Light+Building 2024:Spotlight on Intelligence, Electrification and Sustainability

Among the international lighting-related exhibitions, the Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition (Light + Building) represents the world's largest lighting and building electric exposition. On March 3, 2024, the six-day (3/3-3/8) Light + Building 2024 kicked off in Germany, with a focus on sustainability and foresight in the field of architecture, launching the hot topic of "electrification". The exhibition is divided into two major industries: lighting and building technology, covering a wide range of exhibits including modern lighting design, smart building service technology, efficient energy management technology, photovoltaic device connections, and power infrastructure, etc.

According to official information, Light + Building 2024 had a total of 2,130 exhibitors, of which over 77% was from overseas. It’s worth noting that the number of China-based enterprises amounted to 486, with booths covering nearly 11,000 square meters of exhibition area, which hit a new high and ranked third among participating countries. This reflects the increasing enthusiasm of Chinese companies for overseas expansion and to a certain extent, implied the optimistic attitude of Chinese manufacturers towards the demand and prospects of the overseas lighting market.

Among the Chinese companies, LED luminaires and LED package manufacturers such as OPPLE, FSL, Refond, Unilumin, TYF, LEDteen, EXC, MEGAMAN, Super Lighting, and GOLDENSEA, LED power supply manufacturers including Inventronics, MOSO, and SOSEN were present at the exhibition. International lighting giants like ams OSRAM, Nichia, LEDVANCE, and Luminus were not absent from this exhibition.

Based on all the information disclosed, LEDinside found that exhibitors showcased a broad spectrum of lighting products centering on hotspots such as people foremost, sustainable development, smart control, user experience, and innovative design. These products span various lighting segments including home lighting, architectural lighting, decorative lighting, industrial lighting, horticultural lighting, and sports lighting. LEDinside has summarized information on some exhibitors' products as follows, from which the companies’ product mix and the demand situation in overseas markets can be revealed.


Nichia showcased several groundbreaking products, including the Nichia Light Cluster™ Type L and a new Cube Direct Mountable Chip which introduces a novel feature of efficient horizontal light distribution. Both solutions provide an unrivaled soft, low-glare quality of light and enable luminaire manufacturers to significantly reduce the thickness and weight of lighting fixture designs.

Other highlights include the H6 Series LEDs which delivers the industry's highest joint-boost in color quality and efficacy and HPS color LEDs, true alternative to high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS) contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.


At Light+Building 2024, ams OSRAM focus on street lighting, building management, location within buildings, and horticulture. The company presented the latest OSLON® Square LED technologies for efficient urban lighting, ensuring excellent performance, long life and high reliability even under harsh conditions.  The new generation of OSLON® Pure were unveiled at the exposition, which boasted a large color spectrum and an excellent lumen density, offering maximum flexibility for the design of individual lighting solutions.


LEDVANCE showcased its brand new lighting product series, including office lighting, industrial and logistics lighting, sports lighting, urban landscape lighting, and the VAVARES intelligent lighting control system. Additionally, LEDVANCE also presented novel products--LOOP, including NATURELOOP recyclable materials, EVERLOOP modular luminaires for a functioning circular economy, ECO passport CO2 carbon footprint calculation, and third-party environmental certification.

On top of lighting products, LEDVANCE also debuted its solar energy solutions tailored for both residential and professional markets, covering solar panels, inverters, battery storage, and control systems.


At Light + Building 2024, Luminus stayed focus on light and color, highlighting two major themes: health and intelligence. The company showcased a variety of LED lighting products characterized by natural, comfortable, high-quality, high-efficiency properties, and light adjustment & color tunability.

Exhibits encompassed health lighting products such as the Salud Human-Centric Lighting series, the Smooth White series, and the infrared (IR) series co-produced with SUNLED, and intelligent lighting products including the CCT Tunable Gen 2 COB light-dimming series and the Warm Dimming COB series.

In particular, the Salud Human-Centric Lighting series enhances the suppression of melatonin by boosting the cyan light spectrum and strengthens the 660nm spectrum to achieve natural skin color tone, providing warmer and more comfortable lighting.


On the design of booth, OPPLE ingeniously combined digital art with the changes in spatial form to create a dynamic interactive experience scene.

Within the innovative booth, OPPLE highlighted the new SDL products based on intelligent lighting technology-- OPPLE Smart Spectrum. This technology utilizes software-defined spectrum to break the limitations of dual-color temperature adjustment. It combines LEDs with various colors through intelligent control to synthesize natural light, delivering a color temperature of 1,800K to 12,000K, which helps adjust the atmosphere, mood, and circadian rhythm.

The ceiling lights displayed in the booth were also equipped with SDL technology, allowing full-scene light dimming and color adjustment. With a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 97 and a high Color Quality Scale (CQS) of 97, they can reproduce the most authentic colors of objects, making them a great fit for applications such as jewelry displays. Besides, infrared and ultraviolet rays can be filtered out by utilizing SDL technology to tailor the spectrum, which enables artworks to reduce fading and maintain their original colors.


At the Light+Building 2024 exhibition, Unilumin made its debut and showcased a diverse range of outdoor lighting and high-power indoor lighting products. They designed various application scenarios on-site, including street lighting, solar lighting, courtyard lighting, floodlighting, factory lighting, sports lighting, sports display, and multifunctional smart poles (Smart park), providing visitors with an immersive experience.

The Marlin streetlight caught the limelight of all exhibited products. It's the only streetlight product from Chinese mainland to win the 2024 iF Design Award, which is regarded as the Oscar Award of the Design Sector. Marlin incorporates the ingenuity of the design team into its color and style, using a streamlined appearance and dynamic design to achieve a modern and simple style. This not only enhances its aesthetics but also reduces wind resistance, thereby improving the product's reliability. Moreover, the streetlight implements a "tool-free disassembly" solution, with a unique vertical pin hinge and automatic power-off switch design for convenient and safe maintenance.

Aside from the Marlin streetlight, Unilumin also demonstrated other products in their streetlight lineup, including the Beluga and Manta streetlights, solar-powered streetlights like ELite II & Brite II, courtyard lights such as Villa and Beta, floodlights like GeniFlood, professional sports lighting like BDX-U, Lumibay high bay, and smart pole products. These products ensure excellent performance in terms of illumination, uniformity, luminous efficiency, power consumption, and lifespan.

Super Lighting

Super Lighting showcased lighting products that emphasize aesthetics and comfortable experiences, including filament lamps, enamel lamps, troffer lights, and high bay. Currently, Super Lighting boasts four production bases globally, specifically located in China, the United States, and Mexico. The company aims to serve European and American customers with its new production bases in the future.


As a provider of outdoor smart lighting and cloud control systems, EXC showcased three major product series at Light+Building 2024: intelligent landscape lighting, intelligent street lighting, and intelligent linear lighting.

For landscape lighting, EXC exhibited two major series of products targeting architectural and cultural tourism landscapes, including a variety of featured products such as point sources, floodlights, linear lights, wall washers, and corrugated lights. For road lighting, EXC provided a complete set of self-developed solutions ranging from modules, luminaires to integrated controls. It exhibited high-efficiency modules, smart streetlights, single- and dual-lamp controllers, and low-altitude intelligent lighting luminaires.

For linear lighting, EXC presented one-stop product solutions characterized by intelligence, high protection, and full color features. This solution includes products such as SMD bare light strips, CSP bare light strips, SMD silicone light strips, and CSP silicone light strips. They can match the demands of various scenes such as furniture matching, interior delineation, cultural entertainment, and building illumination.


With a focus on sustainable development, smart life, and creative lighting, MEGAMAN showcased a series of intelligent lighting, commercial lighting, and industrial lighting products. These products include LED smart bulbs, office luminaires, high bay, emergency lights, etc.

Among these, the MEGAMAN Ingenium® Matter multifunctional smart lighting solution integrates seamlessly with smart speakers and voice control functions across various platforms. Users can effortlessly control different lighting effects through existing applications, saving time on installing new applications and readjusting.


Refond set up different areas including indoor health and comfort lighting, outdoor high-quality lighting, horticultural lighting, and LED lighting modules with a variety of lighting LED devices for different application scenarios, like EMC packages and ceramic packages. As to modules, its LED lighting modules conform to ZHAGA standards and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

One of its highlights was the innovative Mini LED products, encompassing Mini LED Lighting Paper, Mini LED Feather series (NOthing), and (TWS) series.

Mini LED TWS product is suited for optical indicators, light language interaction, indoor displays, and 3C digital products. Refond has collaborated with HHO company to introduce an creative Mini earphone product solution adopting Refond’s Mini LED light board, which added a cool lighting effect to the earphones. The products from this project are expected to be officially launched overseas in May this year. Mini LED Lighting Paper, known for its thin and flexible design and customization, meets new demands in high-end indoor lighting for boutique hotels, music halls, villas, restaurants, and other upscale establishments.


TYF presented numerous high-power LED packaging components and LED modules, catering to vast applications such as smart lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, horticultural lighting, entertainment lighting, and stage photography lighting.

TYF displayed Rainbow series TB9 full color gamut dimming and multi-color light combination, dual color TBG dimming and multi-color light combinating, Health Lighting products with rhythm and low blue light full spectrum for intelligent lighting, KSF high luminous efficiency TX series for commercial lighting, 5050TH for outdoor lighting, and horticultural lighting products with 5 channals dimming. The company also introduced LED modules such as commercial lighting modules, commercial lighting ERP modules that meet the ZHAGA standard.


As one of the leading global COB packaging manufacturers, LEDTEEN showcased its COB product family at Light+Building 2024. The product lineup includes P4 Venus series with the extremely bright and high-light-efficiency, the P2 Mars and Brighten series that are suitable for various scenes and special lights, and TCOB series with excellent uniform light mixing performance. These series of products have garnered broad attention from overseas customers.

LEDTEEN said that its COB meets the needs of global high-end lighting scenarios on the strength of the ultimate light color consistency and accurate full-color gamut modulation capabilities.


Inventronics showcased a comprehensive range of LED lighting product portfolios along with differentiated solutions, including LED drivers, sensors, control systems, and LED modules. The booth attracted a great many visitors, demonstrating the keen interest of overseas clients in Inventronics' offerings.

With a commitment to its globalization strategy, Inventronics has established presence in various overseas locations. Additionally, Inventronics completed the acquisition of the Digital Systems Business of ams OSRAM, further expanding its portfolio of LED driver power supplies, and well positioning itself to better explore overseas markets.


SOSEN unveiled a series of LED drivers designed for outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, horticultural lighting, and sports lighting. For outdoor lighting, they exhibited the GA-E, VH-A, VH-P series compatible with Class I/Class II luminaires, the PA series with D4i/NFC functions, as well as the best-selling M and VP series. For industrial lighting, it showcased the CNL-E, NH-E, and CNL-G series. Other highlights included the new CNS and NS series, supporting high-voltage input (277-480Vac). For horticultural/sports lighting, it displayed high-power products  such as the MS, VP-H, NP, NS-V, VP, and NP-M series.

In the field of professional lighting, SOSEN gives prominence to the development of sports lighting. NS-V series for example, is specifically designed for high-power stadium lighting, covering a power of 1200/1500/1800W. It is compatible with global input voltages (200Vac-480Vac), conformed to the DMX512 protocol (Up to 40 flashes per second), and features low ripple current for broadcasting events without flicker, high heat dissipation, high lightning protection level, low surge current, high waterproof performance, and high impact resistance level.


MOSO also showcased various series of LED drivers suited for street lighting, sports lighting, and smart lighting, including the IP20 series for street lighting and the S6 series for sports lighting.

The S6 series offer a power of 600W to 1800W, and cover 1-3 output channels to meet the diverse product requirements of different customers. The main intelligent features of this series include DALI-2 & DMX512 programmable dimming functions. Particularly, the DALI-2 and DMX512 functions of the 880W-1800W series can achieve soft switching, which significantly saves operation time and can adapt to more complex scene requirements.


From the exhibited products and some on-site feedback, it could be learned that Light+Building 2024 was greeted by greater enthusiasm from both exhibitors and visitors. To some extent, this suggests that the global lighting market may gradually experience an upturn.

On a product basis, both manufacturers and users have paid more attention to nature, energy efficiency, and sustainable development. The demand for and the expectations of LED product light quality continue to rise from both the supply and demand sides. Concurrently, the application of LED lighting technology continues to diversify. Overall, these trends will drive the LED lighting market towards sustainability, indicating a promising prospect for the lighting market. (Author/Translator: Janice/LEDinside; Pictures: courtesy of the Companies)


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