A report from Korean media ET News pointed out that Samsung Display will be supplying flexible OLEDs for the next generation Apple iPhones.
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Universal Display Corporation Announces 1Q15 Financial Results

Universal Display Corporation, enabling energy-efficient displays and lighting with its UniversalPHOLED® technology and materials, reported financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2015.
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