【SID Display Week 2022】: Rise of Micro LED, Mini LED and OLED Displays

SID Display Week 2022 was held between May 8 and May 13 in San Jose, California. During the annual event, leading players worldwide showcased their latest Micro LED display technologies and products, including Samsung, LG, AUO, Innolux, BOE and PlayNitride. The product applications shown included large-size displays, automotive displays, transparent displays, wearables and AR/VR headset displays.


In response to the trend of Micro LED commercialization, PlayNitride presented its products in several categories at SID Display Week 2022, namely large-size displays, automotive applications and consumer electronics products. Regarding large-size displays, the seamlessly tiled signboard engineered with the company’s PixeLED Matrix technology features infinite contrast, wide color gamut (116% NTSC) and 2000nits of brightness. The display also provides excellent visual experiences without grainy issues at a short viewing distance of 1m under a pixel pitch of 0.43mm.
一張含有 地板, 室內 的圖片自動產生的描述
Photo Source: PlayNitride
The Micro LED maker integrated its modules with various automotive scenarios. Specifically, the first-ever 9.38" transparent Micro LED display that it showcased boasts an improved transparency rate of 65%–70% that can meet the requirements of automakers. Alternatively, its 11.6" 24:9 high resolution (2.5K) Micro LED automotive display enables the development of larger in-cabin displays.

Photo Source: PlayNitride
一張含有 文字, 室內, 天花板, 電子用品 的圖片自動產生的描述
Photo Source: PlayNitride
Additionally, the square 1.58" PM Micro LED display it showcased is suitable for not only wearables but small in-cabin digital windows with better performance.
一張含有 汽車, 室內, 座位, 烤箱 的圖片自動產生的描述
Photo Source: PlayNitride
Concerning consumer electronics products, PlayNitride demonstrated a 7.56" QD display application featuring infinite contrast and wide color gamut at 120% NTSC. The presented 1.39" circular and 1.56" square Micro LED watches boast high brightness and resolution, along with a flexible Micro LED screen that exemplifies the use of Micro LED in fashion design .
一張含有 文字, 室內 的圖片自動產生的描述
Photo Source: PlayNitride

Photo Source: PlayNitride
一張含有 室內, 室外物品 的圖片自動產生的描述
Photo Source: PlayNitride
Micro LED Metaverse Application: PlayNitride showed its 0.49" full-color µ-PixeLED display featuring 4,536 PPI––the highest of its kind––and 50,000nits of brightness, which will be installed in AR glasses.

Photo Source: PlayNitride

BOE showcased a large glass backplane-based AM Mini LED display featuring a pixel pitch of P0.9, 1,000nits of brightness, 1-million-to-1 contrast ratio engineered with COG technology, 115%NTSC wide color gamut and stunning HDR effects. The display is able to reproduce high resolution and highly saturated images as well as genuine flicker-free still images without the Moiré effect.
一張含有 文字, 電子用品, 電腦, 顯示 的圖片自動產生的描述
The 86" 4K COG AM MLED-backlit display that it showcased is engineered with BOE’s latest AM Mini LED glass backplane technology. With 20,736 Mini LEDs directly mounted to a glass backplane, the display features 2,304 local dimming zones, 1,500nits of brightness and flicker-free technology protecting users from eye fatigue.
一張含有 文字, 顯示 的圖片自動產生的描述
The company also developed a 34" Mini LED gaming display using the world’s first AM glass backplane technology. The display features an ultra-high refresh rate of 170Hz, 3,440×1,440 resolution, HDR 1000 certification, 1-million-to-1 contrast ratio, 1,152 local dimming zones, 4,608 Mini LEDs and 178° ultra-wide viewing angle. The product comes with an ultra-high aspect ratio of 21:9 and a trendy three-sided thin bezel design, thereby creating stronger visual effects and more exciting gaming experiences.

AUO demonstrated the use of Micro LED technology in smart cabins by focusing on the “Flexible, Rollable, Stretchable” functions incorporated with concepts of transparent, sensor, and blended screens, fully playing to the strengths of Micro LED displays.
一張含有 文字, 室內 的圖片自動產生的描述

Innolux showed several Micro LED modules at its booth. To avoid problems of red Micro LED chips prone to low luminous efficacy and high temperature sensitivity as well as chip losses caused by three-time RGB mass transfers, the company chose the color conversion technology to achieve full-color display.

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung Display (SDC) presented a series of products for large-, mid- and small-size applications. Its mid- and large-size products were produced using QD OLED technology, such as the 55" and 65" TVs as well as 34" desktop display and other commercialized products. SDC also revealed its OLED display panels of 7"/12.3"/15.7" in size, claiming that the panels can fully avoid OLED burn-in.

For the first time, LGD unveiled the world’s largest 97" white OLED TV engineered with its EX technology to increase the brightness by 30%. Meanwhile, the manufacturer exhibited a bendable 42" OLED gaming monitor boasting 1,000R curvature, which can be adjusted as the user prefers. LGD also adopted pOLED to develop a 34" transparent touchscreen featuring 800R curvature, offering optimal field of view for drivers when reading dashboard and navigation information.

Concerning AR applications, the South Korean company presented a 0.42" OLEDoS (OLED on silicon) display featuring 3,500 PPI.
TrendForce holds that Micro LED has already been used in large-size displays and shown considerable potential for small-size AR applications. During SID Display Week 2022, leading players strived to showcase display products with more advanced features as well as innovative Micro LED technologies. However, Micro LED has yet to reach the mass production level for commercialization. In the meantime, another self-emitting technology OLED––following decades of advances and development in practice––has entered various product markets. Nonetheless, businesses can refer to the development of OLED when developing Micro LED technologies and marketing strategies with an effort to overcome technical challenges at a lower cost for mass production and commercialization, giving rise to new Micro LED displays in the coming years.

By Simon / TrendForce


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