LEDinside Show Report: Micro LED/QLED/ OLED Display Highlights at ISE 2017 in Netherland

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2017, the renowned international display technology fair, took place in Amsterdam, Netherland, on 7-10th February. Last year, ISE 2016 already caught the world’s attention by gathering more than 1,000 exhibitors to attract up to 69,000 people. 

Three highlights of ISE 2017 in Netherland includes: 1) fine pitch LED display and total solutions, 2) Micro LED/QLED/ OLED display, and 3) the wide adoption of laser source by global major manufacturers as a beachhead strategy to penetrate the high end projector market.
Hightlight I - Fine Pitch LED Display and Total Solutions
Global manufacturers launch advanced fine pitch LED display technologies
World-famous display and projector manufacturers showcased their commercial projection equipment featuring 4K and 8K high resolution; meanwhile, fine pitch display makers demonstrated their new products after pitch refinement. Per pixel pitch size has been refined narrower from 1.5-2mm to 1.2-1.5mm, and some companies, such as Leyard, Silicon Core, and Unilumin, even launched 0.9mm pixel-pitch LED screens. Leyard broke the current pixel-pitch barrier by showcasing its groundbreaking 0.7mm LED video wall display. All innovations are anticipated to drive more international display makers towards finer display techniques and 4K/8K resolution.

Driver IC roots total solutions for fine pitch LED display
The demand for fine pitch LED display also propels driver IC manufacturers to come up with fine pitch display solutions, rental services, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems (for control rooms and shopping centers). Macroblock, a noted LED driver IC supplier, launched Hawkeye solutions to not only enhance the display quality with a new-gen dimming module that saves grayscale and white balance; but reduce power consumption for the UPS with the Intelligent Power Saving function. Considering its advanced products, the flexible dimming modules for the rental market and the Intelligent Power Saving function for the UPS systems in control rooms and retail markets, Macroblock helps pave a way to smarter, more effective display technology.
Macroblock, Inc. debuted 48-channel LED driver IC MBI5353 for the first time in the expo. This driver IC can save up space that requires light panels. Furthermore, this product suits ever-shrinking-pitch LED display applications. Besides, MBI5353 equips two major functions: both smart modulation and brightness adjustment modules.


Highlight II- Micro LED / QLED / OLED Display Screens Fight for Fine-detailed, Customized Markets
Sony Micro-LED display signage attracts industry-wide attention, but fine-detailed customized state-of-art technology's mass production will require careful attention to its production time and manufacturing costs.
Japan's Sony CLEDIS display technology drew lots of attention from the industry. CLEIDS's major target market will be a certain size range of existing fine-pitch LED display screens. Its primary applied scenarios will be automobile exhibition halls and museums where huge size, highly-detailed displays run the whole show. The standard quotation price for entire set of CLEDIS 220-inch 4K equipment is 120 million Japanese yen. It will officially begin to ship out during January ~ March this year. The fine-detailed customized state-of-art technology provides high-value-added product and significantly enhances display effects. During this expo, on top of CLEDIS, there was glass covers. Although glass provided mirror-like effect, it also considerably increased light-reflection.

QLED and OLED signages joined the battle
Samsung Electronics will showcase its quantum-dot light-emitting diode Signage (QLED Signage) at the show. It pitches QLED Signage realizes equal outstanding color volume and accuracy like its QLED TVs. It will also unveil LED Signage IF series that feature high dynamic range (HDR) technology for the first time and provide excellent picture quality and easy installation.
LG Electronics will target the premium signage market with its signature flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) Signage recognized for its vivid image quality. It will emphasize that the ultra-thin flexible panel can be folded in any forms and the curvature of the screen can be changed even after installation.
Highlight III-  International Manufacturer Giants Considerably Adopt Laser As Light Sources, In Order to Conquer High-end Projector Markets
Hall 1 was for laser projector exhibition, one of the major exhibition battlegrounds this year. International display manufacturers (such as Barco, Cannon, and Christie) all focused on laser projectors. Amid them, Barco even used RGB laser projection technology, so as to provide more vivid and beautiful display effects.
Commercial projectors mostly are used in interior meeting rooms and school-setting educational environments, according to LEDinside. Their luminous flux mostly concentrates in the range of 2,000 lm ~ 3,000 lm. This range occupies the bulk of commercial projectors, and is followed by the range of 3,000 lm ~ 4,000 lm. Light-source technology continues advancing, and brightness is positively correlated to quality of images. Thus, the demand of brightness is increasing year by year. In the future, due to cinema market demand, the 3,000 lm-and-above market share is estimated to reach 43% by 2020.
There are three core advantages by adopting laser light sources:
●        Higher brightness and more beautiful colors
●        Longer product life span: compared with traditional light source's merely 5,000 ~ 10,000 hours, laser product's light span can last as long as 20,000 hours.
●        Projector design is thinner and lighter: by using laser light source, the design of projector set can be even lighter and thinner.
Author Joanne / LEDinside
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