ISE 2024: Highlights from Over 20 LED Manufacturers

From January 30 to February 2, the Integrated Systems Europe 2024 (ISE 2024), the world's premier showcase of professional audio-visual equipment and information systems integration technology, took place in Barcelona, Spain.

Credit: ISE

Unlike the CES event that just concluded in early January, ISE 2024 witnessed not only the presence of end-user companies but also numerous Chinese manufacturers of LED displays, components and modules, and related materials in the upstream and midstream segments.

Among them were notable participants such as LED display/panel manufacturers Leyard, VMTC , Absen, Unilumin, ROE Visual, Lampro, AOTO, LEDMAN, BOE (MLED), QSTECH, LianTronics, INFiLED, LP Display, YES TECH, Cedar, Gloshine, Hisense Commercial Display, and AUO; midstream and downstream supporting manufacturers like Kinglight, Sinyopto, Chipone, Macroblock, Novastar, and more.

The exhibition demonstrated the rise of virtual pixel technology, while new technologies and popular applications such as Mini/Micro LED, COB, and MIP packaging, ultra-fine pitch products, home theaters, xR virtual production, all-in-one machines and stage rental remained the focus of manufacturers. Additionally, numerous companies introduced new LED lineups centered on themes like low-carbon energy and high-definition displays, accelerating the application of LED display technology in various fields.

 ◆ 01 LED Display Makers

  • Samsung

Samsung Unveils ‘Transparent Micro LED’ in Europe

At the event, Samsung first presented the Transparent MICRO LED in Europe, a groundbreaking innovation unveiled globally at CES 2024. This cutting-edge technology sets a new standard in the commercial display market with its exceptional transmittance and clarity, boasting an extremely small MICRO LED chip and precision manufacturing process that eliminates seams and light refraction. The transparent MICRO LED can be customized to any size or ratio, offering another level of customization for customers.

This technology is set to revolutionize the retail and exhibition spaces, with the display simultaneously showing important information while providing a view of actual products or creating a unique ambiance through its transparent surface. It presents new use cases and expands the limits of the screen experience once again.

Since the debut of The Wall in 2018 — a modular commercial display featuring MICRO LED technology not confined by size, resolution, or shape — Samsung has been the leader in LED display technology. The company’s unrivaled leadership in the technology and its craftsmanship, evident in ultra-fine pixel pitch and specialized applications in virtual production, continue to explore the infinite possibilities of the state-of-the-art display technology.

  • VMTC

Credit: VMTC

VMTC highlighted its Micro LED TV lineups, showcasing two 108" 2K frameless direct-view models. These TVs are powered by full flip-chip Micro LED chips engineered with COB packaging, with one comprising virtual pixels and the other physical pixels.

VMTC’s 108" 2K Micro LED TVs

Additionally, the manufacturer presented a 135" 4K Micro LED TV featuring over 20 million Micro LEDs (over 8 million self-emitting pixels). The product boasts a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, nearly 120% color gamut, a wide viewing angle of 170°, a refresh rate of 3840Hz or higher and a peak brightness of 1000 nits.

VMTC’s 135" 4K TV and P0.625–P1.87 COB panels

VMTC’s profile of 4K Micro LED TVs come with 108", 135", and 162" models. In addition to large-sized HD displays, the entire TV series supports the widely used Google TV and Roku TV systems, equipped with a variety of ports.

Furthermore, the TV maker showcased a diverse range of COB LED panels on-site, covering pixel-pitch specs between P0.625 and P1.87, catering to various market applications.


  • AOTO

Credit: AOTO

AOTO showcased a variety of products focusing on low-carbon, environmental protection and digital intelligent displays. The CV series, integrating MIP packaging and AI-powered energy-saving technology, achieves automatic power adjustment and enhances energy efficiency. These products feature a low-power brightness of 3,500 nits and are covered by multiple coatings to further enhance display performance and meet outdoor display requirements.

AOTO’s CV series and SID all-in-one machine

The AF large curved displays for outdoor use, also incorporating environmental friendly and intelligent energy-saving technology, achieve 30% energy savings while maintaining an ultra-high brightness of up to 10,000 nits. This series features high-temperature resistance, waterproof and dustproof capabilities and resistance to shock and wind.

The AF large curved displays for outdoor use

AOTO also demonstrated several new products, including the innovative SW line (RGBW) for virtual production, the RMS featuring a minimum pixel pitch of 0.9mm and static scanning functionality, and the RMC flexible screens for stage rental, allowing quick installation and disassembly, with the ability to be seamlessly tiled at any curvature within ±30°.

AOTO’s SW product line

The RMS backdrop screens and RMC flexible display

Additionally, the display maker presented a series of innovative solutions for home theaters, digital interaction, virtual broadcasting rooms (xR Studio) and virtual production (VP). These solutions combine LED displays with dedicated processors, AI digital human technology, 3D rendering and camera tracking to create professional integrated display products.


  • Absen

Credit: Absen

Absen brought six smart scene solutions, namely stage rental, simulator, creative retail, control room, high-end conference and outdoor advertising solutions. AbsenLive and Absenicon, subsidiaries of Absen, also unveiled their latest products.

Absen also set up a virtual simulation studio on-site, allowing visitors to experience immersive racing simulations. The virtual simulation studio utilizes three-dimensional simulation and virtual reality technologies, presenting dynamic road conditions feedback through an LED video wall.

Absen’s virtual simulation studio

Additionally, Absen delivered a live presentation on the Absen Green initiative, advocating for low-carbon development, environmental protection, increased energy efficiency and the advancement of low-carbon energy capabilities.


  • Unilumin

Credit: Unilumin

Unilumin exhibited several new products, including the Upanel AM1.2-F, the Utile MCOB and the Uslim S22.5. The Upanel AM1.2-F is engineered with active matrix (AM) technology, featuring ultra-cold screen, ultra-thin screen and system integration. The Utile MCOB excels in brightness and contrast. The dual-sided screen Uslim S2 2.5 exhibits high stability in various weather conditions.

Unilumin’s new display Upanel AM1.2-F

The exhibitor also presented the Upanel UMicro 0.7 8K model, as well as optical display solutions for virtual production, smart education, digital theater and broadcasting.


  • ROE Visual

Credit: ROE Visual

ROE Visual, a subsidiary of Unilumin, demonstrated the versatile LED display Topaz, designed for live events. Suitable for fine pitches ranging from P1.9 to P2.6, the Topaz offers various creative shapes, including curvature (Topazcurve), right angles, and cubes (TopazCube). Product within the entire series is compatible with each other.
Furthermore, ROE Visual presented outdoor panels, the V6ST/V4ST, boasting a high brightness of up to 5000 nits. These products feature an integrated foldable frame with a wind resistance capacity of up to 20m/s and even allows operators to step on it.

  • Lampro

Credit: Lampro

Lampro, also a subsidiary of Unilumin, presented 1) conference room setups created using the Lmate LHP, a high-quality offering for Industry 4.0, 2) a simulation of chain store scenarios featuring a Mini LED display engineered with advanced flip-chip COB and the creative business model BNXI, as well as 3) a curved display crafted in collaboration with flexible LST and WX panels. The showcase also featured creative rental displays, including a wave display that is seamlessly tiled using the Lmate RN panels for rental use and the RS video wall suspended in the air.



Credit: LEDMAN

At the ISE 2024 exhibition, LEDMAN showcased its ultra-high-definition Micro LED display, digital interactive display for higher education and a giant UHD home theater wall.

For creative content displays in settings such as shopping malls and luxury retail stores, LEDMAN developed a new indoor display, which boasts excellent features of high brightness and reliability, offering versatile and flexible applications.

LEDMAN’s new indoor display



Credit: BOE MLED

BOE presented a variety of MLED direct-view and backlight products. The BOE MLED COB employs a self-developed surface packaging solution and surface blackening treatment technology, delivering superior ink color consistency, a million-level ultra-high contrast ratio, and a 110% NTSC ultra-high color gamut. As a common-cathode display, the product has a power consumption of only 320W/㎡.


The BOE MLED BTT P1.2 features a whole-space design, providing a higher pixel density within the unit area for clearer display and a shorter viewing distance. Additionally, each display box weighs only 3.7 kg with a thickness of 28.6mm. The product adopts a three-in-one integrated board design, wireless hard link, achieving high integration and stability. It is equipped with the S-PWM driver IC to meet the 14bit+3840Hz standard, ensuring high grayscale and a high refresh rate.


The 18" MLED gaming laptop display boasts a 2.5K resolution, a high refresh rate of 240Hz, and color gamut of DCI-P3 100% and RGB 100%, providing gamers with a high-definition experience in a more lightweight design.

The 18" MLED display for laptops

The COB-based 14.96-inch MLED display can withstand outdoor sunlight with a brightness of up to 1000 nits, and its ultra-thin design enhances the technological sense for smart cabins.

The 14.96" MLED display



Credit: QSTECH

QSTECH unveiled numerous products making debut globally, including a next-gen LED all-in-one machine designed for creating immersive conference scenarios, the innovative outdoor energy-saving E28 and an immersive LED cinema solution.

The smart conference scenario has consistently been a market where CVTE and QSTECH have made significant investments. The new LED all-in-one machine integrates powerful functionalities for comprehensive integration, convenient applications and secure conferencing. This further enhances the immersion of smart conference experiences.


  • LianTronics

Credit: LianTronics

The commercial display scene takes center stage in LianTronics’ booth during the event, featuring various LED displays in shapes such as butterflies, pianos and cubes. The BIM Plus-X multi-cabinet system exhibits diverse functionalities, including mixed splicing and seamless four-sided tiling.

LianTronics also presented the VA II, showcasing a digital education display solution widely applied in command centers and control rooms. The latest touch-enabled smart LED all-in-one machine features a large-size HD screen, intelligent and interactive wireless projection and simultaneous writing on multiple devices.

In the COB area, LianTronics demonstrated the VT0.7 utilizing the self-developed Vmini fine-pitch display technology. The display is engineered with full flip-chip COB packaging and micron-level light-emitting chips, presenting deeper black levels and higher contrast for detailed and high-definition display.

Additionally, the display maker presented solutions for xR virtual production, sports events, stage rental, public transportation, holographic screens and more.



Credit: INFiLED

INFiLED introduced the new VW54, a 54" cabinet display compatible with VESA mounting. It features a unique external power supply design, making it suitable for high-end control rooms, command centers and similar applications as a replacement for existing LCD displays.

To address the demand for energy-efficient displays, INFiLED presented the WPmk2. With a triple-depth energy-saving design, it achieves high brightness while reducing power consumption by 50% compared to conventional products, meeting the requirements of 2K, 4K and 8K applications.

Regarding xR virtual production, INFiLED showcased its latest technological advancements. Through collaboration with Brompton, the company demonstrated the application of its TrueLight technology. This new technology adds a white sub-pixel to the existing RGB sub-pixels, enhancing the color rendering index (CRI) and reproducing natural, realistic colors. It is applied to sky screens in virtual production.

For the rental market, INFiLED presented the AMT transparent display, RS indoor and outdoor LED display and ART lightweight model.


  • LP Display

LP Display showcased Micro LED and a series of fine-pitch LED display products, including the Black Elf and the LA Rental. The exhibitor set up a sample wall for visitors to appreciate their high-quality innovative products, which incorporate mature and advanced display technologies such as COB, SMD, MIP and GOB.

Credit: LP Display

  • Gloshine

Credit: Gloshine

Gloshine’s curved LED screen

Gloshine presented various LED displays, including the LE stage screen that supports curved splicing and can be quickly installed with wind-resistant brackets, the lightweight, flexible, and versatile DN stage screen, a display screen with curved corners created by combining the MV Pro HD and CF Pro2.6 flexible curved panels, the VA transparent display boasting super-high transparency and practicality, and the UR carbon fiber screen suspended through truss ground support.



Credit: YES TECH

YES TECH demonstrated an innovative Ribbon solution crafted with the MG9 and MG11 LED displays, an art-installation-like display features several MG6S Cubes stacked asymmetrically, a new versatile and efficient rental solution called the MU series , and the Moonlight, which features high transparency, high refresh rate, and high brightness for stage applications.

  • Hisense Commercial Display

Credit: Hisense Commercial Display

Hisense Commercial Display (Hisense) showcased several new products for the overseas market, including the 7*24 full-series digital signboards, VisionInfo content management system, LED all-in-one machine, XIM spliced LED screen and outdoor LED displays.

The display maker also presented its new LED spliced display, the XIM, equipped with ASIC system chips, integrating professional display, simple maintenance, high energy efficiency and low consumption. It caters to applications in exhibitions, command centers, broadcasting and more.

Hisense also debuted its all-in-one LED display, incorporating the high-precision ASIC light control chip and AI image quality solution. Touted as an industry-first “dual-core engine” all-in-one machine, it features high integration, HD display, video conferencing, wireless screen sharing and intelligent interaction, meeting the needs of conferences, education and other consumer applications.

  • Cedar Electronics

Credit: Cedar

Cedar brought the 2.0 version of its 4K/8K smart all-in-one machines, fine-pitch COB rental screens, low-power COB cold screen for the high-end market, and its new Haoyu 600 cabinet COB model. The company also demonstrated new applications of its green UHD fine-pitch LED display technology in professional displays, conference displays, high-end rentals and home displays.

Credit: Cedar

  • AUO

AUO focused on showcasing its transparent Micro LED display lineup, including 30" and 60" touchscreens.

The 60" transparent Micro LED display finds applications in diverse fields such as electronic signage, commercial displays, business meeting rooms, interior decoration in residences and control rooms like those in airports or factories.

Furthermore, AUO’s subsidiary, AUO Display Plus, presented a comprehensive range of applications in the business sector, featuring a new smart portable touchscreen, interactive tablets and a 135-inch all-in-one (AIO) LED display as well as related meeting room solutions.

 ◆ 02 Manufacturers of LED Components, Driver ICs and Control Systems

  • kinglight

Credit: Kinglight

This year, Kinglight focused on showcasing display component solutions for new scenarios such as stage rental, high-end fixed installations, virtual xR, LED cinemas and fine-pitch applications.

Kinglight’s new product for stage rental

For stage rental, the exhibitor introduced a brand-new LED with a TOP four-in-one design, increasing thrust by five times and effectively addressing issues like collisions and dislodgment.

New product for high-end fixed installations

For high-end fixed installations, Kinglight presented a new LED device featuring a lens design, characterized by low power consumption, high stability, long lifespan, and a high brightness level of 10K nits. This design meets the requirements of outdoor naked-eye 3D displays.

New product for virtual production

Kinglight also unveiled a new MIP (Micro LED in package) component lineup, including the MC0404, MC0505 and MC0606 for fine-pitch applications; the MC0606-P3 for LED cinemas; the MC1515RGBW for virtual studio applications; and the MC1010 for outdoor UHD applications.


  • Sinyopto

Credit: Sinyopto

Sinyopto presented products powered by three innovative technologies, namely the MIP, RFN and Black Underfill.

For the first time, Sinyopto showcased its large MIP display, designed for high-demand applications such as big data visualization and advanced command centers. The product, powered by Mini and Micro LED in package technology, employs efficient stamp mass transfer for chip-level binning to ensure quality, and features a fan-out packaging design for enhanced adaptability. The display flexibly caters to various applications with a low defect rate of only 5PPM.

Sinyopto’s large MIP display technology

RFN, a robust flat leadless package, conceals leads at the bottom of the component. With a thin cup body and high Tg material, it significantly increases the lead area and flatness, enhances resistance to collisions and falls and addresses the pain point in the rental market. The product, through precision etching processes, achieves stronger soldering force, effectively preventing chip collisions during transfer and ensuring a balanced left and right viewing angle. It also features a lower cup body and a wider viewing angle.

The robust flat leadless package RFN

Black Underfill is a technology that fills the inside of the LED chip with black ink, replacing the previous process of adding black powder inside the colloidal material. This technique covers all functional areas outside the chip with black, solving the trade-off between brightness and contrast. It comprehensively improves the contrast and brightness of LED chips (with a display brightness of up to 1800nit).

The Black Underfill technology

  • Chipone

Credit: Chipone

Chipone showcased various driver ICs for LED displays and UHD display devices. Regarding ultra-fine pitch display applications, the company presented the ICND2260 and ICND2270 highly integrated circuits, covering P0.4 to P2.6 Mini/Micro LED displays. The ICND2260 and ICND2270 support up to 96- and 90-scan applications, respectively.

For display control system solutions, Chipone introduced the ICND6603 LED display controller chip, supporting HDMI 2K high-speed video interface. The chip can cascade for 2K displays, with a single chip carrying a 960x540 resolution. Additionally, the ICND6620 4K video processing chip supports HDMI/DP 4K high-speed video interface, with features like video trimming. It supports 2K output in a single channel and integrates image processing capabilities like HDR, SPR and 3D LUT.

In xR and virtual filmmaking applications, Chipone displayed the ICND3065 16-channel PWM driver chip. It supports up to 64S applications, achieving 16-bit grayscale in 32S, and is suitable for low-gray high-refresh scenarios, meeting the needs of xR, rental products, and fine pitch applications.


  • Macroblock

Credit: Macroblock

At ISE 2024, Macroblock presented common-cathode driver ICs for LED displays in different applications. The MBI5762 is a common-cathode driver IC tailored for virtual production. It is suitable for displays with a pixel pitch of 0.9mm-4.0mm. The product features an increase in the number of channels to 48, realizing 16-bit grayscale and 7,680Hz refresh rate, and supporting dynamic frame rate adjustment up to 240FPS.

The MBI5754 is a common-cathode LED Driver IC for general use, suitable for displays with a pixel pitch of 0.9mm-6.0mm. Equipped with the industry standard package SSOP/ QFN, the driver IC features internal DLL to reduce EMI, and supports dynamic frame rate adjustment up to 240FPS.

The MBI5756 is an upgraded version of MBI5754, boasting better resistance to interference and better visual effects, including vertical stripes, blocks and so on.

The MBI5780 is a common-cathode driver IC suitable for ultra-fine pitch displays (0.4mm-1.2mm). The current accuracy is kept at +/-1%. It builds in 20 MOSFETs and 90 scans with a scan-sharing architecture. These three features enable the product to support Mini/Micro LED displays as well as in-vehicle screens.

  • Novastar

Credit: Novastar

Novastar presented seven major solutions, showcasing the continuous evolution and application of core technologies like MLED, 8K and xR. The LED control system provider demonstrated the full-chain technical development process of solutions such as visualization, distributed systems, video transmission, Novastar Cloud, and the TU series.

One of the highlighted solutions is a display control solution for virtual production, which can support a maximum of 141 million pixels on the display screen. The equipment in this solution is simple, enabling the creation of a minimalist virtual studio for filmmaking.

Novastar’s display control solution for virtual production

The MLED integrated solution is based on Novastar’s image quality enhancement algorithm, restoring screen texture and upgrading interface solutions for more stable and smooth signal transmission.

The MLED integrated solution

Looking ahead, Novastar will continue to focus on core algorithms and applications in display control. With excellent technology and solutions, it aims to empower the development of the “large display, large video” industry, creating more value for customers worldwide.


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