Digital Brilliance Unleashed! MEAN WELL Shines at COMPUTEX with a Powerful Display of Cross-Industry Power System Mastery

The Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX) has successfully drawn to a close, with global standard power supply leader MEAN WELL showcasing a host of major products, including its 3+N System Power Supply, DC High-Voltage Centralized Power Supply Lighting, Security Monitoring Power, and Power Supply Series Dedicated to Harsh Environments, demonstrating comprehensive, adaptable, and robust system power supply solutions.

Rex Lin, Project Manager at MEAN WELL’s Product Strategy Center, noted that as many applications are evolving toward intelligence, many of the company’s products have integrated digital concepts like digital control, digital communication, and digital lighting control systems. In response to this trend, MEAN WELL is positioning itself around standardization, systemization, and developing multi-industry applications.

The National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center has adopted the 3+N system power supply solution

MEAN WELL’s 3+N system power solutions demonstrates the company’s commitment to creating standardized solutions. The “3” in 3+N refers to rack, modular, and system power, while the “N” refers to MEAN WELL’s other products and controllers. These solutions provide stable voltage and currents suitable for applications in various fields such as lighting for plants, EV charging stations, communication/data rooms, and UV curing printing equipment.

▲ MEAN WELL 3+N System Power Solutions (Source: TechNews)

Whether it’s a stable voltage required for plant lighting or a stable current for charging piles, Lin stresses that either mode can be achieved with just the right settings. The 3+N system power solution, including the rack-mounted NCP-3200 series, can easily combine 19-inch rack cabinets in parallel to provide up to 128 kW smart cabinets. Customers can then configure power modules and controllers according to their needs to form greater wattage system power supplies or chargers.

▲ MEAN WELL’s Multi-Industry General-Purpose Smart Controller CMU2 can adjust voltage and current. (Source: TechNews)

Due to its provision of stable voltage and current, this solution has already been adopted by the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, supplying constant power and radiation light for the center’s microscopes. Lin stressed that, “MEAN WELL is dedicated to creating standardized power supplies with wide-ranging applications. We empower our customers to adapt our technology flexibly to meet their needs, leveraging our advanced precision technology to bring their ideas to fruition.”

High-Voltage DC centralized bus lighting solutions caters to diverse customer needs
MEAN WELL has consistently showcased its prowess in intelligent light control hardware and software through its high-voltage DC centralized bus lighting solutions. The company can significantly reduce power consumption by adopting a high-voltage DC power supply combined with DALI digital controllers. Additionally, by implementing digital lighting control, it’s possible to cut office electricity use by up to 50%.

▲ MEAN WELL HVDC Centralized Bus Lighting Solutions. (Source: TechNews)

Lin believes that this all-encompassing solution conserves power, and the strategic use of lighting and sensors can further reduce energy consumption. Moreover, MEAN WELL has designed user-friendly software, granting customers and distributors the freedom to customize their settings, and it’s accessible on both smartphones and PCs.

▲ This solution offers 8 lighting modes, which customers can freely configure using the company’s software. (Source: TechNews)

The software employs smart protocols, enabling users to tailor light brightness and settings according to their needs. Lin highlights that besides its energy-saving aspect, this solution is designed with future health applications in mind. It will incorporate ergonomic controls to allow users to adjust the light intensity in alignment with circadian rhythms, facilitating patient recovery. This innovative DALI digital lighting solution has been successfully deployed across multiple commercial shops in Taipei 101.

Net-zero carbon emissions are a must, addressing energy-saving needs across industries through diverse applications

Net-zero carbon emissions and ESG consideration have become urgent priorities for governments and business. In response, Taiwan has launched a sustainability roadmap for publicly listed companies, mandating them to perform carbon auditing.

Lin notes that MEAN WELL received its first carbon audit in 2021. The company has been vigorously working toward reducing energy consumption and its carbon footprint, an initiative that extends to their in-house manufacturing equipment and burn-in testing machines, which have been upgraded to incorporate energy recovery systems and power supplies. This dedication to sustainability isn’t just confined to the company; it’s actively promoted across their supply chain, bolstering a broader push toward achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

Looking ahead, MEAN WELL is set to collaborate with POWERNEX and SHARE WELL in harmonizing the components of the power supply chain—part of their strategic approach in advancing the company’s SDG goals, and ultimately, making a lasting contribution to creating a more sustainable environment for future generations.

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