LiteOn: Creating Infinite Possibilities by Advancing Automotive Lighting, Mobile & Wearable Devices, Smart Appliance & IoT, and Power Management

LiteOn has cultivated Infrared (IR) LED and automotive markets for many years. As its LED technologies advance, market demand penetration rate improves, and application categories expand, LiteOn proactively collaborates with customers to enhance LiteOn's product lines when growing together with the customers. 

During Taiwan International Lighting Show 2017 and LED Taiwan, LiteOn used the theme "Creating Infinite Possibilities", to focus on the four major application categories (smart home & appliance, automotive smart lighting, mobile & wearable devices & IoT, and power management) by offering rich & comprehensive LED products, smart sensors and related solutions.

LEDinside had the honor to interview Sander Su, Senior Director Global Marketing Division & NBD Division of LiteOn, and Su shared LiteOn's business management and future strategies.

 Sander Su, Senior Director Global Marketing Division & NBD Division of LiteOn. (LEDinside)

Theme one: automotive lighting market

-Interior ambient lighting-

Su expressed, due to the automotive market demand and LiteOn's product line development, LiteOn's automotive lighting revenues in 2017 will apparently rise. Take interior lighting segment as an example, ambient lighting has led the high-end car type's differentiation trend. LiteOn launched multiple models of color-temperature ambient-lighting products, so as to accommodate various car types & car models, and different panel designs. Amid many color temperature products in the market, the most crucial key of entering this market is good management of products and close collaboration with customers.

Ambient lighting sensors can integrate with automotive panels and automatically provide the luminance that fits the driver the best. Meanwhile, IR emitter is mostly applied to facial recognition, and to detecting a driver's situation in order to provide a timely warning. 

-Rear lamp series-

LED rear lamp designing has become another focus of the automotive lighting industry. A number of unique and unconventional rear LED lamps were introduced at the exposition. LiteOn’s PLCC6 G6S series are manufactured silver-free and with improved thermal dissipation. Even under 110°C, the packages when powered still work with high reliability and optical performance, enabling innovative and efficient rear lamp designs. LiteOn plans to enhance the temperature specification to reach 125-135°C in the future.

-Front lighting series-

LiteOn showcased a holistic range of exterior and interior lighting solutions from mid/high power to low power products. The company provides different headlamp designs for customization requests from different automakers and also keeps focusing on the development of mid/high power light sources this year, also one of the highlights of the exposition, in consistence with the market trend to replace low power light sources with mid/high power ones. Headlamps have slowly become embodiments of auto lamp makers’ technology advancements.

In order to fit auto lighting manufacturers' liner luminaire designs of daytime running lights (DRL), LiteOn’s chip packages features 2-5 chips. These chip packages are designed with secondary optics to cater to customized needs. 

In the low-beam light market, LiteOn launched multi-chip LED packages with a brand new structure, in which each chip can be driven independently and performs with high reliability, light efficiency, color uniformity and color temperature consistency, and low thermal resistance. Moreover, LiteOn's multi-chip LED packages give a luminous efficiency as that of light sources manufactured by international lighting giants. In particular, within the packages the pitches between chips are made wider for individual chip control. The wide variety of specifications can be used in applications including DRL, fog lamps, high- and low- beams; and other special kinds such as matrix beams and adaptive driving beams (ADB). 

Theme two: mobile & wearable devices

LiteOn and National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) co-developed a wearable device: a g-sensor, optical sensor, and electrocardiogram (ECG) are integrated as one module. It has 8-function-in-one: blood pressure measurement, cardiac risk evaluation, blood flow velocity measurement, heart rate recovery measurement, oxygen consumption measurement, dynamic heart rate measurement, pressure measurement, and pedometer. Each function is with a measured precision. It has currently successfully entered the smartphone market in China (in which sells smart watches).

Next, catering to the market demand of virtual reality (VR) / augmented reality (AR), LiteOn provided holistic solutions. 

Regarding to biometric market in 2016, consumer products took about 65% share, industrial application occupied around 15%, and home applications roughly reached 20% share.

In the biometric segment, iris recognition and facial recognition merely occupied 7% of market share in 2016. However, because smartphone began to be designed in iris recognition, IR application of iris and facial recognition might reach US $827 million in 2025.

Moreover, in terms of product design, high power IR LED components, CCD and proximity sensors can be designed on the front side of smartphone.

The final thing of IR that Su pointed out was: IR LED can apply to many segments, but not all market applications can use IR LED. Meanwhile, the customer groups of each application can be quite different.

Theme three: smart home appliance

With the rise of smart home appliance market, sensor components are gaining momentum in wider range of applications. For example, ambient light sensor integrating with coffee machines can distinguish the types of coffee. Proximity sensor can measure the distance between the user and the machine, so as to provide convenience and save power.

LiteOn successfully earned UV LED orders in 2017. For instance, high power UV-A LED integrating with photocatalyst reactions can be used on air purifiers. The UV-A LED for counterfeiting money detectors, brightness in which is superior to the average of the industry. Thus, it successfully joined customers' supply chain. UVC LED Quartz 6060 series for purification and sterilization are more advanced than traditional UVC light sources in terms of smaller sizes, shorter response time, and longer life span. Therefore, these products are the best fit for portable disinfection products.

Theme four: IoT and power management

As the era of IoT has come, industrial applications are entering the automated manufacturing (industry 4.0) time period. High-speed photocoupler is a necessary and critical component for this era. LiteOn exhibited a comprehensive series of photocoupler applications. Among them, when high speed photocoupler series integrated with high speed logic signal transmission and high CMR advantage, this combination best-caters to smart meter and industrial robot segments. 

(Joanne / LEDinside)

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