【GILE 2019】Taiwan Companies Invest in Niche Applications and Update Technologies to Keep Up with the Competition

Although LED and lighting are facing the two-pronged pressure of the competition in the industry and the trade dispute, GILE this year still saw bustling crowds of people. It was the worst of times, yet large exhibitions provided a platform and opportunity for industries to connect and collaborate. Participating suppliers and guests from all over the world invariably took ahold of this annual occasion and expanded their business opportunities from exhibition to exhibition.

LEDinside made the trip to visit a few of Taiwan’s participating companies at this year’s GILE, who demonstrated competence through various applications and expertise in the fast-paced LED industrial chain.

Leading LED power supplier MEANWELL

LED power suppler MEANWELL officially introduced its newest XLG series power supply to the Chinese market during GILE 2019. The series is featured with constant power, small size and the newest safety certifications, enabling a wide range of applications with its ability to produce different power outputs. Equipped with a double sided design, it is capable of weathering various strict environments, leading to a lengthened LED lifetime. Its overbearing capabilities have admittedly become the envy of other competitors, as MEANWELL’s Product Manager Rex Lin has let on that since the product’s release up to May this year, sales have already exceeded 200 thousand units.

MEANWELL’s joint sales program, Powered By MEANWELL, is beginning to see some results as well since its commencement last year, with June seeing the official release of its product catalog. MEANWELL joins hands with suppliers of upstream materials and downstream LED lighting products to spread globally their reputation and influence, established on the bases of trustworthy, high quality power supplies.

Everlight extends its development of a wide variety of applications

Leading Taiwan LED packaging company Everlight continues to reach for business opportunities through the use of multi-varied applications. Besides continuing its development of LEDs for commercial lighting and automotive lighting, Everlight debuted its Mini LED display module in this year’s GILE with a pitch size of 0.75mm. Everlight pointed out that this kind of Mini LED display module utilizes COB packaging and flip chip technology, and is already available for mass production. Simultaneously showcased was a type of 160-inch P1.25 Mini LED display module, whose impressive display performance brought colors to life.

This year even saw Everlight including its subsidiary European brand, WOFi, in the exhibition for the first time in an attempt to import German designs into the Chinese market. A total of 38 types of indoor lightings were exhibited, most of them bearing streamlined designs, incorporating warm-colored lights and brimming with innovation.

Furthermore, Everlight also showcased many kinds of UV and IR LED products. UV LEDs not only finds usage in UV curing, but also possesses great potential for sterilization and purification applications. As for IR LEDs, we see Everlight promoting touch applications for household appliances and smartphones.

BLTC promotes smart lighting

Backed by a long history in the Japanese markets, Beautiful Light Technology Corporation (BLTC) showcased smart household lighting at GILE, combining wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wifi and Zigbee, and integrating lighting and household safety controls. Last year the company released the Gen 3 Camera Lamp, which combined camera and LED lighting together and did not only possess a light switchable and adjustable by Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa, but could even capture images with its sensory functions and strengthen security monitoring.

Out of consideration for the elderly and children who are not used to tablets, BLTC has also released controllers, switches and many other operational control systems to satisfy the demands of different applications.

Chun Kuang Optics extends LED lighting functions with advanced lens technology

Specializing in secondary optical lens technology, Chun Kuang Optics is able to use different optical angles to bring out various effects from a single flat LED source. This year, CKO set up an experience room at its booth and displayed several types of secondary optical lens in various illuminance and angle configurations possible for LED lighting. By optimizing luminous efficiency and increasing color temperature and uniformity of light distribution, CKO is able to engineer a comfortable, natural lighting environment.

(The experience room of CKO)

Edison Opto showcases advanced AC LED modules

Packaging supplier Edison Opto showcased an advanced AC LED module that reduced flicker down below 5% and could even keep it suppressed during light adjustments. Also among its exhibits were aquarium lighting and horticulture lighting. Aquarium lighting may design its beams according to the characteristics of different aquatic species while limiting the light within the confines of the tank, increasing luminaire efficiency.

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