【InfoComm 2024】LED Video Wall Applications and Innovation Inspire New Business Levels

InfoComm 2024 (International Professional Audiovisual Integrated Equipment and Technology Expo), hosted by AVIXA, was launched on June 12, 2024, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the USA. InfoComm is the largest professional audiovisual and information communication trade show in the United States, held alternately in Las Vegas and Orlando each year. It is one of the most influential and exciting events in North America and globally. At the event this year, LED video wall manufacturers showcased innovation and creativity, pushing display technology to new levels.

Topic One: LED Video Wall

Samsung Electronics
Samsung showcased the 146-inch P0.84 The Wall as a flagship exhibit, incorporating various technologies such as COB, anti-reflection film, and black seal. The company has also narrowed the LED wavelength to achieve ultimate color uniformity, contrast, and high molding uniformity.

The Wall All-in-One emphasizes quick installation, with the 146-inch display able to be installed in just two hours, including the control box, wall brackets, speakers, and deco bezels, primarily used for the corporation & education sector, as well as retail & exhibition.

The Micro LED transparent display prototype is tiled by 16.1-inch glass panels and adopts 20x40µm Micro LED chips.

To satisfy the demand in the sports event market, Samsung presented the XHB series of LED outdoor displays at the venue, emphasizing high brightness, high contrast, and energy efficiency of up to 22.2%, consuming only 700W/m²。

LG Electronics


Following the debut of its Micro LED video wall at InfoComm 2019, LG Electronics showcased the mass-produced model at InfoComm 2024. The product is set to be launched in 4Q24 and will integrate the company’s AI processor to analyze the brightness and color tone of LED chips in real-time, automatically calibrating to achieve optimal image quality.

The 171-inch P1.5 all-in-one LED display, with a 21:9 aspect ratio, is suitable for video conferencing. Users can display multiple visual messages simultaneously, enabling the sharing of a large amount of data or video sources from numerous meeting participants.

LG Electronics showcased a series of OLED transparent displays, mostly measuring 30 / 50-inch and featuring a touchscreen, available for retail stores and window display.


Sony offers the BH, CH, and VERONA lines for its Crystal LED displays.

The BH series features a high brightness of 1,700cd/m2 and anti-reflection properties. The CH series emphasizes the high contrast feature. The two product lines both have wide color gamut at 86% Rec.2020 and a 120 fps frame rate.

The VERONA (P1.5 / P2.3) comes with a high refresh rate of 7,680 Hz for virtual production market. Its color gamut can be as wide as 88% Rec. 2020, suitable for background and ceiling display.

Leyard 利亞德 / Planar 平達

Leyard-affiliated Planar offers various LED video wall solutions for outdoor, rental, control room, retail, and virtual production applications.
The LDS series adopts Mini LED COB technology, with product specifications covering P0.7-P1.8. 

The UltraRes L series provides all-in-one LED display solutions. Equipped with 4-in-1 Mini LEDs, the product line features an FHD resolution and brightness of 800 nits, with the model size being 109 / 136-inch.

The Luminate Ultra W series offers greater stability and brightness of 3,000 nits, which is suitable for any outdoor applications such as traffic, retail, and advertisement display. At InfoComm 2024, the company presented the P1.3 LED fine pitch display for outdoor use on site.

Unilumin Group

Since its establishment in 2004, Unilumin group has gained extensive experience for more than 20 years. At InfoComm 2024, the manufacturer’s subsidiaries Unilumin, ROE Visual, and LAMPRO all had exhibition booths.

ROE Visual has long focused on the virtual production sector and has collaborated with various producers, establishing itself as a leading company in the market. Unilumin and ROE Visual exhibited their P2.6 and P1.9 displays, respectively.

In response to the market demand for ≤P1.0 ultra-fine pitch displays, Unilumin has launched multiple technical solutions based on Mini LED COB / MiP.


Absen focuses on solutions for four major applications: control rooms, virtual production, creative commercial displays, and intelligent video conferencing. Products include the PR series, KLCOB V2 series (COB-based), K V3 series for innovative display, and all-in-one LED displays (108 /136 /163-inch).

The KLCOB V2 series has a single-cabinet weight of only 4.3kg and thickness of 39.8mm, reducing the burden of disassembly and installation and enhancing user experience. The company presented the P0.78 8K display engineered with Mini LED COB technology on site.

The PR series offers LED video walls developed for virtual production and high-end rental markets, achieving excellent shooting effects with high flatness and good heat dissipation performance. The high-end rental market requires high brightness, high refresh rates, high product stability, and easy installation and disassembly. In response to this market, Absen showcased a P2.6 rental display with a brightness of approximately 1,200 nits during the event.


The BYB Pro is completely made of aluminum, featuring great heat dissipation with the capability of cabinet temperature control surpassing the industry standard. In a 60°C environment, the display still works well. With energy consumption of ≤550W/m², the product saves more energy than conventional models by 30%, which can largely lower costs. The LED outdoor display also comes with IP66-rated protection, guaranteeing clear display of advertising content and normal functioning in harsh weather conditions.

BOE’s displays feature a brightness of 1,800 nits and refresh rate of 7,680 Hz, capable of satisfying the various application scenarios for filmmaking and broadcasting.

BOE partnered Corning and Varitronix (BOE’s subsidiary) to announce a 44.8-inch Mini LED display. The COG backlighting technology combines Mini LED chips with glass substrates and the thick copper process to lighten LEDs. The display also comes with an IGZO panel boasting a high electron mobility to achieve an ultra-high 9K resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate, bringing unparalleled visual experiences to car passengers.


CVTE’s subsidiary QSTECH specializes in LED video wall business, showcasing all-in-one LED displays, cinema displays, and outdoor and rental market solutions.

The all-in-one LED display line includes 110-220” 2K, 165” / 220” 4K displays (Mini LED Technology) in a 16:9 aspect ratio for corporation & education sectors. The 199” / 249” / 299" wide screens in a 32:9 aspect ratio are tailored to lecture halls. In addition, the company plans to launch a 21:9 all-in-one LED display. As market acceptance increases, QSTECH indicates that the demand for all-in-one LED displays in the European and American markets will gradually rise.

QSTECH’s LED cinema displays have gained DCI-P3 certification, with dimensions of 10.56 x 5.4 meters, featuring a standard 4K resolution, high brightness up to 48 nits, and wide color gamut, high image quality, and detailed reproduction. They have been installed in cinemas throughout Guangzhou, China.


During the InfoComm event, Hisense presented its 136-inch P1.56 2K all-in-one LED display (COB Technology), boasting a high refresh rate of 7,680 Hz. The 136-inch P0.78 4K Mini LED video wall is also engineered with the COB technology.

Qiangli Jucai 

Qiangli Jucai launched a LED video wall utilizing DECO’s wireless transmission chips. The model’s hub board and module or two cabinets are able to function without the need for wired connections as long as they are placed close to each other. Wireless transmission eliminates the wiring between the cabinet light boards and control cards, floating connectors or fixed connectors, significantly simplifying the installation, removal, maintenance, and other operational processes and costs in the past. This aligns with the future trend of LED displays towards more flexible, integrated, and intelligent applications.


INFiLED launched a MiP-based ≤P1.0 ultra-fine pitch display under the WT series. Through MiP technology, the WT series boasts high color consistency, high contrast, and high brightness, meeting the demand for indoor ultra-high-definition display.

Topic Two: LED, Controller, Transmission Chip

Seoul Semiconductor 

As the world’s third largest LED package manufacturer, Seoul Semiconductor has established manufacturing bases in South Korea (Seoul), China (Tianjin), Vietnam, and the United States. Micro LED display division offers MiP (0202 / 0404 LEDs) in the industry. The 0404 LED comes with a sapphire substrate, which directly combines the chip process without the need of further packaging; only the RDL (Redistribution Layer) process is required. The 0202 LED is stacked by RGB LED chips; it not only saves more space for the package but simplifies the overall packaging process.

According to TrendForce, the 0202 LED entered mass production in 2023, while the 0101 LED will be mass produced in 2H24. The MiP products have been supplied to LED video wall brands in North America, Japan, and South Korea.


≤P1.0 Ultra-Fine Pitch Displays: Kinglight showcased various 0404 / 0505 / 0606 LEDs for ≤P1.0 ultra-fine pitch displays, offering high reliability and low costs.

Rental Market: Display LEDs are required to feature increased brightness, with outdoor brightness exceeding 4,500-5,000 nits, while indoor brightness should exceed 1,000 nits. In response to customer needs, Kinglight has introduced various LED products, offering options for black leadframes, 4-in-1 Mini LED to enhance contrast and product stability.
Cinema: Kinglight provides the 0606 / 1010 / 1415 / 2020 LEDs that meet DCI-P3 color gamut coverage rate of >99%, maintaining color uniformity even at low currents, with a maximum contrast ratio of 20,000:1 and support for HDR technology.


NovaStar’s SMPTE ST ST2110 technology enables ultra-high-definition live broadcasting and new multimedia multi-version IP distribution, catering to the needs of the broadcasting industry for IP-based and ultra-high-definition content. When used with the NovaStar Cloud MX6000 Pro & MX2000 Pro/H series, it allows for easy access to video content over distances of up to 10Km, ensuring high quality, high frame rates, and flexibility.

The adaptive thermal compensation feature allows for precise control of color temperature for the LED display by dynamically adjusting the thermal compensation coefficient based on real-time calculations of the cabinet’s thermal characteristics. This effectively addresses issues such as color temperature deviations or red stripes caused by differences in the position of the screen and temperature variations, and greenish tint caused by the internal power supply and IC positions within the cabinet, ensuring accurate color and color temperature representation at all times.


NovaStar’s business partner DECO has introduced wireless transmission chips, enabling the hub board and module of a display or two cabinets to function without the need for wired connections, as long as they are placed close to each other. This one-for-all chip solution eliminates the need for wiring between the cabinet light boards and control cards, as well as floating or fixed connectors, greatly simplifying installation, removal, maintenance, and reducing associated costs. The wireless technology aligns with the future trend of LED display applications towards increased flexibility, integration, and intelligence.

Author: Joanne / TrendForce  


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