ITRI’s Smart Integrated Solutions Displayed at 2016 Computex Taipei

A full body 3D scan can be completed in less than one minute with ITRI's incredible "High Precision Automated 3D Scanner." And then there is the virtual piano, enabling lovely melodies to be played on a desktop using "VR 3D Gesture UI." Furthermore, the "Pocket Chopstick Sanitizer" can kill 99.99% of pathogens through the compact UVC LED light disinfection module in just 90 seconds. These are just three of the 14 smart city-themed innovative technologies that ITRI exhibited at its pavilion at 2016 COMPUTEX Taipei. ITRI will display what can be achieved through smart systems integration, helping to provide industry with total solutions that can drive industrial transformation, while promoting the development of smart cities. 

According to ITRI's Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (IEK), 6.3 billion people, or 70% of the world's population, will live in cities in 2050. The increasing population density in urban areas will create governance challenges in transportation, safety, the environment, and healthcare, thus highlighting the need for smart cities. IEK anticipates that smart city-related business opportunities will reach GBP 400 billion (US $575.84 billion) by 2020. 

Dr. Chih-I Wu, General Director of ITRI's Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories, pointed out that smart city applications are established under the framework of IoT and require rapid data collection, processing and transmission. This gives rise to new services, and Taiwan should seize opportunities associated with the development of smart cities, he said. ITRI has devoted resources to the development of a platform that pilots smart city solutions in which hardware and software have been integrated, including smart healthcare, smart tourism, and smart shops. Each of these examples is helping to create core competitiveness for these industries, Dr. Wu explained.

ITRI exhibited the following technologies at this year's COMPUTEX Taipei: 

LED Light: Pocket Chopstick Sanitizer and Pure-Water UVCup

Consumers are increasingly concerned about their health and the environment. Greater awareness with regards to food safety is a part of this movement. ITRI has developed the world's first "Pocket Chopstick Sanitizer" and "Pure-Water UVCup" in which 99.99% of E.coli and other pathogens are killed in just 90 seconds. Consumers can thus rest assured that the utensils they are using have been sterilized. The "Pocket Chopstick Sanitizer" has been selected for this year's Best Choice Award at COMPUTEX. Meanwhile, ITRI is working on commercializing the "Pure-Water UVCup," which is expected to go into mass production and formally enter the market later this year. ITRI has also worked together with OPTOTECH and PARA LIGHT on developing UVC LED front-end technology, and is helping to create a comprehensive UVC LED industrial chain in Taiwan. 

Pocket Chopstick Sanitizer. (All photos courtesy of ITRI)
Pure-Water UVCup.

VR 3D Gesture User Interface, Virtual Piano and High Precision Automated 3D Scanner

ITRI's "virtual piano" integrates 3D depth sensing and gesture recognition technologies into an interactive projection module. One can play a song without the need for an actual piano. ITRI also exhibited its "High Precision Automated 3D Scanning System" that employs self-developed depth and color image sensing technology in a virtual camera. An entire scan of full body can be completed in just 40 seconds! 

ITRI's "virtual piano".
High Precision Automated 3D Scanner.

Smart Sensors: itri-patch Senses Falls and Wandering, Offering Solution for the Elderly

Care for the elderly has become an important topic amid an aging society. ITRI has developed the "itri-patch" that can sense when a person has taken a fall or has wandered off. Should the itri-patch sense a fall, the wearer's smartphone then automatically sends an SMS or dials out for help. The itri-patch has been further developed to work in conjunction with shoes that are fitted with a GPS device, making it easy to determine the position of an elderly one or a child who has wandered off. 

"itri-patch" that can sense when a person has taken a fall or has wandered off.

System Integration: Collaboration with Brewer Science on Integrated Sensor Platforms and Systems

ITRI and Brewer Science, a leader in advanced materials and semiconductor technologies, have collaborated in the development of Ultra-fast Sensor Systems (less than 10 ms) for products in smart factories. Brewer Science's ultra-high-speed sensors employ flexible, quick response carbon nanotube materials that are perfect for use in real-time monitoring for environments or industrial manufacturing sites. Along with ITRI's abilities in integrating hardware and software systems, the cooperation is helping to create smart production equipment, smart manufacturing, and smart facilities. This will greatly enhance production efficiency and help Taiwan achieve its Productivity 4.0 objectives.

ITRI and Brewer Science have collaborated in the development of the Ultra-fast Sensor Systems for smart factories.
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