【InfoComm 2019】The Market Trends of LED Driver IC for Fine Pitch Displays

With the rising market of fine pitch display, LED driver IC should be equipped with improved energy efficiency and higher integration. During InfoComm 2019, LEDinside interviewed three LED driver IC manufacturers to learn more about their approaches.

Macroblock launches series products to tackle main issue of the display market

Macroblock focused on three featured LED display driver ICs at InfoComm 2019 targeting live-stage and broadcast applications.

Its 16-Channel SRAM LED Display Driver IC, MBI5253, is an upgraded version of MBI5153, which is one of the company’s best-selling LED driver IC for 1.2~ 4mm pixel pitch LED displays for many years. MBI5253 is featured with all advantages of its precedent product, but improved on high contrast interference elimination, delivering better visual performance.

Macroblock also introduced the 48-Channel Highly-integrated LED Driver IC, MBI5359 and MBI5759, aiming at smaller pixel pitch (0.5~1.5mm) and premium LED display markets. MBI5359 is Macroblock’s “HDR-Optimized” LED display driver IC that enables LED displays with advanced HDR capabilities. It would achieve full 32 scan multiplexing of LED display, true 16-bit grayscale output, and 3,840Hz refresh rate. In addition, MBI5359 features Dynamic+ power saving function to optimize driver IC power consumption.

Furthermore, its 12-Channel Highly-integrated LED Driver IC, MBI5850, is a scan-sharing, 12-channel, and a highly-integrated LED driver IC that also features the “HDR-optimized” solution for 1.2mm to 6mm pixel pitch LED displays.

ChipOne presents driver ICs for advanced energy usage efficiency

ChipOne ICND2065 (common anode) and ICND2069 (common cathode), they both are 16-channel and 64 scan-line products. From display vendor' perspective, since the new LED driver IC's necessary quantity is fewer, the ability of thermal dissipation is greatly improved. Meanwhile, Chipone also launched upgraded products, ICND2055 and ICND2200. These two products satisfy cinematic market's requests that when the brightness rate is low, a high color gray scale is still excellently displayed. Its HDR function is featured. In this way, display quality and usability of ICND2055 and ICND2200 are remarkably better than existing products in the market.

ICND 2076 is a 48-channel and 64 scan-line (at the most) products. Under dynamic adjustment, it can achieve much energy saving.

SiliconCore overcomes the challenges of driver ICs for fine pitch LED displays

Siliconcore has started to work on LED display solution since 2011, developing three main technologies with complete patent portfolio including LED common cathode driver solution, LISA for module level packaging process, and Zach for low brightness level calibration.

Fine pixel pitch display still has technology barriers especially related the driver IC capability. When the pitch goes finer, the thermal issue becomes more difficult. Besides, too many discrete components on LED PCB will make the design very less stable and cannot be efficiently optimized.

For sub1mm, highly integrated LED common cathode solution will be the major solution for the market. LISA technology makes the screen more uniformed, anti-glare, and improves PCB to PCB color difference and alignments. No more LEDs will be damaged and collapsed which at the same time significantly increase products reliability and value. The ZACH technology efficiently works well to improve low grayscale uniformity issue by adopting their core patent on the LED driver chip. By observing P0.83mm screen proposed by Siliconcore had efficiently incorporated these 3 advantages, ultimate thermal dissipation performance leads 45 degree Celsius under 2000nits to make the product reliability significantly increased.

According to the latest research report of LEDinside, tiltled “2019 Global LED Video Wall Market Outlook - Cinema, Rental Market and Price Trend”, the demand for LED display in markets including rental market, HDR market application, retail and meeting room boosts, global LED display market scale in 2022 is expected to stand at USD 9.349 billion with a CAGR of 12% during 2018 to 2022. There into, that of indoor fine pitch display in 2018 is expected to be up to US$ 1.997 billion with a YoY growth of 39% and its CAGR during 2018 to 2022 will reach 28%, which is driven by the continuous development of ultra-fine pitch display in the future.

LEDinside comprehensively analyzes the trend and development of the 2018-2019 LED display market to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the display market! For more information, please contact us!

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