【NEPCON JAPAN】Five Highlights of Automotive LED and Electronic Products

The installation of sophisticated electronic devices in vehicles has been a rising trend in the automotive industry. This development has also brought about the rapid growth in related application demands, which include safety solutions, automation solutions, electric powertrain, and other categories of automotive electronics. Likewise, the automotive industry represents an increasingly important market for electronics manufacturers. At this year’s NEPCON Japan, many Japanese suppliers of automotive electronics have participated in the exhibition. Their presence indicates that the ties between the two sectors have deepened further. LEDinside has made an extensive survey of the automotive LED products during the show.

EVERLIGHT presents its latest LED tail lamp modules

EVERLIGHT has made automotive LEDs the main theme of its exhibition at this year’s NEPCON Japan. The company’s booth presents a wide range of LED packages for automotive lighting systems and LED tail light modules. Notable highlights include Mini LED tail lights, 3D light guide films, and smart multi-array tail lights.

The Mini LED tail lights not only demonstrate high brightness but also the ability to be customized according to clients’ specifications. The 3D light guide films, which are based on the company’s own designs and use PLCC 3 packages, provide lighting effects in different shapes and patterns. As for the smart multi-array tail lights, they feature single-package integration of RGB LEDs and the driver IC. While this solution is designed mainly for the implementation of the multi-color mode, it also has other advantages such as energy efficiency, space saving, and compatibility with active LED drivers.

ON Semiconductor submits its LED drivers and driver modules for dynamic tail lights

ON Semiconductor has put forward its lighting driver modules for dynamic tail lights as part of its automotive offerings for the event. The NCV-7685 driver IC that is used in these modules has 12 output channels that can be driven simultaneously, with each channel handling a maximum current of 60mA. Furthermore, the output current can be programmed so that it can reside at a specified level. NCV-7685 also features built-in PWM dimming that operates at frequencies of 150Hz, 300Hz, 600Hz, and 1200Hz. Other functions include open-circuit protection and under-voltage detection.

SKYWOOO shows off its latest mirror-type drive recorder

SKYWOO, a manufacturer of automotive electronic accessories, has unveiled a versatile, high-performance drive recorder (onboard camera). The entire device, which is integrated into a rearview mirror, has two cameras that separately monitor the front and back of the car at a viewing angle of 148 degrees. The mirror also functions as a 3.5-inch LCD. Besides making video recordings of road conditions, the device also provides GPS tracking, lane departure warning, and voice navigation. When the car is turned off and parked, the device activates its audio surveillance feature to provide extra security.

Tianma makes a splash with its smart automotive display module

Tianma has brought its smart automotive display module to NEPCON Japan to represent its automotive lineup. This module is basically an integration of the dashboard, center information display, multimedia system, navigation system, and touch control interface. The display, which is 25.5 inches in size, features a resolution of 4200x720, a contrast ratio of 1400:1, and a brightness level of up to 900 candelas per square meter. It can also reproduce 60% of the NTSC color gamut. In terms of durability, the smart display module is advertised as being able to operate in the temperature range between minus 40 and plus 85 degree Celsius.

TAIYO KOGYO introduces its high-performance PCBs for handling high currents and heat dissipation

TAIYO KOGYO is at NEPCON Japan to present its high-performance PCBs for various purposes. For automotive electronics, the company has developed thick copper products that can meet the industry’s demand for handling high currents. The PCB specialist has increased the thickness of the copper layer to 2,000µm so that the PCB can carry a current of up to 300A. PCBs with embedded copper layers can be used to address many kinds of heat dissipation issues. Besides serving as heat sinks that channel thermal energy away from vital electronic components, they also conduct electricity as well. Thus, solutions developed by TAIYO KOGYO are highly suitable for automotive applications.

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