【ISE 2019】HDR Display in Various Applications Brings a Perfect Visual Feast

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019 in the Netherlands is a well-known international exhibition for display. This international exhibition took place from February 5 to 8 in the Netherlands and attracted lots of attention in the digital display industry. The improvement of performance including 8K resolution, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and wide gamut is the major development trend for digital display (Video Wall) market. Amongst, HDR image is the long-term target market for projection equipment and LED display. The main applications are in hotels, cinemas, home theaters and theme parks. LED display will develop towards high resolution and high dynamic range.

HDR development trend
SONY Crystal LED Display system brings 8K4K (7680x 4320) resolution, with 120fps refresh rate. SONY leads the industry toward 8K4K display directions to welcome the era of high quality display and will take the 8K broadcast business opportunities of Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Samsung’s The Wall size enlarges to 219 inches from 146 inches. Samsung enhances surface process to reduce light reflection and increase contrast to achieve extreme perfect image. In addition, module cutting tolerance was enhanced so that the splicing lines are invisible.

Under the requirements of HDR, the driver IC must also achieve three major performances: high contrast (25,000:1), clear low gray detail processing and higher color depth in the same color gamut.

Kurt Tsai, Macroblock’s Marketing Director, stated, “To meet the requirements in realizing HDR in LED displays, we have proposed ‘HDR-Optimized’ driver IC specifications to achieve true 16-bit PWM resolution (grayscale output) and 4KHz refresh rate at the same time. At present, Macroblock’s MBI5359 (suitable for ultra-fine pitch LED displays, pitch ranging from 0.6mm to 1.5mm) and MBI58501 (suitable for common fine-pitch LED displays, pitch ranging from 1.2mm to 6.0mm) can meet the specifications for a 32-scan design.

As for fine-pitch applications, this year at the show, Chipone demonstrated a Cinema LED Screen, ICND2055 with HDR technology, showing its outstanding high dynamic range performance. The display is able to show clear images with high luminaire under dark scenes and shadow details under bright environment. Many customers on the scene experienced the visual impact of Extreme Cool Gamut.

SiliconCore from the U.S. showcased a fine-pitch LED display with 4K resolution which resolves the low brightness and high grayscale problems in the general fine-pitch products. Its brightness is above 1200 nits and its low grayscale uniformity is nearly flawless. The keys are the exclusive development of the common cathode architecture of the core chip and the exclusive PWM patent which corresponds to the algorithm of low grayscale called ZACH. In addition to providing 16bit color gradation, it can also maintain color temperature consistency and uniformity under any grayscale, performing high quality images at high temperature.

Besides, SiliconCore also exhibited the LSIA series P1.2 pitch display products which adopt its own PCB Level Packaging technology. The technology enables a consistent full-plane effect on overall display surface that tackle the issue of collision led dead pixels.

Mini LED development Trend

The reflection rate of matt black surface treatment is lower, meaning that the content shown on the screen will not be easily affected by ambient light which would cause blurry image. The material is therefore suitable for places with complicated ambient light, such as in broadcast rooms.

Unilumin launched the Mini-LED 0.9, which opened up a new era of Mini-LED display below P1.0. At the same time, the product won the ISE 2019 Best Exhibit Award.

Macroblock demonstrated both P0.75 and P0.625 mini-LED solution which targets finer pitch applications and meets the needs for commercial markets. Even if it is only 60 cm2 in size, the small pixel pitch provides an incredible image quality.

Chipone's three products with a pixel pitch less than P1.0 showed high-end manufacturing capabilities. Among them, ICND2200 is a high-integration architecture product, which is flexible and scalable to achieve products as low as 0.5mm pitch, and will be launched soon.

The pixel pitch of the Kinglight Mini LED display module can reach P0.5, which meets the development needs of the future display market. At the same time, due to the comprehensive performance the outdoor Raptors 1820 won the favor of the CCTV Lunar New Year show in Shenzhen Branch in 2019.

According to the latest research report of LEDinside, tiltled “2019 Global LED Video Wall Market Outlook - Cinema, Rental Market and Price Trend”, the demand for LED display in markets including rental market, HDR market application, retail and meeting room boosts, global LED display market scale in 2022 is expected to stand at USD 9.349 billion with a CAGR of 12% during 2018 to 2022. There into, that of indoor fine pitch display in 2018 is expected to be up to USD 1.997 billion with a YoY growth of 39% and its CAGR during 2018 o 2022 will reach 28%, which is driven by the continuous development of ultra-fine pitch display in the future.

LEDinside comprehensively analyzes the trend and development of the 2018-2019 LED display market to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the display market! For more information, please call or write us!

(Auther: Joanne / Research Manager, LEDinside)

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