Focuses at GILE 2018: Horticulture Lighting and Niche Products

The most influential and comprehensive lighting event in Asia, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) was held from June 9-12. International and local participants gathered at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China to find out the latest products and technology of the industry. LEDside joined the exhibition and looked into the on-going development demonstrated in the event.

Horticulture lighting for growing market in China

Recently horticulture lighting has become an explosive field for LED application and producers are optimistic about the development of “plant factory.” In China, horticulture lighting is at its early stage comparing to the more mature market in Europe and the U.S.

LED leading companies including Signify, San’an and Osram put lots of resources investing plant factory; other LED manufacturers also introduced related products. This year in GILE, LEDinside found many producers demonstrating horticulture lighting products.

Everlight applied monochromatic light wave to develop for horticulture lighting a series of products with different wattage power, covering PAR 450nm~745nm. The product with high wattage power is SHWO 3535-ELB, middle-watt 3030-ELB and low-watt 2835-ELB. The new product 2835 PC Red-ELB(2.8x3.5x0.7mm)is with 5% blue intensity to reach WPE 35% (0.5W) to replace the light source of Royal Blue and Deep Red with one product.

(Everlight horticulture lighting )

Niche products: UV/IR and automobile lighting

LEDinside found UV/IR and automobile lighting are key developments for many LED firms and related products could be viewed during the exhibition especially in the packaging area.

According to the report released by LEDinside, 2018 UV LED Application Market- Curing, Medical and Sterilization, UV LED market value reached USD$ 223 million in 2017 and will spring up to $ 1.224 billion in 2022, with 2017-2022 CAGR of 33%. Except for steady curing market growth, surface sterilization, static water sterilization, and flowing water sterilization will drive the growth of UV LED market in 2018-2022. And following the latest LED Market Demand and Supply Analysis by LEDinside, it is forecasted there will be 12.45% growth, especially in head lamp, fog lamp and automotive panel.

Everlight, Honglitronic and Nationstar introduced their products of UV/IR and automobile lighting at their stands respectively.

(Everlight UV and automobile lighting)

 (Honglitronic inorganic packaging UV LED product)

Exceptional achievement in one field of technology

Focusing on one thing at a time is a golden rule for LED industry. LEDinside noticed many companies have put their resources on one field aiming for the best.

Meanwell, as a lead in LED power supply, showed its HLG, HBG, ELG series products and its latest LED produces including LDC series, ELGC-300 series, HBGC-300 series, ERPF-400 series and UHP series. Meanwell also displayed the smallest KNX supply in the market: KNX-20E-640 and KNX/DALI gateway KDA-64. The company held a press conference during the exhibition, three companies: Luxtronik, SNC and Sheenly Lighting were invited to share their cooperation with Meanwell.

(Meanwell Sales Manager introducing new supply product)

Kinppon electronic promoted its LED automatic laser marking machine. According to Maode Fan, General Manager of Kinppon, this automatic laser marking machine is a standard and mature product with stable function. Lots of clients gathered at Kinppon’s stand to express their interests in the upgraded new equipment.

(Kinppon LED marking machine)

Wellmax, the expert of incandescent lamp, demonstrated their new product featuring smart monitoring and dimming, numerous visitors were attracted to learn more details. LEDinside also spotted WELLMAX all around the exhibition hall for visitors to think of the company when it comes to bulbs.

(WELLMAX stand)

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