Live Report from CITE 2021: Mini/Micro LED Products Are a Major Focus of Exhibitions

The 9th annual China Information Technology Expo (CITE 2021) is being held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Duration of the trade show is from April 9 to 11. The main theme of the event is “Innovation-Driven High-Quality Development”. To effectively articulate this theme, the event organizers have divided the show floor into nine sections that include the main CITE exhibition, applications for new display technologies, and smart manufacturing. More than 1,500 companies are attending the event as exhibitors. Those companies that gather at the convention center to demonstrate their latest display technologies include TCL CSOT, Unilumin, Ledman, Konka, Skyworth, and Tianma.

Many display and LED manufacturers have come to CITE to show off products featuring Mini LED. TCL, Konka, and Skyworth have unveiled their latest TVs that incorporate Mini LED, while IVO and Tianma have also introduced automotive displays with Mini LED. As for CSOT, it is presenting a tablet and a notebook (laptop) computer that adopt Mini LED for backlight. The myriad of Mini LED offerings indicates that the development prospect is very bright for this technology.

Micro LED is another major highlight at CITE 2021. For instance, Tianma is showcasing a Micro LED automotive display. Micro LED has numerous technological advantages. It is a self-emissive display technology that has a long operational lifespan. Other benefits include the compatibility to work with transparent and flexible substrates as well as the ability to scale up infinitely in size. The range of applications for Micro LED is very wide. The technology can be used for small and midsize displays for cars and wearable devices. There are also opportunities in the market for large displays that are 100 inches or greater in size. All in all, Micro LED has an enormous development potential.


For CITE 2021, TCL has presented a complete set of AI-powered home appliances under the latest Linxi C12 series. The company has also debuted many unique technological solutions that have never been seen before.

Among the products being displayed at TCL’s exhibition, the X12 Starlight Mini LED Smart Screen is the world’s first TV that features a cutting-edge Mini LED backlight technology known as OD Zero. Regarding specifications, the backlight module contains 96,000 LED chips and has 1,920 local dimming zones. It therefore can achieve an ultra-high level of performance in terms of brightness (i.e., 2,000 nits) and contrast (i.e., 10,000,000:1).

The TCL X12 Starlight Mini LED Smart Screen achieves 8K in resolution


Konka is showing off a 75-inch TV with Mini LED backlight, an 8K display, an all-in-one smart conference whiteboard (tablet), smart home appliances, and other smart devices.

The 75-inch TV with Mini LED backlight uses more than 20,000 Mini LED chips to create 5,184 local dimming zones. Besides having an extremely high level of contrast, this TV supports 8K resolution and WCG. The latter feature, in particular, is enabled with quantum dots.

Konka shows off its 75-inch TV with Mini LED backlight


Skyworth has revealed its first Mini LED backlit TVs at CITE 2021. Regarding the naming scheme, the series name for the Mini LED backlit TVs is “Skyworth Q Series”, while the brand name for the same products is “Skyworth Ming Liping”. In addition to Mini LED backlit TVs, Skyworth is also exhibiting a 5G smart home solution, an 8K display with 5G connectivity, an 88-inch 8K OLED TV, and the world’s first OLED TV with adjustable curvature.

Skyworth’s Mini LED backlit TVs come in two sizes: 75 and 86 inches. The one that is on display at the convention center is the 75-inch version. Its backlight module contains 15,120 LED chips to form 252 local dimming zones. It also features a proprietary AI-based control scheme. Performance-wise, the 75-inch TV can achieve a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

Skyworth is demonstrating the Q70 (or “Ming Liping”) series of Mini LED backlit TVs during the event


Ledman has taken its 324-inch 8K Micro LED display and 138-inch LEDHUB smart video conferencing system to the part of the show floor that exhibits FHD and UHD displays.

According to the product introduction, the 8K Micro LED display features the company’s own patented COB technology. This massive display meets the FHD standard and possesses the associated advantages such as high brightness, high contrast, and MPC. Moreover, it supports 5G connectivity so that 8K videos can be streamed from the display to other devices and vice versa.

The LEDHUB smart video conferencing system is an interactive Micro LED display. It also adopts the patented COB technology to attain the FHD standard and runs on HiSilicon’s V811 chipset. The product comes in three standard sizes: 110 inches, 138 inches, and 165 inches. It targets the demand for displays that are larger than 100 inches and combines all the key functions into one systems. These functions include touchscreen, writable whiteboard, file management, wireless image transmission, video conferencing, etc. The LEDHUB also supports seamless switching between Android and Windows. Additionally, Ledman has a unique touchscreen solution that makes it much easier and more efficient for users to interact with large displays like the LEDHUB.

Ledman shows off its 8K Micro LED display at CITE 2021

Ledman has also brought its 138-inch LEDHUB smart video conferencing system


Unilumin is demonstrating an innovative 5G-plus-8K solution and an all-in-one solution at CITE 2021.

Unilumin’s all-in-one solution is an integration of fine-pitch LED display, capacitive touch technology, UHUB control, and an advanced HMI. It offers 3D effects and interaction, thereby enabling an immersive user experience. According to the company’s statement, the all-in-one solution is developed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.

Unilumin is presenting its all-in-one solution at CITE 2021

This large display system from Unilumin is a 5G-plus-8K solution


CSOT, which is a subsidiary of TCL, is showcasing its market-leading products at CITE 2021. Devices that feature its Mini LED backlight technology include a tablet, a notebook computer, a gaming monitor with a curved screen, and an 8K TV.

The 17.3-inch notebook computer from CSOT has a display with more than 1,000 local dimming zones, a refresh rate of 120Hz, and a border thickness of merely 2.8mm. The backlight module adopts COF bonding for LEDs. CSOT has stated that the display for this notebook computer meets high performance standards such as 100% NTSC, HDR1000, and 4K/2K resolution.

The display of CSOT’s 17.3-inch notebook computer features Mini LED backlight and attains 4K/2K in resolution

The Mini LED backlit tablet has local dimming zones and a resolution of 2560x1600. It is designed to achieve a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, 100% NTSC, HDR1000, and a peak brightness of 1,000 nits so as to satisfy the demand related to various modes of operation.

CSOT has a 13.3-inch tablet with Mini LED backlight

The R800, which is the gaming monitor with Mini LED backlight, is notable for having a curved screen. Sized 27 inches, it has 512 local dimming zones and a refresh rate of 480Hz.

CSOT is also presenting its 27-inch gaming monitor that has a curved screen, Mini LED backlight, and a refresh rate of 480Hz

It is worth mentioning that CSOT is also exhibiting a QHD Mini ITP solution. Sized 17 inches, this control screen incorporates Mini LED backlight and in-cell touch technology. It allows operation via gestures and integrates HUD elements into the control interface. At the same time, its touchscreen supports 10-point touch.

The 17-inch QHD Mini ITP solution from CSOT features gesture recognition for remote control


For this trade show, IVO has brought solutions for a diverse range of applications such as connected vehicles, smart home, smart medicine, smartphones, and notebook computers.

Regarding the automotive segment, IVO is presenting a 12.3-inch Mini LED display for the instrument cluster of a vehicle. It deploys 9,216 Mini LED chips to form 2,400 local dimming zones and achieve a high contrast ratio of 680,000:1.

IVO shows off its 12.3-inch Mini LED display for the instrument cluster of a vehicle


Tianma’s exhibition at CITE 2021 comprises automotive displays, new technologies for flexible displays, and industrial displays.

An interesting item at Tianma’s booth is a 7.56-inch Micro LED automotive display. It is the world’s first AM Micro LED display in this size that achieves 60% transparency. It has a resolution of 720x480 (or 114PPI) and a border thickness of just 0.68mm.

Tianma is showcasing its 7.56-inch Micro LED automotive display at CITE 2021

Tianma has also brought an 8-inch Mini LED automotive displays

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